Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Dancing With the Stars Season #13

The long awaited premier of season 13 of "Dancing With the Stars" premiered last night and did not disappoint.

Before I give my snapshot review of last night's celebrities and their dancing partners I want to make it clear that I have the upmost respect for both all involved.  Whatever they're paying the celebrities it isn't enough.  This is hard work and to expose yourself to criticism and ridicule takes courage.  More courage than I have.  That said here is my take on last night's premier episode:

I wasn't expecting much from professional gay Carson but I was pleasantly surprised.  He may not have got all the technical points right on his dance but he was great fun to watch.  GREAT!  Talk about enthusiasm and showmanship.  Carson had it all.  BTW, what's with the lips Carson?  

 Another pleasant surprise, Chaz was good!  With all his weight, Chaz was surprisingly light on his feet and danced well.  Great job Chaz!

Chynna was very elegant.  She performed a delightful waltz.  She reminds me of last season's Petra Nemova.

David and Kym are my favorites to win the crystal ball.  David was sort of all over the place but still very watchable because of his vulnerability and boy-like enthusiasm.  He is focused and serious about winning. I'm prejudiced because I like David.  I think he's cute.  

 OMG, Max has a brother!?  Reminds me of the time I had the hots for this guy I used to work with years ago.  I didn't know he had an identical twin brother.  When I met his twin I got dizzy from over fantasy overload. Val and Elisabetta did very well.  Very watchable.  I'm looking forward to seeing more of Mak's little brother.

Oh Maks, His Hotness...my favorite.  Max was excellent as always.  Hope needs to feminize her moves more otherwise they both did well.  She looked like she wanted to drill a volley ball.

Talk about admiration.  What a great attitude J. R. has!  I am so impressed as I also was by his dancing.  J. R. will definitely be in the finals.  He is an inspiration.  This man is amazing!

Oh here we are.  I made a promise to myself that I won't bore my readers with my dislike of Showboat Mark Ballas.  Well, I can't help myself so I'm going to bitch a little bit about Mark.  His dancing was way over the top again last night.  Will someone take Mr. Ego aside and tell him that he should not overshadow his celebrity partner?  Please!  That said, I think Kristin did an absolutely superb job dancing in spite of her selfish partner Mark.  He is so annoying.  Vote him off, please.

I didn't realize that Nancy was so....uh...chunky.  That said, she had some great moves.  Her professional partner, while cute, wasn't up to par with the other professional dancers.  I think he will come around though.  I'm looking forward to seeing more of Nancy shaking those ample hips and her other "assets."

Mark Ballas could learn something from Derek Hough.  I never saw Derek Hough before.  Last year was the first year I started to follow "DWTS."  Derek took last year off.  Last night was the first time I saw him and learned that he has already won three mirrored balls.  I can see why.  Derek is perfection.  He is the perfect professional partner for his celebrity partner.  He makes them look good without overshadowing them with outrageous costumes, arms swinging, and sliding across the dance floor.  Rikki may do very well with Derek as her partner.  He is a pleasure to watch dancing.  

Rob Kardishian?  One word:  Boring.  He will probably be voted off tonight if Ron Artest isn't.

One word for Ron:  Disturbing.  What was with the red beard and hair?  Orange?  Whatever.  And all that sweat. What, was he on a basketball court?  He will probably be voted off tonight if Rob Kardashian isn't.  

Fun time last night.  This is the kind of reality show that I like!


  1. Yay! I can't wait to read your DWTS posts all season!

    My biggest fear was that Chaz would come out and be a total Steve Wozniak clone. Thank goodness he did better than the Woz. If he gets voted off this week it will only be because of some kind of organized effort by evil Xians. He earned another week on the show, and I just hope the votes reflect that.

  2. It's so weird but I don't even know half of these "stars". I guess I need to watch more t.v.

  3. Ron, it is RoB Kardasian.
    I sent you 2 private messages on Facebook a while back. If you go on the top right, click "message". Let me know if you got them.

  4. Nadege,

    Thanks! I'll make the correction now. I'll also check my FB account for your messages. I'm still having trouble navigating around FB since their changes. Takes getting used to I guess.

  5. Cubby,

    I was very pleasantly surprised last night by the very fine dancing of Chaz, Carson and J. R. Martinez. They may have been chosen as contestants because they are "different" but it is quite obvious that all three are excellent dancers who worked very hard.

  6. Hey Mark! You're too busy with those kids. You're losing touch with the REAL world my fiend. :)

  7. Oh Ron. I see that we are going to come to blows over this! ;)

    I love me some Mark Ballas! In my eyes he can do no wrong. Derek Hough on the other hand. Now THERE'S an ego! Just wait and see!

    Kisses! T.C. :)

  8. Oh yes Tiger, we will agree to disagree. The first time I laid eyes on Mark Ballas I was revulsed by his over the top antics to bring attention to himself. He's like all the other height challenged smurfs that I've known in my lifetime, they think they have IT but they have NOTHING. This is the first time I've seen Derek and while he is not my type physically, I like his professional attitude in providing support for his celebrity partner unlike Mr. Balas who uses his celebrity partner to showcase his lack of dancing talent. Ballas is gymnast, not a dancer.

  9. Lar,

    To show you how backward I was, I didn't "self-entertain" until I was 27 years old! I didn't know how to do it. Bill had to explain to me that I had to fantasize about somebody and get excited. I didn't know how to do it. However, with some diligent practice I have learned. TMI?


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