Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Better…..I Think

Dinner last night

Last night I had my first solid food except for that half an omelet I had for breakfast.  I had a small bowl of Panera potato soup and some pita crackers.  I had no lunch.  I didn't miss lunch. 

After talking to my Canadian friend on FaceTime I took his advice and watched "The Spanish Prisoner" on my Netflix DVD rental.  A strange movie with very low production values but it did engage me for a while and take my mind off of my health woes.  

I went to bed shortly thereafter, sans a dessert which I usually have before I go to bed.  However, I did take a couple swigs of my Canada Dry ginger ale which seems to help my stomach settle.

I had a great night's sleep and awoke to clean sheets (thank God!) 

I actually awoke with an appetite for my regular breakfast of Great Value bran flakes

(Walmart) cereal with almond milk and a banana.  I got about 2/3 rd's through it and started to feel "gaggy" again.  I gave Bill the rest of the banana.

I retreated to my home office as is my usual routine after breakfast, to catch up on my e-mail.  I had a visit yesterday from a local Democratic candidate for state district representative and a field worker.  They asked if I could cover a district here where I live.  I agreed.  All I have to do is introduce myself to the Democrat registered voters my neighborhood and urge them to vote.  Like most of you, I hate to knock on the doors of strangers but one must do what one must do to at least help to prevent some of these extreme Tea Party types from gaining office.  This should be easy for me because most of the people I'm to contact are on my Walk Route back in Oyster Rocks.  It won't be like they haven't seen me before.  Now they'll know who I am, one of those annoying people who will be bothering them.  Oh well, I hope my health is up to it.

My Democratic Walking Tools (except for the doily) 

I'm going to finish this post then lie down awhile again. I'm feeling nauseous again.  Hate to be a downer folks but you know me, I tell it like it is.

I'll be back later, hopefully when I'm back to 100% again. I hope that is tomorrow because I go back to work then. Always something.


  1. Anonymous1:59 PM

    Ron, I'm sorry you have been feeling so bad! Something I learned about GI distress is the BRAT diet. Bananas (for potassium replacement and constipating effect), Rice (not seasoned; Rice Krispies or similar will work, too), Applesauce, and dry Toast. No dairy, including eggs. Water is fine. I hope if you are still having symptoms that you call your PCP. Personally, I always have a generic of Immodium on hand, because as you might guess diarrhea starts to hurt after a while. I think there might be an OTC for nausea/vomiting you can get, too. Please take care of yourself!
    ~~~ NB

    1. NB,
      I don't know what's the matter. I'm just going to try and get through this. I'm pretty sure it was a case of food poisoning.


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