Tuesday, September 06, 2011

A Rose is a Rose is a Rose

A single rose in my backyard this morning

A few days ago when I told a friend that I had bought a new SLR camera (very expensive) he asked me "Why did you buy another camera?"  Actually, it was a good question.  So here is the answer:

Many years ago I had a SLR (Single Lens Reflex) camera.  I took thousands of pictures with that camera.  Really nice pictures, the kind that had the blurred background and the wonderful portrait shot.  Then one day I dropped my camera on a cinder block and broke it.  I must have had that camera for twenty-five years at least.

I tried to get it fixed but it was never the same. I gave it to my brother.  I don't know what happened to it but I felt like I gave up an old pet for adoption.  I felt like I betrayed my "friend" the camera.

I got a new camera.  This time the stores had all these inexpensive "point and shoot" cameras which claimed to be "just as good" as the more expensive SLR cameras.  I got one of those cameras.  It was all right but it wasn't the same as my "friend", my old SLR camera.

Over the year I bought a couple more those "just as good" cameras, hoping for a different outcome.  While the pictures were good, I couldn't get those clear foreground and blurred background pictures anymore.  That was good enough for me.  How many portrait pictures would I take anyway?  How many closeup pictures would I take?  I learned to do without.  I still took a lot of good picture but group shots were everything was in focus.

Then about a year or two ago I saw a blogger friend of mine (Mark H. for those of you in the know) who was taking some spectacular pictures of his family.  Wow.  I had to have one of those cameras.  The only thing was the camera cost more than a computer!  So I did without ...again.  I made do with my digital camera.  That was fine for 95% of my pictures.  The other 5% I did without.

Every season I would see these great potential pictures that I had to pass up.  Then I got to thinking (always a dangerous and expensive proposition with me - just ask Bill), "Why not?'  I can't take IT with me so why not breakdown and get that EXPENSIVE SLR camera?"  So I did.

This camera has everything on it from sports continuous motion shots to high definition video that you can probably send directly to the movie theaters.  I probably won't be using those features.  What I'll be using is just what you see on this blog posting.  A closeup picture of a dew covered rose that I took a few minutes ago on this rainy day.  You might see a closeup picture of a butterfly, or a praying mantis or a caterpillar.

Soon I will start taking closeup portrait pictures of my friends, neighbors, relatives and strangers.

Bar the door Katy, Ron is back in business!


  1. Ron,

    We sure have some odd parallels in our lives. I had an SLR camera, too, a Minolta and you had a lot of control on focus and light and all, plus the various speeds. I had it as long as you had yours, and I was taking photos for the United Way for a presentation they were doing. I was on a brick sidewalk in Wilmington and one of the bricks was loose and I almost fell. My camera was on a strap around my shoulder and it flew off as I stumbled and smashed on the bricks. United Way paid for me to have it fixed, but it was never the same. Sometimes it was okay, but often I would get a black edge down one side of the photo.


  2. Love it! I'm so happy that you bit the bullet and bought the camera. Now tell me, what did you buy? I'm so excited. I'm a few months away from upgrading and I'm comparing Canons to Nikons. It's a tough choice. I can't wait to see all the great photos that you take. So much fun!
    Your Friend, m.

  3. That shot is fantastic. High quality equipment makes a world of difference. Good on you!

  4. Hope you don't mind, but I made your rose my new Windows desktop wallpaper.

  5. That rose picture is astonishingly glorious, taking my breath completely away. They don't come any better than this, and it can only be a portent of visual treasures to come. Looking forward to seeing more, but especially to plenty more flowers. Good luck with that camera, you lucky LUCKY man!

  6. Thank you Mark R. (Tiger Yogi)

  7. Cubby,
    Glad you like the picture! Seeing Mark H.'s beautiful pictures everyday forced me to get this camera! I just couldn't let those great shots go anymore, especially after seeing his. Please feel free to use any of my pictures.

  8. Ray,
    Thank you! Yes, look forward to more pictures like this in the future. Especially when I figure out how to put a telephoto lens on my camera.

  9. Mark (my camera and blogger buddy),

    I got a mid priced C anon EOS Rebel T21 EOS 550D. I haven't even scratched the surface of all the cool things it can do yet. The other day I when I was taking pictures of my neighbors and their two small children I accidentally hit a Progression. That was multiple shots. At first I thought I was wasting memory space but actually the pictures came out pretty cool. I don't' know how I did it though. Also, I have to figure out if this camera takes a telephoto lens attachment. I have a monster telephoto that I bought 30 years ago but it does have a universal mount. I don't know if I can detach and add lenses to this camera though. I don't anything in my instruction booklet that came with the camera. Maybe it's me. I'll look again. I'll bring the camera along to the reunion. Just don't drop it. :)

  10. You dropped your camera too Larry? We DO have a lot in common. I loved that old SLR camera of mine. I took many a great photo with that camera. It also had the best camera case. They don't make cameras like that anymore.

  11. Wooo hooo! How exciting. I love the photos my expensive camera takes, but I love how easily my iphone fits in my pocket or purse. I end up shooting with that lousy camera all the time due to the convenience. When I take out the good one I feel like a professional because it takes way better pictures. Have fun!

  12. Kimberly,

    I'm like you. I LOVE the convenience of my iPhone and it does take great pictures. Most of my pictures now are by my iPhone. I use my digital camera to take my Find a Grave.com pictures of cemetery headstones. I save my expensive digital camera for those "special occasions." You're right, it's all great fun!

  13. Anonymous6:08 PM

    The obvious thing to say here is "I'm ready for my clos-up Mr. DeMille." Truly a great photo.

  14. Such a lovely photo; one can't ever have too many cameras, surely?

  15. Dr. Spo,

    Right again! One can NEVER have too many cameras.

  16. Thank you "Aviewfromthemeadow". I saw the rose outside my sunroom window the other day and I just had to capture it in all it's glory. I wish I could also post the delightful smell of the rose. It was positively heady.

  17. Ron I'm deeply jealous of your new "baby"! I like you also had/still have a SLR that I adore. It's getting harder and harder to find film and places that actually devolope that film anymore though.

    I love that you splurged on yourself because really you deserve it!

    Much love to you and Bill

  18. Ron, What a beautiful shot! I understand about your evolvement with cameras. ENJOY! You deserve it.

  19. Bobbi,

    I have another SLR camera but it is one like you have, it takes film. I think I still have a lot of film somewhere but I'll never use it again. I'm afraid those old SLR cameras have gone the way of 8 track tape recorders or even cassette tapes. I have a lot of features on my new SLR that I'll probably never use, that's why it costs so much but I do like the fact that I can now take closeups and portrait shots like I used to take.

  20. Don,

    I love taking pictures. Always have, always will. At my age I thought "Why not splurge? Who am I saving my money for? My grandnieces and grandnephews?"


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