Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Flies

A few days ago a cold front rolled in here at Casa Tipton-Kelly.  An interesting occurrence has happened as a result of the drastic change of temperature.  Prior to the cold front we have had an almost unending days of hot and humid weather.  We have had hot and humid all summer but very dry.  However, lately we have had the Perfect Storm in that we have also had a lot of rain.  This combination has produced a LOT OF FLIES. When the cold front rolled in Thursday night, the flies didn't like it.  They retreated for warmer climes.  Unfortunately that "warmer climes" happens to be our garage.

I'm sitting here at my computer typing this blog posting and choking on the bug spray that Bill has sprayed in the garage to kill all those flies.  He said he didn't have a choice since they retreated to his "workshop" for warmth.  In this neighborhood most of the neighbors go in and out of their house through the garage.  I don't think I ever entered our house through the front door.  The only time the front door is use is for the Halloween trick or treaters (and that is coming up isn't it?) and the occasional Fed Ex delivery.  Our neighbor Bob also uses it when he delivers some of his freshly caught and friend fish for Bill.

So Bill is working out of the garage this morning with literally hundreds of flies clinging to ceiling of our garage for warmth.  When I go in and out of the garage I have to take my fly swatter with me to swat away the flies.  I'm a bleeding heart liberal but I have no absolutely no compunction in killing as many flies as I can.  I'm no Albert Schweitzer who cups them in his hands and releases them outside (yep, he did it.  Look it up on Google).  I am ruthless in dispatching flies.  Just call me Ming the Merciless.

Bill says he can't work with all those flies swirling around him.  Poor Bill, he looked like a Somalian refugee this morning.  So he's spraying, and spraying, and spraying.  I'm choking...and choking and...yes...choking.

Life in southern Delaware, this is one of the rare downsides.  Flies.  BEGONE!


  1. Ming the Merciless! I love it! Hopefully the little darlings will be gone soon! :)

  2. You guys need a head net, just like the one we used in Australia when we visited Ayers Rock. It was really unpleasant as those flies were really small and pesky.
    (I sent you a message on Facebook the other day. Don't know if you got it).

  3. anne marie in philly3:33 PM

    we noticed too many flies when we were on vacation in NY state.

    I am allergic to most chemicals, so I cannot use spray. get the no pest strip!

    HI and a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to bill!

  4. Tiger,

    I was just out in the garage again smacking some flies who were camped in for the night. I've never seen so many flies at one place. For most of the summer we rarely had any flies.

  5. Nadege,

    The flies are the normal house flies. They don't bite. They are annoying though.
    No, I didn't see you message on Facebook. Facebook's new format confuses me. I'm still getting used to it.

  6. Thanks Anne Marie. I'll convey your happy birthday wish to Bill. He's not speaking to me right now though. Same old, same old.

  7. We don't have screens in France so the flies come in through open windows. I'm one who tries to herd them back out. I kill one or two a year, but mostly just send them outside again. I'm sure I've ushered the same fly out of the house on several occasions.

    Still, we haven't had the hundreds of flies phenomenon you're experiencing right now...

  8. Anonymous4:13 AM

    Have tons of those annoying smalls flies at home, too. Well I try see it from the good side, they keep the cats occupied.


  9. Walt,

    Normally I would usher a fly or another insect out of the house. Just last night I cupped up a couple of crickets and put them outside and even a spider. But the flies just don't want to go go out. They seek the heat. So as much as I hate to do it, I had to kill them. I finally found a solution last night, I vacuumed them in my Shop Vac. They're swirling around in there now as I type this, wondering "WTF?"

  10. Don't have a cat Daniel. Wish I did. Bill doesn't like cats.

  11. According to "Despicable Pests", flies rank at the #1 hateful thing to mankind.


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