Tuesday, April 01, 2014


The "Other" Ron - 1980

This morning I was cleaning out some of the clutter around my computer desk and I came across a card describing the astrological sign Scorpio.  As regular followers of this blog know, I am one of those fearsome Scorpios.

Bram Stoker - author of Dracula and a Scorpio
Your worst nightmare

Now I don't follow the daily advice in newspapers for astrological signs but I do put some credence in the characteristics of the Scorpio astrological sign.  Why do I do this?  Because they are dead on, at least as they apply to me.  

Check it out:

Favorite number?  Yep, nine.  In fact it's the date of my birth.  My street address? Yep, it adds up to nine.  

Hedy Lamarr - actress and Scorpio - we both have the same birthday November 9th


Scorpio, the eight house of the Zodiac and the fixed water sign, is the most intense of all the signs. Dominated by powerful emotions, you take life seriously. You posses a magnetic power, critical perception and the ability to judge keenly, but you can also be exacting, obstinate, secretive and jealous. Scorpio has a hierarchy of symbols, starting with the traditional scorpion and ascending to higher levels of consciousness as symbolized by the eagle and, finally the mythical Phoenix. This progression symbolizes the Scorpio's need to regenerate through suffering and, often, self-destructive behavior. But, you also posses an indomitable will and self-control, and your presence has great healing power. You are fascinated by sex and death, and can become quite the monster of lust. Intensely loyal to your friends, you never forget a kindness or a slight. Your day is Tuesday, your metal is steel.

Pablo Picasso - artist and Scorpio


Often known as the sexiest sign in the Zodiac, Scorpios love and hate with equal fervor. You require a great deal of fidelity to feel certain of the value of a relationship and you can be madly possessive. Often the victim of passion, you sometimes feel burden by your desires. You are most attracted to Cancer, Pisces, Virgo and Capricorn. You have difficulty with Aquarius and Leo.

Christopher Columbus - explorer and a Scorpio


Money is power and you know it. Of no importance in itself, money is a means to an end, a challenge to your strength You have the most patience to sacrifice present indulgences for future rewards. You are driven, shrewd and highly focused.

Grace Kelly - actress and princess - a Scorpio


Scorpio rules the genitals (tell me about it) . Though you generally have a strong and robust body you are particularly susceptible to epidemics, dunkenness, venereal diseases, hernias, syphilis, prostate diseases, colitis, bladder disorders, nose disorders and piles.  

Richard Burton - actor and drunkard - a Scorpio

Guilty as charged folks.  

Charles Manson - cult leader and convicted murderer and a Scorpio


Anonymous said...

I'm a Scorpio, too! YAY US!!!

Peace <3

Ron said...

Hey Jay, when is your birthday? Do you find this description of the characteristics of Scorpio accurate? They are all too accurate for me for sure.

Anonymous said...

October 24th, so on the cusp. I've also seen Scorpio as starting on the 23rd. It is eerily correct in some respects, WAY off in others.

Peace <3

pat888 said...

Well, Ron - that's why you're so popular. All that animal magnetism emanating.


Unknown said...

Ron, Two questions, is the first photo of you your version of an other blogger's wife beater Wedensday post? And what does your horoscope say about Scorpio and Gemini (which am I) getting along? As a matter of fact my birthday is coming up in about 7 weeks, I'll be 39 yrs (and holding). ;-) And one more thing having met you in person, you should take a new photo of you in a tank top. I think you can still rock that look! And speaking of photos I'm going to take a picture of with most if not all of my Bloggerpalooza haul. I total forgot to try on the cha cha heels. Randy.

Ron said...

Answer to your first question: No. Answer to your second question: Yes.
I'm so glad you enjoyed the Bloggerpalooza Randy. You know how to have a good time. That's great!

Ron said...

Thanks Pat. Not so much animal magnetism now though. Going through one of my low periods.


Ron said...

The ones on the cusp confuse me. Could be one of the other. I'm firmly into the Scorpio though.

Ur-spo said...


Ur-spo said...

and another one:

Ron said...

Dr. Spo,
Both videos are excellent and RIGHT ON TARGET. Man oh man, are they ever accurate. That's me, Mr Black and White and the best friend you'll ever have or your worst enemy. I am now exposed for what I am. Thanks……I think.

Ur-spo said...

I'm Cancer: she has mine spot-on as well.