Thursday, December 18, 2014

Sony Pictures Caves

Kim Jong-un and the actor (Randall Park) who portrays him in "The Interview"

Hard to believe but Sony Pictures cancelled the Christmas day theatrical release of "The Interview", a movie that mocks North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un.  (See here.) 

First of all isn't it hard to believe that Sony Pictures has succumbed so easily to this bullying pressure and threats from the North Korean hackers?  You know what this action by Sony sets a precedent don't you?  More fodder to international terrorists to terrorize us in the West.  Oh yes, that what they're doing and they're succeeding at, terrorizing us.  When these mysterious, unknown Korean hackers can threaten to bomb movie theaters that show "The Interview" and we cave, we're terrorized.  

You know something?  We should look at the example of the Israelis. When the cowardly terrorists attempt to terrorize them by bombing an outdoor cafe, the Israelis immediately clean up the body parts and blood and put the cafe right back in business.

 May sound heartless (cleaning and moping up still warm body parts and blood) but if you give in to the terrorists (and haven't we given in enough?  Have you traveled by air lately?), they will just further terrorize you until they're completely controlling your life.  

Hitler had it all wrong with his millions of soldiers and Panzer tanks.  All he had to do was hack into our computer systems and threaten us with terroristic bombings. Have you noticed that the terrorists are more successful than the land based armies of World War II Japan and Germany?  

The irony of this movie is that it is just another unfunny ego trip for James Franco

and Seth Rogan.

 I don't "get" Franco and Rogan, the current Flavor of the Moment in Hollywood. I just don't think they're funny.  They seem to be having their own private party with inside jokes.  Maybe one good thing that comes out of this action by Sony Pictures, no more Franco/Rogan "comedies".  



Geo. said...

Ron, I can't help suspecting the hacking is part of a publicity stunt to promote a crap movie. Would anyone capable of two thoughts have thought twice about it otherwise? Should do well on DVD.

Jon said...

Succumbing to terrorists and other bullies only enables their power. Enough said. As you can tell, I'm back - - much like a recurring nightmare. I'll keep this comment brief, because I'm having lots of trouble trying to type on this new and annoying laptop. Thanks very much for the card - - and for keeping me in your thoughts.

Raybeard said...

Ah, the 21st century way to campaign! If you're offended by something just tell the 'offenders' that you're going to kill anyone who listens to them, and before you know it you've won. We already have to be so very careful to avoid mocking Islam for fear of being held 'responsible' for any ensuing atrocity or massacre (first manifested in the sorry saga of 'The Satanic Verses'.). In fact it's already happening in other areas such as death threats against those who are pro-choice in allowing women to have an abortion. Maybe we won't have to wait too long before supporters of one political party warn anyone not voting for them that they are putting their own lives in jeopardy.
I would probably not have gone to see 'The interview', (though I'm afraid I DO like Franco) but I would pay to see it now, were it not for the fact that Sony pulled its appearance worldwide. Sad state of affairs.

Ron said...

I would like to think this hacking incident is part of a publicity stunt but I'm afraid it is not. One thing for sure, "The Interview" has gotten a lot of free publicity. I wasn't going to see it but now, maybe I will. On DVD of course. Not that I'm afraid of going to movie theaters (I'm not) but I'm much more comfortable watching movies at the Tipton Cinema (my bedroom with a 60 inch flat screen TV). No one talking while the movie is on, I don't have to find a parking place, no big charge to get in the movies and, most important of all, I can put the movie on PAUSE while I go to the bathroom. Can't do that in the movie theater!

Ron said...

Jon is back! Yes! I and many others have missed you. I'm sorry you're having difficulty typing with your new laptop. I have problems typing too with my laptop and especially with my iPad. I do all my blog typing on this computer, my iMac. My fingers fly!

Ron said...

We are so easily terrorized these days aren't we Ray? As is often heard these days "The terrorists have won" because they have terrorized us. They only have to make the threat and we run for cover and pay millions of dollars in ransom to release hostages.
I used to like Franco until he started to get all full of himself with these inside joke movies that he's making with Seth Rogan. They're having fun for sure but are we?