Friday, December 12, 2014


Tom and Ron (yesterday)

Yesterday my former co-worker (at the bank in Philadelphia 1986-1994) and friend stopped by for a quickie visit.  

Tom has several homes (New Jersey, Florida and Pennsylvania) and at least once a year he comes by my way and always stops in for a visit.  

When I worked with Tom in Philly, he was a clerk in the department where I headed up a research project.  I was the big deal back then.  Tom was very ambitious and a very hard worker.  After work he had an after hours job collecting cable boxes in some of the worst neighborhoods in Philly.  

Tom eventually created a data base of his customers and had his own business which he sold to Boston Scientific for big bucks.  He invested his money in the stock market (Tom is very smart) and is now a millionaire several times over.  Yep, I'm impressed. 

Me and Tom, March 31, 1994 at the Marathon Grill in Philadelphia - my last day of work at the bank

Tom retired early before he was fifty and now travels between his various homes, dodging the ladies (Tom is still single).  Tom also travels across the country in his quest to visit every state in the union. 

Tom recently returned from a visit to the Southwest.  He said "Phoenix wasn't all that but Utah was spectacular."  Me, I'm getting ready to visit Los Angeles with my Canadian buddy Pat.  I've talked about visiting all the states before I check out but Pat doesn't have much interest in that goal which I don't blame him.  I've even expressed an interest in visiting all the Canadian provinces but Pat isn't interested in that either but I digress (as I often do in this blog).

Tom and I went out to lunch yesterday and I found a wonderful new restaurant in Milton that actually makes falafels!  Can you believe it?  I got a vegetarian dish of falafels and wonderful veggies.  Will wonders never cease.  Imagine a restaurant in this area that isn't shoving crab cakes at you.  And wonder of wonders, I saw nary a Sysco truck delivering precooked food to the restaurant. That's my kind of food, fresh locally.

Modern Mixture Two - Milton, Delaware

Hey, booths!  Instead of the current trend of rickety tables and open seating sitting next to strangers

So with all the negativity in this world yesterday was a good day.  Friends are so important.  I'm glad I got 'em.


  1. Ron - I just tried to publish a comment and the screen changed. Maybe I hit a wrong button. But I commented on how I thought tom looked younger from other photos I've seen of him. Also, he reminds me a bit of a younger version of Bill.

    Really enjoyed seeing the Marathon Restaurant - love that eatery. Also looking forward to checking out the new Milton restaurant with you this spring. And, hey, we can check out a few new states and provinces.


    1. Pat,
      Tom is aging well. I hate him.

  2. Ron, you look good too! Don't be so hard on yourself!

    1. Thanks Nadege for the encouragement! I feel like I'm falling apart though. Losing too many friends. That's what Tom and I talked about, all the friends we're losing. In facts, after he left he heard of two more friends who died suddenly. Times is running out!


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