Thursday, June 02, 2011

Strawberry Fields

Yes folks, that is how I spent my early morning hours, picking fresh strawberries.  My boss and his wife told me about this farm in Lewes that you can pick your own fresh strawberries.  He told me that about three weeks ago.  I've been working so much that I haven't had time to even look for the farm let alone spend an hour or so picking fresh strawberries.

I love strawberries.  I have them on my breakfast cereal every morning.  The strawberries I eat are those faux strawberries that they sell in the supermarket for $4.99 a plastic container.  The strawberries look like strawberries but they have the consistency and taste of the plastic container that they come in.  Well, after all, they had to make the long trip from the fields of sunny southern California.  We have our own sunny fields here on the eastern coastal shore of Delaware.  So I made an extra effort this morning and got my behind down to the Magee Farms on Wescoats Road in Lewes and picked me a batch of strawberries.

Picking the strawberries brought back memories when I used to help my Mom pick strawberries out of her personal strawberry patch at her home in Pennsylvania.  With the sun, warm breezes and fresh air, and memories of Mom, I had a super morning picking strawberries.

Now it's time to go to work again.  I work tonight then tomorrow at 7 am and the next day and then, hopefully I go back to my regular schedule.  The new guy is working out fine.  In fact I like him very much.  As my former co-worker says "Sometimes one door closes and another door opens."  It's going to be nice working with a normal person for a change.  She was such a drama queen.  I need to get back to normal.



  1. How did they taste? I was expecting you to say that you most of them in the car on the drive home.

  2. While I appreciate your work ethic, I want you back writing. m.

  3. Anonymous12:59 PM

    Ahh! I love fresh strawberries! The season for them hasn't quite started over here unfortunately.
    Now look what you did Ron, you made me all envy :D


  4. Mmmmm, all I want to do is lick and nibble what I see. And I'd like to do that to the strawberries too!

    The strawberries are coming into season here in Ohio just now. So what are they selling at Krogers? California berries. Blech!

  5. Sean,
    They taste wonderful the way strawberries tasted like when we were kids! Unlike those things they call strawberries in the supermarket. I froze a huge batch of them. This weekend I'll go pick some more. This is the last week for the strawberries. Heaven.

  6. Mark,

    Believe it or not I am really hurting that I don't have the time to write. I have so much backed up. I hope I can remember everything. Writing my blog is like a fix for me. I miss it terribily.

  7. Daniel.

    There is nothing to equal the taste of fresh strawberries. Tasting them fresh this way brings back memories from my youth when my Mom used to make us strawberry shortcake. There was absolutely no better dessert in the world. Only fresh strawberries has that taste. These store bought strawberries from California don't even come close.

  8. Cubby,

    You brought a smile to my face (you devil you.) Thanks for the compliment. :)

  9. Cubby,

    As Ron's post testifies, the best berries do not ship well. The closer you are to the source, the better they will taste (your own garden is going to be best). So, grow or buy local and it will taste better.

    I'm also not sure whether or not I would buy industrial agriculture grown strawberries from California any more (they are local for me). There has been a change in the soil fumigant regulations and I think that from a human standpoint, the new fumigant is less safe. I might buy organic from the local food co-op, but strawberries will be a rare treat for me.

  10. Our equivalent of California berries here in France are the berries from southern Spain. Beautiful. No flavor. So, we only eat strawberries that are grown locally here in the Loire Valley and the Sologne and only in season. Which is now!! Yum.

  11. I miss strawberries; they remind me of June
    Nowadays I won't eat them unless they are organic, which means I don't get them often :-(

  12. Walt,
    Same here, I usually buy strawberries at the local super market. Those strawberries are imported from California. They look like strawberries but have none of the delicate strawberry flavor. These ones I picked do. I will be eating them the next week. What I don't eat I will freeze to enjoy later. I think in the future I will only eat locally grown strawberries or ones that I have frozen.

  13. Dr. Spo,
    Now that I've eaten fresh strawberries it's going to be difficult to go back to the "Frankenstein" strawberries format he supermarket.


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