Sunday, September 11, 2011

9/11 - Ten Years Later

Monday, September 11th, 2011 was my first day on my new job as an assistant sales associate at the Hampton Inn in Lionville, Pennsylvania.

As I sat down at my desk, waiting for Linda, the sales director to show me how to block rooms on the computer, Kathy, our breakfast hostess came up to the front desk and said "A plane just hit on of the towers of the World Trade Center!"  She saw this on the TV that was on in the lobby where she was serving breakfast to the hotel guests.

Someone said "Turn on the TV."  We had a TV in the back office where I was seated, awaiting the beginning of my training.  My first response was one of annoyance, because here was yet another delay in learning my new job.

I sat at my desk waiting for Linda, while everyone else in the back office was looking up at the TV which was located in the corner of the ceiling of the back office.  Some of the comments were:

  • "What could have happened?"  
  • "Do you think a small plane hit the tower?"  
  • "How stupid that someone could fly right into one of those towers."
  • "Do you think they're be able to put out THAT fire?"
I turned around and looked and saw the smoke pouring out of the tower. To be honest, I was more concerned about getting on with my training. I was becoming more annoyed.  

Then the second tower exploded.  All went silent in the office.  We all knew then that this was more than an accident.  We knew.  

Life has never been the same since.  

Take a minute today to pause and reflect on those thousands of innocents who lost their lives that day just for being in the wrong place and the wrong time.  Also take a minute to pause and reflect that the evil that perpetuated this crime against humanity is still with us.  

All the prayers in the world aren't going to help you when evil like this is unleashed.

Make every day count.  Today could be your last. 


  1. It was, and still is a sad day for the whole world, when those planes hit the towers. There are lessons to be learned from all this, and they keep on coming.

  2. Ron,

    Another semi-coincidence between us. You were at a meeting for training on a new job; I was scheduled to be at a meeting for training on how to find a new job.

    My meeting was to be on the highest floor of the highest building in Wilmington.

    My meeting was cancelled.


  3. Our lives wee changed forever that day Nadege. We will never be as trusting again. Our country lost it innocence on that day.

  4. Lar,

    We have many such coincidences. More to come I'm sure!


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