Sunday, September 04, 2011

Lazy, Hazy August Sunday

Bill trying to make out the writing on an old tombstone near Milton,, DE 

Just another quiet day here on the eastern shore of coastal southern Delaware. Today sure is a lot different from last Sunday, the Day After hurricane Irene.  I'll take days like this anytime.

I feel confident that the thousands of tourists who descended on our little peninsula here on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean for the Labor Day weekend are happy that we have had beautiful, sunny days this weekend for their Last Fling of Summer.  Of course I stayed away from the boardwalk in Rehoboth Beach this weekend.  I know it is just lovely down there and I would like to hear the waves rolling in on the beach and the sea gulls screaming for more french fries but I'm just not in the mood to fight all that traffic, bicyclists, and people this delightful late summer day.

Bill and I took a ride to the other resort town (our little secret) of Milton this morning.  While Milton doesn't have the Atlantic Ocean it does have Wagamon's Pond.  What?  You've never heard of Wagamon's pond? Well count yourself among the million or so folks who never have heard of this pond in the center of downtown Milton.  Next time you're in the area you'll have to visit Wagamon's Pond and see what all the fuss it about.

On the way into Milton on Cave Neck Road Bill and I stopped at an old family cemetery.  This one was call the "The Weigands Cemetery."  There must be hundreds of these old family cemeteries along the roads crisscrossing southern Delaware. One wonders what has happened to these old family cemeteries in the north of the state of Delaware, where it is much heavier populated.

Some of the headstones were so old we couldn't read them.  We're going to stop back tomorrow with a little Fantastick and an old toothbrush to clean away the mold and funk of a hundred years or more to identify some of these headstones.  If we don't do it now the information on these headstones will be forever lost to history.  That's why I like roaming graveyards and recording the information and photos on Find a  Long after I'm gone the history will be there for future generations. That gives me a senses of purpose.

Yesterday my blogger friend Dr. Spo called me on FaceTime and we discussed that to live the healthiest life one should have a sense of purpose.  I have several, one of which is my genealogy research.  The second being my Find a Grave projects.  And of course another one is what I am doing right now, writing this blog that gives me a sense of purpose and perhaps some who read it, an insight into someone else's life which they may find interesting.  I know that I find those blogs that are personal the most interesting blogs to read.

Have a great day everyone!


  1. Ron,

    Maybe that is why we can't find enough hours in the day even though we are past the heavy working life...we have purposes, things we still wish to accomplish.

    I spend part of yesterday at the historic Arden Fair. Wrote a couple more posts.


  2. anne marie in philly6:46 PM

    and you are an interesting person!

    how nice you got to "speak with spo"; he is such a blast!

  3. Ann Marie,
    Today I spoke to three of the only four people I know who use FaceTime. My brother John in South Carolina, Spo in Arizona and my friend Bob C. in Altoona, PA. Once you use FaceTime it's hard to go back to a boring old phone. So much more can be communicated by facial expressions on FaceTime. I love it.

  4. You're right Lar. Now we are doing what we really want to do. Doesn't pay much but we get so much more enjoyment out of it. We've earned the right to enjoy ourselves after all our years of work.

  5. It is always a treat talking with you!

  6. Dr. Spo,

    Same here Dr. Spo. I appreciate your friendship.


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