Friday, September 23, 2011

Time to Retire?

Hey folks, I'm working a marathon consecutive six days in a row at the hotel during a very busy time.  I won't be blogging for the next few days.  Any rumors that I have decided to stop blogging or have lost interest in blogging are great exaggerated .  I love to blog but I just can't do my best working all these hours.  I remember something my Mother told me when she came from working a log shift at her Pepperridge Farm job.  She worked on the cake layer line in the frozen foods division.  Yes, my Mom had one of those "Lucy and Ethel" conveyor belt job.  My Mom's "Ethel" was her sister-in-law and one of my favorite aunts, my Aunt Mabel.

My Mom accepting her 25th anniversary award from her Pepperridge Farm Supervisor

When she came home from her regular shift at Pepperridge, she went up to the garden she and my Pop had.  She hoed eight rows of corn like she usually did.  Then she came back to the house and prepared a whole meal for the family.  For the first time in her life she said she felt tired while hoeing the corn.  Of course she was tired before but this was a different kind of "tired." She was 64 years old.  She said that's when she realized she couldn't do what she used to do.

My Aunt Mabel had a similar experience.  She was 72 years old when she realized that she just couldn't make those full family meals for her many membered family.  She said "Ronnie, I'm just tired."

Well guess what boys and girls, I am tired.  Sure, I think some people I work with read this blog.  Maybe my boss and even the owner reads it occasionally.  Let me say this, I'll work as long as I am physically able to work.  I can manage quite well working two days a week.  But his six days in a row is a killer.  I am EXHAUSTED.  Tired man, TIRED.  In a few weeks I'll be 70 years old.  Hey, maybe it's time to hang up the old boxing gloves.  I'm telling you, it's looking mighty tempting.

I enjoy working.  I like the interaction with my coworkers and the guests at the hotel.  Oh sure, occasionally I get a rude guest who insults me and puts me down.  That's not fun and it takes just about all my self control not to lash out with anger and sarcasm.  But I manage.  However, I wonder, how much longer do I want to do this?  Then I think of the extra money my job provides.  While I don't make a lot of money, I make enough to enable me to buy "extras" like sponsoring a family reunion coming up in a few weeks.  I order books form and don't worry about the cost.  I have all the latest gadgets.  Bill and I can do the extra things that make life enjoyable.  Yes, this will take some serious thinking.  Once I make the decision to leave my job, I'll never apply for another job in my life.  I will never go to another job interview begging for a minimal pay job.  I've been working for over sixty years now and some time of job,   maybe now is the time to retire?  Maybe.


  1. Anonymous8:36 PM

    see you when you get back !! and &0 wow .... you do not look a day over 63 :-)

  2. Thanks! Now it's too bed, I have to get up early and go to work again.

  3. You stop blogging and I will come and beat you up with my aloha shirt thermos cup.

  4. anne marie in philly2:03 AM

    good to see you are still on this earth. but yeah, work CAN kill you.

    I may have eaten one of your mom's cakes back in the day...

    we will await your return.

  5. Ron,

    This is the way I began feeling a few months ago -- I'm tired. I was beginning to lose my interest in the job in a way. Just weary and it was not my way. I didn't have the old enthusiasm for it. When my hours were being cut, I began to look forward to those extra days off and then even wish for them. If I got scheduled back an extra day I felt disappointed.

    I also found myself being sardonic sometimes, saying things I would have always kept to myself if I thought them.

    I may cause some financial pain, but I find "retirement" rather nice. I am not living on some one else's schedule or being careful not to offend the powers that be at some job. I am still in the adjustment stage, but adjusting is kind of fun too.


  6. Larry,

    Again, we are in tune with one another. Your comment was never more succinct nor right on the mark. I too am feeling tired. I am tired of the whole game on living on someone else's schedule. I think after 70 years (60 of them working) that I am entitled to my "freedom" to do exactly as I damn please. I am tired of being nice when I don't want to be nice. I am tired of swallowing my pride just to be "professional." I am tired of putting up with ignorant and rude people just to collect a few more bucks. I am just tired of this whole game. In fact, your comment has given me a idea for a whole blog posting on this subject. You know how there are times of your life that you come to a crossroads and you know it is time to take a turn? I have the feeling I am approaching that crossroads and it is TIME.

  7. Your last comment, Ron, is right on, except that I have 11 more years 4 months to go before I can retire. Oyve!

  8. Dr. Spo,

    I'll never stop blogging until I'm unable to do so. As long as my brain and body is functioning normally, I'll blog. I may take a few pauses but I will always blog. Now work, that's another story. I think I will hang on awhile longer. It's hard to change a habit of sixty years.


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