Saturday, September 24, 2011

My Week in Photos

Not much time for a well thought out blog posting (and I do have a lot to talk about) so instead, just to let my faithful blog followers know that I'm still alive here are some of the photos I took with my iPhone this week.  I've stolen this idea from a fellow blogger who posts a weekly blog called "The Sunday Post."  He post photos that he took with his iPhone of his families activities, which includes photos of his wife, son, nieces and nephews.  The only children you will see in my "My Week in Photos" are children of my boss or friends.  My circle (Old Gay Guys) don't have children with the possible exception of Mark H. and he is an exception (if you know what I mean).

Here goes in no particular order or favor:

Hotel guests standing on the flight deck of the Admiral's Quarters at the hotel where I work in Lewes, DE overlooking the Lewes-Rehoboth Canal - they liked the suite!

Sam Caliogne's front yard (yes, he of the worldwide known Dogfish Brewery) on Pilottown Road in Lewes.  My friend Bob C. is thinking of having the same gals who "did" Sam's front yard do his and he wanted me to take a picture of it for him - I was only too happy to oblige because I had a few minutes before I had to go to work just a block down the street.  Bob didn't like the yard, he said it was "too much."  Just like Sam.

My Bill in a pensive moment this past week sitting in his favorite (lawn) chair in the sunroom - he won't like it that I posted his picture that he didn't even know I took until now.  I'll hear about this.  Won't be the first time.

Me taking a picture of the breakfast setup at the Inn.  Since I did dayshift this week I had to put out the breakfast.  However, I so infrequently work days I always forget the exact layout so I have to take a picture to remind me.  Sorry for the blur but I rushed to take the picture before the hotel guest crashed the room and devoured everything you see.

Another blurred picture (sorry) that I took in the kitchen while we were all eating a lunch compliments of the owner of the hotel in celebration of Dawn's birthday (she in the orange in the middle)  The gentleman in the blue shirt is our sales director and  he DOES NOT LIKE ME TAKING HIS PICTURE so that's why this is blurred.  Jesse doesn't pose.  I didn't want a punch in the nose.

This is Dee, our head housekeeper.  She is Indian (Nanticoke) and runs a tight ship at the hotel.   I like her and she likes me. With a person like Dee you want to be on her good side.  I am.

This is what the sky looked like this morning as I turned out of my development on my way to work very early this morning to open the hotel.  Yes, I go to work in the dark.  First stop,  the 24/7 Walgreens to pick up the newspaper.  See below photo.

This is the new Walgreens in Lewes, DE.  The only place I can buy a paper 6:15 am.  It's a new store but man oh man, hard to navigate getting in and out.  I think this is because they fear robbers and want to slow their getaway down.  Checkout the posts for hitching the horses front of the entrance doors.  

This is my boss (yes, he is THAT YOUNG - young enough to be my grandson) with his beautiful Russian wife Olga and their adorable daughter Alexandra.  Happy families like this make me happy.

I just had to take another picture of Olga.  Olga is one of those woman who looks beautiful even without makeup.  

This is my co-worker Robert. Yes, he too is young enough to be my grandson.  He relieved me today on shift, I relieve him tomorrow.  Robert is very cool.  He has a sardonic with that I love.  He's also gullible.  A great combination.  I tease him all the time.  One day he's going to get tired of it and tell me to buzz off.  But for now he's tolerating me.

This is Bill (my spouse) with our loverly and wonderful neighbor Barbara.  I don't know but sometimes I think there is more than "friendship" between these two.  Look at Barbara's dog, I think she's trying to tell me something in Dog Body Language. 
This is the picture I took of the Bay Leaf restaurant where Bill and I ate tonight.  Bill doesn't like to eat out but he relented when I pleaded with him to join me for dinner.  I didn't feel like cooking and I love the Bay Leaf's brushetta, homemade soups, French Fries and Chicken and Roasted Red Pepper Panninis.  Man, what's not to like? Oh yes, this is one of those Old People Restaurants. We both felt right at home.
After dinner I took my daily walk in the Oyster Rocks development (behind where I live).  Look closely and you'll see yet another rainbow.  We've had so much rain and clouding skies the past several week, it was good to see this Ray of Hope.

This is my neighbor Tom C.'s house which, with this lighting, reminded me vaguely of the Bates Motel in "Pschyo." Sort of anyway.  

So there you go folks, just a little slice of my life this week while I complete my marathon run of working six days in a row.  Tomorrow is my last day.  YAAAAY!


  1. Ron,

    Nice photos. Hang in there and finish the 6 day stretch.

    Will J

    PS Tell your Bill that at least one of your readers (me ) thinks that it is a good portrait of him. I think that there is a strength and dignity about it.

  2. I enjoyed looking at a glimpse of your life through those pictures. You work with nice people, live in a lovely neighborhood... ok 6 days a week of work is a bit much.

  3. anne marie in philly3:32 AM

    nice photos, dear! one day I am going to have to stay at your hotel.


  4. Great Photo Dump, Ron!
    Isn't it easy just to put out some photos and comment on them? And, then you don't feel guilty about not blogging.
    Take it easy!

  5. Anonymous6:40 AM

    Lovely pictures, thank you!!

    I'm totally in for the breakfast buffet. The brekki comes second after a comfy bed as my favourite part of hotels. And it sure looks delicious!


  6. Ron,

    Maybe Bill will gripe about this picture, but I love it. i call it a great photo, well composed, wistful and the wonderful colors caused by the sun. Loverly.


  7. Lar,

    Bill hasn't seen his photo yet. I liked it too. I thought it captured the essence of Bill.

  8. Thanks Mark! Yes, it easy to just put out some of my photos (that I'm always taking, you know me) and comment on them. I have to admit though that I stole the idea from you and my other blogger friend. Great idea!

  9. I haven't been by in awhile...not too much blogging myself. Drove through Delaware on our way to Florida. Hard to see much from I-95 but would love to have stopped.

  10. Rick,

    Good to hear from you! If you drove through Delaware on Rt. 1 (instead of Rt. 113) then you drove right past our house, we can see Rt. 1 from our back deck. Next time give me a heads up and stop by for a visit. Have a great day!

  11. Thank you Will. I think I'll institute a weekly photo dump. God knows I take enough photos. It was fun. You are right on target about Bill, he does have strength and dignity. He is my rock. Best thing that ever happened to me. I have been very fortunate.

  12. Anne Marie,

    Stay in the off season during the week and I can get you a special rate!

  13. Nadege,

    Thank you! Yes, I do live in a lovely neighborhood (no accident) and work with wonderful folks. I am having a hard time with all the work. I have to get back to working part-time. This full-time is a "bit much."


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