Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Three Wishes

What would your three wishes be if a genie appeared at your door and was willing to grant you those wishes?

Oh sure, "Health, Love and Happiness" are the usual wishes along with world peace.  But come on folks, what are your REAL wishes? 

Who doesn't want good health?  Let's say "health" is a given.  You either have it or your don't.  Who among us is going to live a long live completely in good health?  Not many of us, that's almost for certain so let's get past the generic "health" wish.  You're either going to have it or not.

The next wish is "love."  Again, who among us doesn't want love.  Well, I'm here to tell you that I certainly want love and I got it.  Both ways; receiving it and giving it.  That wish has been granted to me a long time ago and continues.

And now let's get to the last wish:  World Peace.  Again, who among us doesn't want world peace?  Uh . . . okay there are some who don't but most of us do.  So let's get down to the real wishes we personally want.

Now these are my three wishes.  Two have already been granted.

Wish One:  A nice home (paid for) with enough income to have a comfortable life. 

Granted.  Thank you God, Genie or whoever.Through hard work, and some luck I have achieved that goal.  At my age now (73) I'm working on Gravy Time.  If the rug is pulled from under my feet today (or tomorrow), I am so far ahead of my expectations I can only come to one conclusion: I am one of the Lucky Ones. 

Wish Two: Love.  

Got that folks.  Not to brag  (well, maybe a little bit), my wish for love has been granted to me beyond my wildest expectations.  After a few false (and excruciatingly painful) starts, I have found love that has lasted most of my adult life. And at this time of my life it is stronger than ever.  Something I never would have imagined in my wildest dreams when I was on the threshold of adulthood looking for love.

Wish Three: to go back in time.  

Now here is a true fantasy wish.  Oh wouldn't I like to time travel and visit my many ancestors and where they lived.  I have often dreamed of this.  Perhaps that is one reason I am so into researching the genealogy history of my family.  

I don't believe in an afterlife but if by some miracle I am totally wrong (and I doubt it), then when I pass on from this earthly existence I will be able to visit my ancestors, starting with my two grandmothers who I never knew and my grandfather I never knew.  Then I would go back to my great grandparents and great-great grandparents and so far.  And wouldn't it just be the wildest thing to go back to my very first ancestor?  Oh sure, we all have a First Ancestor.  Our father had a father who had a father.  How far back does that father go?  That folks is my wish.  I want to visit that first ancestor.  

So you see folks, I'll leave the "world peace" wishy washy wishes to others, I want a real wish granted.  I want to see where I started.


nitewrit said...


That was a nice thought provoking Post. I found it very interesting. I guess one of my wishes would be to come up with a post that would make you think, too.


Travel said...

Have you seen the TV commercial where the guy wishes for a million-bucks and suddenly the yard is filled with male-deer?
I have not really thought about this, I have a way to go on economic independence, I have found love and happiness, I would not want to go back in time. Forward maybe.

Ron said...

Yes, I have seen that commercial with the million "bucks." Funny stuff that. I do have economic independence . . . barely (need my hotel job). Love and happiness, isn't it great when you find it? Oh definitely, I would want to go back in time. Not forward because I know what's going to happen there . . . all downhill from here on out for me.
Have a great day!

Ron said...

Thanks Lar. By the way, I've been trying to call you on FaceTime but not getting an answer. I hope all is well at the Meredith household.

Jay M. said...

I'd sure like to have your wish #1 and wish #2. Very much.

Peace <3

Ur-spo said...

Say we must be related: this thing is my grandfather as well.

Ron said...

Wish #1 was a goal I started to work towards when I was 2 years old. Wish #2 was pure luck. I won the lottery. Wish #3 is a true wish. Never going to happen but sure is nice to dream about it. Don't give up on those first two wishes, you may be surprised, especially with Wish #2 - it comes when you least expect it.

Ron said...

Dr. Spo,
Oh sure, we're all related. Go back far enough and we all have that common ancestor.

David Jeffreys said...

Well those three wishes I've been granted.
#1 - house is paid for
#2 - I've been loved and have loved.
#3 - Genealogy and time travel. See my blog: http://stephenmoore-mounttirzah.blogspot.com/
#4 - I've also had many travels north of the equator.

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