Monday, December 08, 2014

Annual Christmas Card Ritual

This morning I'm completing my annual Christmas card tradition. I don't do much for Christmas anymore around the house like setting up a Christmas tree (with the exception of our ceramic tree in the basement). However, one Christmas tradition that I continue is addressing personalized Christmas cards.

I don't remember exactly when I began my Christmas card tradition, probably when I was twelve or thirteen years old.  

I love sending Christmas cards to keep in touch with relatives that I haven't seen in years, co-workers (and almost all of my old bosses), former classmates (I'm involved in our class reunions) and neighbors from my Past Life.  Included in my annual Christmas card mailing list are even some old flames but they rarely acknowledge receiving my Christmas cards.  In fact they NEVER send me one in return which I guess says something about who likes me and who doesn't.  But that's a subject for another whole blog (or two) and I'm not going there now because I am trying to stick to my vow of only positive blog postings (which is very hard I must admit).

Usually I have my Christmas cards finished by the day after Thanksgiving. Didn't happen this year though.  Oh I had ordered the cards early but I just wasn't into it this year.  In fact I briefly considered not even sending Christmas cards this year but once I started to cards from some of my favorite people from the past, I relented. 

Yesterday I was at my computer several hours, first trying to figure out on Word (always a challenge) to print out the addresses on my cards.  Then I printed the addresses, which went pretty smoothly.

This year I had all good intentions of paring my mailing list to under fifty (it was 120 last year).  Couldn't do it though, I culled through my Address Book Christmas card listing and the lowest I could get the figure was eighty. So if you receive a Christmas card from me, you made the cut.  Lucky you.

Well, I just took a break here to post this blog and video.  Now I have to get back to completing the task at hand.  I'm not looking forward to licking all those envelopes.  


Unknown said...

I think I could have written this post. I only do about 30, I forgot to order any, so I am hoping the dregs of Christmas' past will see me through, else it's a trip to Target. Ugh.

Peace <3

pat888 said...

Ron - this is inspiring. Going to get my cards done now too - tho a lot lot lot less in numbers than yours. And, hey, I've learned a new word - culled.


pat888 said...

Ron - this is inspiring. I'm going to get at sending out my cards - buy waaaay less in number than what yours count in at. Also I learned a new word - culled. Thanks


nitewrit said...


They do sell a stamp wetting tool, you know, but all the stamps I buy anymore are peel and stick, no licking needed. Looks like 109 on my list this year, which I plan to get done this week, too.


Raybeard said...

And I found it a chore to get through my tally of 13 cards this year - a figure which diminishes annually with no 'replacements' coming in - though no complaints about that from this quarter. It's a ritual I find so tiresome that I have to spread even my impoverished 'duty' over three days, but at least they're done now. I see from your little film that you too are hardly bursting with enthusiasm. Ah, tradition!

Ron said...

Hey Lar, I don't have a problem with the stamps. I too have del-adhesive stamps, that's the only kind they sell at the Post Office. My licking problem is with the envelopes.

Ron said...

I used to only send about thirty cards, but over the years my list has grown. This is the first year I've cut back. More next year.

Ron said...

Thanks Pat!

Ron said...

You're very perspective! While I respect and like the people I send the Christmas cards too (and I don't expect cards in return folks, I really don't - my card sending isn't tit for tat), my enthusiasm has lessened over the years.

Ur-spo said...

One of the drawbacks of reading blogs on weekends, catching up as it were, is I often see things after they happen.
I just called you on the topic and lo! you've already addressed it.

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