Thursday, September 11, 2014

Throwback Thursday

My trip to New York City 1958

Thank  you folks!  I finally achieved my goal of 100 followers.  I was stuck on 99 for so long I was beginning to wonder if I was actually getting "out there."  And yes, I do need to have verification that you all are reading my blog.  I appreciate all of you!

Well, this morning has been rather busy.  I just got off the phone with Apple Support.  My iMac has been getting hung up the past week or so.  This morning while I was patiently waiting for the rainbow spinning wheel to finish doing it's thing, I got the Blue Screen of Death.  Hey, what's that?  I thought the Blue Screen of Death only showed up on Windows based computers.  So I put a call into Apple Support.  Since my maintenance contract is up with Apple, I now pay $19.00 per incident charge, good for thirty days, which is a good deal for me.  I get to talk to someone who speaks English as his (or her) first language and actually listens to me instead of reading from a script.  Without boring you with the details, I think we solved the problem.  It was an errant 2.4 GB disk that was hanging in iPhoto waiting to be copied to a DVD.  Some long ago DVD copying of an old family reunion that I was doing for my relatives.  I'm not copying any more reunion DVD's because of all the ones I copies, not once did I receive a "thank you".  A little "thank you" goes a long way. All too often one is taken for granted and rarely receives a "thank you."  What's with that anyway?

The Photo of the Day at the top of this posting (which has nothing to do with this posting) is one I took of New York City.  I won a free trip to New York when I was fifteen years old.  I was a paper boy and the Philadelphia Bulletin had a contest to see who could get the most new subscriptions.  Born salesman that I am (not), I won.  I took my Kodak Brownie camera with me and took a roll (eight photos) of New York.  I never thought to have a picture taken of myself or the other paper boys who won the contest.  What was I thinking?  I'll tell you what I was thinking, I was just too damn shy to ask.  Not now though.  If you know me I'm always asking "Here, take a photo of ME!" 

Time to end this rambling missive that I'm going to pass off as a thoughtful blog post and get ready for work at the hotel.  Lunch, nap, shower and then off to Expensive Botique Hotel in Lower Slower.  Tomorrow at 8:15 AM I have my stress test.  I think everyday I have a stress test.  

The photo below?  Taken of me when I was 16 years old by one of my brothers.  I wanted some photos to share with my 67 pen pals.  Pen pals, how I stayed in contact with my world wide fan club before the Internet and blogging.  

It's all good folks!  Have a great day!

My "Pen Pal" photo - 1958 


  1. Ron - got to say - love that cool industrial bldg you are leaning against. What a loft that would make with those windows!!


    1. Pat,
      We lived on the second floor of that red brick building to the left of me. The industrial building was Gindy's Trailer Manufacturing, where my father worked. He didn't have far to commute.

  2. Anonymous5:46 PM

    Nice of your brother to get all artsy fartsy and hold the camera almost sideways, and stand as far away as he could and still see you in the picture!

    Peace <3

    1. Jay,
      Bill also has a habit of standing way back when taking a picture of me. Pat gets the good close ups.

  3. 100 followers! All quality I hope. No - oh you know.


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