Monday, April 28, 2014

Tent Caterpillers!

The tree I saved this morning from tent caterpillars

This morning I was trying to decide which of several subjects I wanted to write about today.  But first I had a couple of birdhouses I wanted to put into two of my favorite trees.  As I was putting the birdhouse in one of the trees I noticed TENT CATERPILLARS had taken up residence!  NO! NO! NO!

Last year I lost a favorite aborvitae tree to bag worms.  By the time I realized the bagworms were had taken over the tree, it was too late to save it. Thank goodness I happened to buy those birdhouses at Loew's this morning and decided to put them up right away.  Otherwise, by the time I realized the tent caterpillars were in the tree, it would have been too late.

Eastern tent caterpillars at home

Normally I don't like to kill anything, animal or insect but I have no compunction about killing something that is going to kill one of my trees or shrubs.  And this tree, which planted itself at the perfect location, is a favorite with my back yard birds.  NO WAY was I going to let the tent caterpillars decimate it.  So what did I do?  I got out my long pole that cuts branches and started to break up the tents that were formed in the elbows of the tree.  There were five of them.  Then I smashed, yes SMASHED the caterpillars.  No compunction about the mass slaughter folks, none at all.  

Mass of writhing Eastern tent caterpillars
So folks, my posting about the following subjects will have to wait:

Donald Sterling (real name Tokowitz), the racist L.A. Clippers owner controversy and hypocrisy

This man has a girlfriend? Must have money.

Cable and satellite TV commercial overload which is driving me away from TV

Is it me but didn't "they" tell us that when pay TV came we wouldn't have commercial anymore? What am I missing here?

Review of "World War Z" movie and Brad Pitt 

Brad Pitt (man on left)

Television "news" that isn't news

That missing Malaysian airliner?  It's gone, move on.

So you see folks, I'm not one of those bloggers who runs out of things to write about.  Even though I don't write about my most personal, innermost thoughts, hope and fears I still have plenty to rant and vent about, believe you me.

But I had this emergency this morning so I thought I would share it with all of you.  Life is always an adventure isn't it folks?


  1. Anonymous2:30 PM

    Good for you for detecting a pest early, Ron! Will destroying the nests and bugs be enough? What about other trees? On an unrelated note, that final image reminds me of Tony Danza, one of my childhood crushes.

    ~~~ NB

    1. NB,
      Tent caterpillars are very selective as to which tree they will devour. Ironically this is a "weed tree" that planted itself but it is at the perfect location and the birds love it. I don't know what kind of tree it is but I don't think I have to worry about my other trees which are river birches. Very expensive river birches that I paid for and planted. The final image of the man in the roller coaster? That looks like Tony Danza?

  2. Smash those bugs! There really isn't much you can say about Donald that hasn't already been blasted on TV.

    1. Jeff,
      I'm smashing those bugs Jeff. No qualms at all, Mr. Peace and Love here. And Donald (Sterling) Kotowski? Can you believe that the Los Angeles chapter of the NAACP was going to give him an award in May? Money talks.

  3. Ron,
    It's always OK to kill those who kill. I've seen what those tent caterpillars can do to a tree, we had them by the gadzillions in New Jersey and Pennsylvania and if not kept in check (a fancy word for killed) they will as you found out destroy a tree in one to two years. I watched news on cable tv more than anything else because I wanted to stay informed.
    The Maylasian aircraft affair killed any need for information, the non news is now in it's fourth week.
    Donald Sterling not only has a girlfriend he also has a wife of fifty years who refers to the girlfriend as a money grubbing whore. I am amused that his wife knows of Donald's transgressions but is not bothered enough to march into divorce court. Of course Donald is a billionaire and that might have something to do with his wife's turning her head and the girlfriend's interest.
    Happy hunting, killing one caterpillar saves at least one leaf, killing a nest saves a tree.

    1. Jack,
      The second or third year we lived in Pennsylvania in the middle of 6.875 acres of beautiful woodland, Gypsy Moths attacked out oaks and decimated them. They never did recover. One thing, the woods had a lot more sunlight after the oak canopy of trees was gone.
      Donald Sterling (real name Kotowski) is only one of many sleaze balls who got their money off the backs of others who didn't make their life's goal using other people to obtain their ill gotten wealth. I despise those people. Wall Street is full of them, especially the hedge fund manager who produce nothing, not even a service. They just move money around one step ahead of poor schlubs like us who never had a chance in the stock market or this economy which is owned and operated by the likes of The Donalds like Kotowski and Trump. It's sickening and I try not to think about it. I put Romney in that group too. All those unpatriotic sleaze balls who skim their wealth off of the American economy and then want more.

  4. We used to douse those tents/nest with lighter fluid and set them a blaze, when not collecting Japanese beetles in a jar.



    1. Andy,
      I know that's one way to take care of them. Thank goodness these tent caterpillars were just getting started. I think I got them all this morning.

  5. I don't have too much trouble with tent caterpillars. It's the inch worms, nuthatches, and squirrels that I hate. Good luck keeping the damn things away!

    Peace <3

    1. Jay,
      Squirrels and deer were the pests when we lived in Pennsylvania. I had an infestation of Gypsy Moths one year which just about wiped out our oak trees. I think I took care of the tent caterpillar problem this morning.

  6. We need to find a natural predator for the tent caterpillars! They have given me the most trouble in my fruit (apple, peach, and pear) trees. Often they did not kill the trees, but stripped them so bare, that fruit could not be formed.

    At any rate, I would much rather read about tent caterpillars than ANY of the other subjects you had planned, especially Donald Sterling. Too much alike that other Donald: Trump! And about the commercials -- well it is primary season down here in NC and the republican hopefuls just drive one crazy; also the car commercials with one particular announcer will cause me to turn the TV off. The Malaysian plane is gone PERIOD! And some governments are willing to spend millions to find it??? Even if they did find it, it would be recovery and not rescue. I keep thinking that plane landed on a tiny south Indian ocean island, and they are living happily ever after!


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