Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mug Shot Thursday

I-95, "Kentucky Style"  
Okay folks, as promised here is my second "Mugshot Thursday".  Man oh man did we ever hit the Motherload this time!  

Just joking folks and no disrespect to the Amish men below who were arrested yesterday in Kentucky because they failed to display the bright orange triangle on their buggy because they don't believe in bright colors.  Now here's the question folks, don't the law enforcement officers of this area of Kentucky has something better to do than harass members of a religious sect?  Just saying.










  1. Those poor guys. But I guess, rules are rules! And I think that the orange reflector can save their lives.

  2. Mark,

    "Rule are the rules", BS. It's nut like they have a lot of traffic out there. Sometimes these local law enforcement officials have to get their heads out of their asses.

  3. Ron,

    I'd say #04 is pretty angry about the whole thing. Say, these are big boys. The shortest are #04 and #05 at 6'3" and a couple of those guys are pushing 6'9'! Are they Tiptons?


  4. I vote for #4. What I'm voting for I don't know, but #4 should definitely win.

  5. Ron,
    Then that changes everything and explains a lot. The tallest would be about 5'9" and the shortest about 5'3".
    I was beginning to wonder what those Amish were eating down in kentucky.


  6. anne marie in philly7:14 PM

    the only thing I could think of with these mugshots was "inbred much?"

    and yeah, the cops should go annoy some right wing zealots and leave these people alone.

  7. Amish mugshots who'da thought? Thanks for carrying the torch.

  8. Back to you Sean. Glad you're back. You were missed. Looking forward to your next Mugshot Wednesday.

  9. What a bunch of unhappy hobbits.


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