Monday, September 12, 2011

Family Reunion

Taking the reunion sign down from last year's reunion

Who says I'm retired?  I just finished addressing the invitation to the Tipton Family Reunion.  I hope I didn't' forget anybody.  One has to watch that one doesn't leave someone off the mailing list or else they will feel offended and hold a grudge and Tiptons (most of us anyway) are famous for holding grudges.  We're like elephants, we never forget a slight.  I know I don't.

This year I'm going to try and stay out of the food aspect of the region.  In past reunions that I have organized it seemed that most of my time was spent securing tablecloths in the windy venues where we usually have our reunions and making sure we had enough paper plates, sodas, utensils, and hot dog rolls.  I started these family reunions just for the simple fact of having a family reunion and reconnecting with family members.  Each generation grows farther and farther apart and after a while we lose all contact.  By holding these family reunions, I hope to keep family members closer or another way of putting it, keeping our tribe intact.

I also use the family reunions as an opportunity to record family members by taking group and individual pictures.  In past reunions I've been so busy with the nitty gritty detail of running the reunion that I had little time to talk or even to take pictures.  This year I think I have it solved.  My blogger friend Mark H. will also be attending and using his talented photography skills to record the event.

Lots to do around here always.  And I thought I was retired!


  1. Hi Ron! I'm catching up with my blog reading since my last whirlwind of house guests and travel. Whew!

    Good luck with the reunion. It's hard to organize and be responsible and have fun at the same time. That's cool that Mark is going to do some photos for you. I'm sure you'll be pleased with the outcome!

  2. I told you before that you needed to change the name of your Blog. I've never met someone as busy as you.
    Ron, I can't wait for the Reunion. I'm excited to photograph everyone and not one person knowing who I am and wanting to interrupt what I'm doing. By the end of the day, I should have hundreds of pictures for you. Then it's your job to sort through them.
    Yet another job for you.
    Good luck!

  3. Anonymous11:33 AM

    Good for family gets together unfortunately mine is in the see you at the next funeral mode.

  4. Bobbi,
    One of the reasons I started up the family reunions again after thirty some years (the last one was in 1960) was that the only "reunions" our family was having was at the funerals of the uncles and aunts. I thought "There has to be a better way to get together." Planning and organizing a reunion is a lot of trouble and there is always the danger of offending someone but I think it is worthwhile.

  5. Mark,
    Any suggestions of the name of my blog? I hate to give up "Retired in Delaware." I was very lucky to have gotten it before someone else got it. Of course I'm not "retired" at all. In fact I just got a call from my co-worker wanting to know if I could work a week for her at the end of the month so she could take vacation. Of course I said "Yes."
    Isn't it going to be great to take picture and not have someone question or talk to you. That was one of the problems I had with taking pictures. Too many people wanted to talk to me and in the meantime, many of the attendees left before I could take their pictures!

  6. Walt,

    Good to hear from you again! I know all about house guests. Bill and I turn them down. During the season, we get a request at least once a week. Sometimes people just invite themselves, they don't even ask. I would write a blog about this situation but I don't want to offend anyone. They don't read the comments.

  7. Ron,

    Guess it could be Unretired in Delaware or Tired in Delaware.

    I know I'm tired this week. It seems like its been go, go,go since I was fully retired two weeks ago.


  8. Both sides of my family had regular 'tight knit' reunions, but as the generations proceeded and there were more cats to herd, the reunions started thinning. My parent's generations still go, but there are few of the next two or three generations. I guess there is not as much connection as the branches go out.

  9. Dr. Spo,

    Our original family reunions were a gathering to the original eleven Tipton Brothers (no sisters) back in the Fifties. The last one was in 1960. My cousins started the reunions up again for the surviving brothers in the early 90's. Now all the brothers are gone, and I have taken up the reins for the 36 first cousins and their families. Many of the younger ones are interested surprisingly enough. I plan to hold reunions every year and a half as long as I can. Of course some of the family can't be bothered but enough care to make the time and trouble (and expense) well worth it. I am glad we are having the reunions. It is the least I can do since I don't have y own offspring.


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