Saturday, September 06, 2014

Thoughts on a Muggy Summer Morning

Bill escorting our neighbor Barb back to her house yesterday evening after a welcome visit by Barb - we have the best neighbors!!!!!!

The "muggies" are the heat and humidity that is the bane of our existence here on the Delmarva peninsula in late summer.  

Early this morning, just after my breakfast of a bowl of Great Value (Walmart) bran flakes and soggy, defrosted strawberries (who knows when I froze those strawberries), I ventured outside looking for Bill.  

He was collecting flower seeds for next year's flower garden extravaganza that is Casa Tipton-Kelly every summer.  

Under the humidity ladened morning skies, my breathing is labored.  Even so, I waded in my flower bed in front of the house to remove some errant weeds that had the temerity to take root whilst I was pushing the boundaries of my guest privileges at my friend Pat's "hoose" in Toronto.  Only two weeks and some of those weeds were already taking over my carefully selected and planted flowers.  How dare they.

Needless to say, I didn't stay out too long before I started to sweat like a Republican when they realize that Hillary Clinton will be our next president (and it will happen my Republican friends as long as you have that clown car of Republicans running for president). 

Republican presidential candidates

It's been a week since I've returned from my much anticipated vacation in Canada.  I'm still recovering.  I didn't realize how tired I was.  I would take a photo of myself now and post it but I don't want to shock my loyal readers at how hang dog I am capable of looking.  

Every day since I've been back I've been going to bed early (10 o'clock or so) and getting up after 7 o'clock in the morning.  The first day back sleeping in my own bed I slept until 10:45 AM.  I haven't slept that long since . . . . I actually can't remember.  I know one night in my Flaming Youth I stayed up all night and didn't get to bed until 6 AM in the morning but I think I still got up at 10 or so.  This time around I almost lapped myself.  One of these days I'm going to go to sleep and not wake up.  Actually, not a bad thing considering, as long as I'm unconscious and don't know what's going on around me.  Always the sad thing when someone dies is those he (or she) leaves behind.  To me, especially at my age now and the multiple ailments that are so sneakily creeping up on me, the Eternal Rest doesn't seem all that bad.  

But do not despair.  I'm not ready to check out just yet.  I think I still have a few more good days left in the old body and have the ability to make some special people happy.  However, I do have to admit when a series of folks from my generation take their leave (Robin Williams, Joan Rivers, several classmates just prior to my 55th class reunion in a few weeks), I do think "My turn yet?"  

These days I have whittled down to a handful of activities that I really enjoy.  Those being:

Good eating
Following politics (yes, don't shoot me)
Photo taking and storing
Domestic life with Bill
Vicarious life with Pat (figure it out)
Friends (you know who you are)

The last item, "napping."  My Mother used to love to nap.  The last year of her life she slept almost the whole day.  The way I'm going now, I feel like I'm going into her footsteps, or bed impression from all that napping. 

Mom with her "hot water bottle", Miss Martha, napping (and with her remote control ready to turn on "The O'Reilly Factor" for her daily dose of Republican Right Wing Nut brainwashing)

These days I'm so tired.  I don't know whether it is still from my two week vacation in Canada or just the fact that I'm an old man, getting older every day.  It could be the still lingering after effects of my prostate cancer seed implants.  That was over a year ago (May 3rd, 2013) but I still have the same side effects.  I fear they will never go away.  A general fatigue or sapping of energy.  And some other unpleasant side effects that I don't want to sully this family friendly blog posting.  All I know is that at around 9:30 or 10:00 o'clock at night I seem to run out of steam, even though I've had a one and a half hour to two hour nap in the afternoon.

But enough with my whiny complaints.  Today is Saturday, I'm mobile, living in a wonderful home with a man who is as devoted to me fifty years after he met me as he was the first day we met.  Now how many people can say they're in such an enviable position?  Not many, that's who.

My bills are paid, I'm not in debt.  I'm not I'm pain (other than the general aches and pains of a 72 year old man who has been going non stop for all of those 72 years).  But I am tired.

I'm going to take a shower now and lay down and read a bit and maybe drift off for an early nap.  I do love my bedroom and my neighborhood.  I've said it many times and I'll say it again.  We live in a wonderful neighborhood with fantastic neighbors.  Do you know that while I was away my neighbors Bob and Barbara looked in on Bill every day and made sure he was fed and not lonely?  It just doesn't get any better than that folks.  

I plan to stay around for a long time but if for some reason My Turn comes up, I can rest in peace knowing that my Bill will be well taken care of.  And to tell you the truth folks, that was always my main concern, what would happen to Bill if I was no longer around?  That's one reason I was so glad that marriage equality became a reality.  No longer would I have to worry that if I died, Bill would have to sell the house and to pay the death taxes and find someplace else to live.  We didn't have to get married for emotional reasons, in our minds we were already married.  But for the legal protection, getting married was a Godsend ("Godsend" being a figure of speech for those Internet trolls who are monitoring my blog posts, ever so anxious to remind me that I am a Non-Believer).  

Saturday morning and I'm rambling.  Perhaps it's those increasingly occurring sharp pains at the back of my skull that I've been experiencing that are causing me to be reflective on this Summer Dog Days Morning.  Who knows what is causing that but I'm already on a medical treadmill (I'm scheduled for a stress test next Friday; oh joy)and I'm not going to jump start another series of medical tests.  I figure at 72 I've had a good life already and anything else is gravy.  

Time to end this meandering colloquially and take a refreshing shower.  Time to cleanse both my body and head. I am so tired.

Have a great day!


  1. A clear case of Toronto-withdrawal symptoms. It was a heady time for you and you'd probably forgotten what it's like to have had so many excitements in quick succession. Now lie back and let the adventure settle into a cosy wrap of felicitous memories - with a smile on your face.

    1. Ray,
      Clearly, "Toronto-withdrawal symptoms." Yes, visiting Canada was a heady time for me. Always good to visit something new and different and Toronto fit that category perfectly. So much excitement that I didn't get my usual sleep. Now just about caught up and ready for my next adventure. Of course after a somnolent restful winter's respite.

  2. I cannot step outside; my asthma has been going full speed ahead for the past week due to the steamy conditions. can't wait til the humidity breaks tonight.

    1. Anne Marie,
      I can't breath in this heat and humidity either. I stay inside. I don't know how I handled this when I was younger. Never thought much about it but I sure do now. I can't take it. Bill can't either.

  3. were sweating like Bob McDonnell on the witness stand..." wife did it..."




    1. Andy,
      Excellent! I wish I had thought to say that. Or, "Sweating like Bob McDonnell waiting to hear how many years he will have to spend in jail for misusing his office."

  4. Ron,
    Great post in the sense that I think that being 72 or 70 (in less than a month) brings on aches, pains and just weird things that our bodies morph into as we age. I don't have the seed implants but right now suffering with more fatigue, breathing problems (onset since May) that so far no tests can determine the reason and more tests and specialists to see. Besides that I have low "T" and skin problems that I never had before in my life. I have been striving all summer to adjust to life as it is now as opposed to before but sometimes it seems futile. I feel I sleep so much that I should have bed sores (I don't). As with you, I have my mind, am not rich but comfortable enough I can pay my bills each month and no debt. I don't have a "Bill" but good friends that I can call upon if necessary so the balance of positive vs. negative tips the scales on the positive side so can we ask for more? While you were gone I had my "nuclear" stress test. It came out clean but I hope I would never have to have another. It is not horribly unpleasant but no picnic in the park. It is time consuming and I didn't like the use of chemicals to bring on the stress as opposed to the old treadmill which I could control. I hope your test comes out on the plus side.
    Stay healthy, enjoy the naps and set your pace.

    1. Jack,
      These days it seems as if I'm just trying to stay a few steps ahead of the latest medical malady. I also have those skin problems (a rash on my lower right leg now that I have no idea where THAT came from). However, like you I still have my active mind and can still engage in most of my favorite activities.
      I've heard of the nuclear stress test. I won't be taking that one but rather the standard stress test which isn't much fun either. In fact, it's very "stressful". Not looking forward to that ever speeding treadmill. Last time I took that test I thought my chest was going to explode.

      These days I have to conserve my strength. Not like the good old days of my youth where I could go all day and all night and think nothing of it. The old body is wearing out. Not much we can do about it than try to make ourselves as comfortable as possible under the circumstances as we slip out of existence.

  5. You see Ron - I could never come up with a sentence like this - some errant weeds that had the temerity to take root whilst. These little gems pop up regularly in your postings. You just have a knack of writing interestingly. Oh - I think the reason you might be still tired could be the fact that you slept about 4 hours each nite while you were here.


    1. Pat,
      You encourage me! I wish I had a better command of the English language but what few phrases that on occasion pop into my head I will share. You're right about my tiredness. I didn't get much sleep did I but I'll tell you one thing, I had a heck of a time and winning that last Scrabble game was the topper. It just doesn't get any better than that Pat.

  6. Mrs. Clinton would be daft to take the job; she would be skewered worse than Mr. Obama.

    1. You're right Dr. Spo. I would love to see Elizabeth Warren as the next president. It would be a closer race but as the Republicans don't have a strong national candidate, she could win. With Hillary, this country would be subjected to an even worse period of vitriol and hatred than we have endured for the past six years since Obama was elected.


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