Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Rainy Spring Day

Hey folks, let's go with something positive here.  My last few blog posts have been a bit down (to say the least).  I'm still not feeling the best but thank God, I'm not in bad shape.  Just feeling a bit under the weather because of some possible food poisoning from some local garbage I bought at BJ's a few weeks ago.  I won't name the company (local) but I always suspected the worst of them and now my suspicions are confirmed.  But there I go again, going negative.

Today I got a lot of rest.  In fact I'm rested out.  I can't sleep any more.  I have to gear myself up for another four day marathon work week at the hotel. Plus, I accepted an additional workload yesterday to gin up some of my Democratic neighbors to get out and vote.  Always something folks.  No rest for the weary.  But like I indicated earlier, I'm a lot better off that some people I know, especially my fellow prostate cancer patients who I've been reading about on our group forum.  God, I thought I had it bad with my side effects.  I won't even touch base on what some of these other guys are going through.  Makes my journey look like a Tiptoe Through the Tulips.

Anyway, speaking of tulips, my tulips are up.  I took this short video a few hours ago during a letup in the intermittent rain (which we sorely needed).  Nothing like the bright, fresh colors of spring time bulbs to lighten one's mood.  Enjoy!


anne marie in philly said...

simply gorgeous, ron!

the damn deer and squirrels ate all my tulips, so spouse planted flowers they refuse to touch! bwhahahahahaha! revenge is sweet.

Ron said...

Anne Marie,
When we lived in Pennsylvania we could never have tulips, not even one. I planted so many tulips but the squirrels always ate them before they had a chance to bloom in spring. One of my priorities when I moved to Delaware was not to live in the woods, although that's where Bill prefers to live. So nice to have tulips.

pat888 said...

Oh pretty yellow daffodils and pink tulips nodding in the breeze. My poor attempt at a Haiku for you Ron


Ron said...

What's Haiku?

Amanda said...

Colorful display of colors and a lovely gardener who is feeling better.

Ron said...

Absolutely Nadege!

anne marie in philly said...

a short poem, 3 lines. first line has 5 syllables, second line 7 syllables, third line 5 syllables.

so, to change pat's sentence:

Oh pretty yellow
daffodils and pink tulips
nodding in the breeze

there! haiku!

Geo. said...

Glad you're feeling better, Ron. I delight in all the tulips and daffodils, beautiful! Re, toppled birdbath: I've found if I hammer rebar or wood stakes --whatever's handy-- into the ground and fit the birdbath base over that, the whole assembly stays up even if a heavier-than-bird creature climbs it for a drink.

Raybeard said...

Such a cheerful sight. I can almost hear them singing!

Ron said...

Thanks Anne Marie! Now I know. I'm not much for poetry though. Perhaps a bit of prose though.


Ron said...

Good suggestion for securing my bird bath. Something always seems to be knocking it over. I suspect nocturnal meanderings of the local deer population.

Ron said...

Woke up with frost on the ground this morning. This winter, endless.

Ur-spo said...

there are no flowers like the ones of spring.