Thursday, September 08, 2011

Mug Shot Thursday

Okay folks, someone has to take up the slack.  "Just a Jeep Guy" is incapacitated (temporarily I hope) so I'm going to try and attempt to fill the Mug Shot Void.  While I know and accept that my selection will be nowhere as smoking hot as Jeep Guy's, I am going to give it my best shot (no pun intended).  Are you all ready?  Here goes:

# 1 "Liz" gets his closeup

#2  Oh Kid!  You are just one happy fella!

#3  Wait until your cellmate "Bubba" sees you walking into your new home

#4  Deliverance -"Squeal like a pig!"

#5  Fresh meat

#6  Mr. "Wide Stance" himself

#7  Too hot for prison 
#8  There's that Dirty Old Man who I always saw in the Men's  Room waiting to take a peek!


  1. Too funny! But, really? #7? "Too hot for prison"? I don't think so... ;)

  2. Tiger,

    I wasn't serious about #7 being "too hot for prison." Tongue in cheek friend. Perhaps the nuance doesn't come through in the text.

  3. #6 is up to no good that's for certain.

  4. Lar,

    You have a mug shot floating around? Actually, two of my friends have mug shots. Bob McC. and Ed C. Bob was arrested for doing his handyman work without a license in Rehoboth Beach and Ed was arrested for DUI. I'm surprised that I made it this far (and you too) without a run in with the law and the inevitable mug shot.


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