Monday, September 19, 2011

Bound To Happen

The Coolspring Presbyterian Church, Sussex County, Delaware

It was bound to happen.  Sooner or later I would be at the same cemetery taking photos of headstones and my Find a competition would show up at the same graveyard.  That is exactly what happen just about an hour ago.

This afternoon I decided to take a ride on the backroads and look for the Coolspring Presbyterian Church Cemetery.  I haven't visited this cemetery yet.  Most of the burials are recorded on Find a but many of them did not have photos.  I thought this cool fall afternoon would be a nice time to visit another one of these many old church graveyards that are so plentiful here in Sussex County.  Also, I had checked and my main competition here in Sussex County apparently had not visited it yet.  Ah ha, I saw an opportunity to get one step ahead of him.  Competition, it is good.

Another one of these backroad church cemeteries here in Sussex County, DE

Well, I had a heck of a time finding this church and the cemetery.  I must of drove through every remaining black rural section of Sussex County.  After about an hour of driving around, I noticed that I was going over some of the same roads.  So I backtracked and started all over again.  That worked!  I found the Coolspring Presbyterian Church.  Actually, it is only a short distance from my home.  Isn't that always the way?

I pull in the church parking lot.  I get out and survey the graveyard.  Just the kind I like; it was quiet and off the main road.  However I did hear some yokel playing a radio too loud but that didn't bother me too much.  I am in redneck country after all.

After about ten minutes, I see a little red car pull up and a guy give me a LOOK.  Uh oh, trouble.  I'm ready to explain what I'm doing there.  He comes up to me and says "Hi Ron!"  Why it is my Find a competition!  He asks me how I'm doing.  I was puzzled at first because I didn't think he knew I had a health situation.  He must be reading my blog.  Uh oh.  I've been saying some unkind things about him on my blog.  But he doesn't refer to that but says to me "You look good."  I'll always take a compliment.  I explain to him that I'm scheduled for an appointment with a urologist next month but in the meantime I'm trying to get as much done on my grave photos as possible.  He askes me "You're not here to fulfill a Find a Grave photo request are you?"  I told him that I didn't know there was one (I missed it again) but I wasn't.  He said he was and started to look for the grave.

My Find a competition fulfilling a photo request

While he was looking I talked to him and found out he actually is quite a nice guy.  He explained to me why he became involved in Find a  It was through Find a Grave that he found his long lost half-sister after 38 years.  I missed the detail on that drama but he was very thankful that he found his half sister alive.  He said taking photos for Find a is his way of paying back.

So here's the deal folks,  from our conversation it was obvious he has been reading my blog.  He asked about my health.  How else would he know that?  He didn't refer to my blog postings where I think I made some unkind references to him.  Did I ever feel like an ass.  Sometimes karma brings situations like this around to make me realize that I do go overboard sometimes with my bitching and complaining.  It is obvious to me that I was being very unfair to my fellow Find a Grave contributor.  I thought I was the only Game in Town.  And here comes competition that got me twisted out of sorts.

Actually I am appreciative of him for giving me competition.  I have been working furiously the past two weeks to post all the photos of headstones I've taken the past three years.  I've been sitting on them, posting them when I felt like it.  Now that I have serious competition I had to up my game.

I also owe my competition (who shall remain unnamed out of respect for him, he didn't even want me to take his picture but I snuck one anyway) an apology for saying unkind things about him on my blog.

So if you're reading this my friend I apologize for any unkind things I may have said about you on my blog.

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