Sunday, September 04, 2011

A Pasttime With a Purpose

Downingtown High School Track Team 1959
My friend George is in the middle in the back and 
that's me kneeling (what else?) on the bottom row 
(and no comments about "bottom" please!)

I don't like to play games.  I used to like to play games when I was a kid but I don't like to play games now.  By that I mean computer games, baseball or football, or even card games.  Not that there is anything wrong with playing games.  I just don't have an interest in that activity anymore.

In a few months I will be 70 years old.  There is also a good possibility I have prostate cancer.  I just talked to my younger brother today on FaceTime.  He had his second pacemaker installed.  When it was installed his bladder failed so now he is catheterized.  My other younger brother has diabetes.  Not the easy kind but the kind where he has to poke a needle in his stomach daily and check his blood sugar level several times day.  Many of my longtime friends and former co-workers, some of whom are younger than me, are now gone.  Some of the friends I have left are ill.  The last few years I am constantly reminded of my mortality.

Thus I have renewed my hobby of updating my Find a account.  I also am updating my family tree account.  I receive a great deal of satisfaction from this activity.  I feel like I am doing something worthwhile.  Something that is left behind when I eventually do depart this earthly plane for whatever destination awaits me.

This is my latest "find" today.  My former friend (who I haven't seen in over fifty years) died a few years back.  I couldn't attend his funeral.  I didn't know where he was buried.  I did find his obituary and posted it to Find a  However, I didn't have a picture of his grave.  I requested a photo of his grave through the Find a network of volunteers, or which I am also one and have been for over three years.  Today a kind soul took a picture of my former friend George Bird's grave.  I look at his gravestone and I want so bad to tell George "What a cool gravestone you have George!"  He would understand the humor in that statement.

His gravestone is actually pretty cool.  I'm about ready to order my own.  I have been undecided up to now but I think I will go with one of these polished black marble headstones.  You have to admit they do look pretty cool.  I do so want to leave a statement after I'm gone.

Find a memorial for my friend George Bird


  1. Lar,

    I actually enjoy doing this a great deal. I've been working on my Find a Grave account all morning.

  2. Ron,

    Been having trouble with Blogger today.


  3. anne marie in philly7:37 PM

    I am currently in cooperstown ny. you should see all the old graveyards up here; every time I see one, I think of you and how you would love discovering the history behind the stone.

  4. Ron,

    Thanks for your recent comments. I would still like your reaction to three of my other posts, "We All Must Do Our Part to Save the Sinking Ship", "Rite Back to the Past" and "You Can bank on waiting".

    I was using the new Blogger interface, but today it started not letting me into some of my Blogs and other weird stuff, so I reverted back to their old format. I sent them feedback. I had problems with Facebook today, too.


  5. Lar,
    I don't like the new "cleaned up" version of Blogger. Just what is it they're trying to fix anyway? The old version worked just fine.

  6. What are some of the names of the graveyards in Cooperstown you're looking at Anne Marie?

  7. anne marie in philly3:03 AM

    I never thought to look for a name; the ones I see are attached to the local churches. but some of the stones look old, some are ornate, some are plain.

    is it weird to see a graveyard and to think of a friend?


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