Friday, September 02, 2011

Just a Little While To Stay Here


I am a bit down today folks.  I removed my last two posts about my new neighbors.  I was thinking of removing them anyway then I got a push from an Anonymous commenter who was concerned about my safety should my new neighbors read my posts.  Also, I wasn't being quite fair to my new neighbors.  They may turn out to be fine.  It's just that so far I I know they're renters and I don't like what I'm seeing.  I'll write another whole post tomorrow about why I am so sensitive on this subject.  I have good reason.

In the meantime, I'm posting these lyrics to a song that is on my Playlist.  I like the lyrics.  I'm not religious and I believe that when we die we just go to sleep but for some strange reason listening to these lyrics give me a sense of peace and calm my present unsettled state of mind.

Soon this life will be all over
And my sinful days will end
Soon we'll take our heavenly journey
Be at home again with friends
Heaven's gates are standing open
And waiting for our entrance there
Some sweet days we all go winging
Winging over all this Earth.
Just a little while to stay here
Just a little while to wait
Just a little while to labor
On the path that's always straight
Just a little more hard trouble
In this low and sinful state
Then we'll all go marching over
Marching through the Pearly Gates.


  1. Ron,

    Yes, I clicked into you last post on my follow list and got a message that the page doesn't exist. made some comments to you on FB. I put another new post up today, am about to do another. Looking forward to the next one you do. make it upbeat, I'm a bit down.


  2. I had to take the posts down Larry. I don't want to cause a problem where there might not be a problem. I was just venting with those blog posts anyway. I'll have an upbeat blog post tomorrow. Sort of anyway.

  3. I too was wondering 'what happened'
    I think it was prudent for you to drop the posts.

  4. Dr. Spo,
    Thank you for confirming my decision to drop those posts. Your are perhaps the one person whose opinion I respect totally. You are a gentleman in every sense of the word.

  5. I thought it was something along those lines. You two take care! ((HUGS))

  6. You were very wise to remove the "new neighbors post".

  7. Ron,

    Thanks for you good words about Amber's passing. I was wondering if you read the three other posts I put up as well, "You can bank on Waiting," "Rite Back to the Past: and "We All Must Do Our Part to Save the Ship."


  8. Larry,
    I have read your other three posts. Check your "Comments". I left comments on each one.

  9. Ron,

    No comments on these three. You left a comment on each of the three before these and a comment on the post about Amber, but not these. I wrote these three since the three you commented on. I think you'll enjoy them.


  10. Three new ones Lar? You're getting very proficient. I'm not used to these many posts from you! I'll read them and comment. Thanks for clueing me in.


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