Thursday, September 04, 2014

Brothers From Another Mother ?

Two separate iPhone message photos we exchanged just yesterday - we didn't plan this shot but look how we're both posed the same way and with the same smiles - now if Pat ditched those "Owl" glasses . . . . . . 

The first time it happened was last November in an elevator at the Latham Hotel in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Pat and I were in the elevator going up to our room at the Latham when another guest entered the elevator, took a look at us and asked "Are you two brothers?"  At first Pat and I were amused by this question because the thought that we looked alike never entered our minds up until that moment.  

Since we had met the previous August we knew our personalities were very much alike.  In fact, so much alike either he would know what I was thinking or vice a versa.  At times it was uncanny at how we could read each other's thoughts and moods.  I always said I wanted to someday meet someone like myself.  And lo and behold, here I did when I meet Pat for the first time in the Hotel Blue parking lot on that late summer afternoon of August 16th, 2013.  So it was with some amusement that a stranger would think we looked enough alike to mistake us for brothers.  

Several times since that first initial sighting, we have had strangers ask us if we were brothers.  The latest such occurrence happening when we were walking down the street where Pat lives in Toronto and one of his neighbors asking "Are you two brothers?"

Well, actually, Pat does look more like my brother than my actual two brothers.  Look at the photo below of me with my two younger brothers (with our Mother) and judge for yourself.

Me with my two brothers John and Isaac and our Mother 2005


  1. yeah, you three look NOTHING alike. and now those two hate you.

    thank bob for pat!

    1. Actually Anne Marie, I am estranged from both of my brothers now. My marriage to Bill is the cause. It 's a shame isn't it?


    2. well, it's THEIR problem, not yours. they haven't learned acceptance yet. pity.

  2. True, Ron, we really do look considerably alike. I'm going to have to work on my accent tho.



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