Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Ray Rice - A Coward Who Beats a Woman

I'll say this right up front.  The Baltimore Raven's running back Ray Rice is a coward.  He is a piece of scum.  He is a bully.  He is worthless.  He is not a real man. He is evil.

Any man who lays a hand on a woman (or a child) is a coward.  Simple as that.

Now for those who stick up for him (and I've already heard one this morning saying what a "wonderful man" Ray Rice is).  


Any man who lays a hand on a woman IS NOT A "WONDERFUL MAN."  Got that idiots?

In my family, I am so fortunate because we didn't not have domestic violence.  Not even a loud argument.  Sure, my father at times could be cruel and unfeeling but the was NEVER, and I mean NEVER violent, either verbally or physically with my Mother.  Now that I'm an adult and I hear of other families who had domestic abusers as a parent, I realize how frigging lucky I was.  I just cannot imagine growing up in such a household.

I can't imagine settling any difference or arguments with violence.  


There is no excuse, none whatsoever for laying hands on a woman or the one you love (as in gay relationships).  

Bill and I have had some "differences" in our fifty years of marital bliss but never, not once, did anyone ever come to blows.  And no one had to hold ourselves back, it's just not in our makeup.  If I was ever with someone who felt the need to settle an argument with his fists, well I wouldn't be with that person for long.

That's why I'm having a hard time understanding why Ray Rice's wife Jaynay is now defending him and trashing "the media" for "destroying" her family.

Hey Jaynay, look at the bum next to you.  Mr. Macho Man.  He's the one who destroyed your marriage and life.  No more big NFL paychecks coming your way because your COWARD husband got caught on video tape knocking you unconscious.  

Sure, I can understand Jaynay's desire to live the privileged lifestyle as the wife of a big time NFL football star but Jaynay, your asshole husband blew it when he punched you in the face and oh so casually dragged you out of that Atlantic City elevator like a rag doll.  

I'll say it again . . . . and again.  Any man who lays a hand on a woman, for whatever reason 

IS    A     COWARD 

and should be shunned.  There is no going back.  Once a wife beater, always a wife beater.  They never change.  

And for those who stick up for the Ray Rice's of the world, just because they want to keep the money rolling in, you are all beneath contempt because you keep this evil alive.  

See HERE for the TMZ video.  Warning - it is sickening.


anne marie in philly said...

you know I grew up in an abusive home, right? physical, verbal, emotional.

so when I married (both times), I told the spouse IF EVER he opened up a can of whoop ass I was outta there and off to the police station. I walked out on spouse #1 due to verbal/emotional abuse. #2 has been a good boy these 22 years.

this rice POS is a disgrace to humankind AND the black community; and so is his gold-digging wife for tolerating the abuse.

Ron said...

Anne Marie,
Again you succinctly put this situation into focus. Ray Rice is a disgrace to humankind and those in the NFL who attempted to coverup for him (and they did, they just got caught by this TMZ video release) should hang their heads in shame. But they won't because it's all about the big bucks, including (it seems) Janay, for making excuses for dog shit Ray Rice's punching her out as a "personal matter." Woman, don't you realize by excusing this behavior you just enable other abusers?
I'm sorry to hear Anne Marie that you grew up in an abusive home and your first husband was abusive. I have such respect for you for being the fine person that you are today. You are a strong person.

WARPed said...

Ok guys...Ravens pseudo-fan here...

The real disgrace is the NFL and the half-assed commish Godell.

They apparently had access to this video early on, but didn't "flex" their muscle until they were caught with their asses hanging out.

So Rice has to pay twice...not that I condone what he did at all, but punishment had already been meted out, now with the knowledge that Godell had access to the "in-elevator" video at the time.

But since it make *him* (Godell) look bad, they have to come down on Rice again, harder...to me that is the REAL cowardice.

Again, I don't condone Rice at all, but the NFL had full knowledge when they handed out the original sanctions.

And yes his wife is a whore for those millions...shit Ray, punch *me* out and I will marry you!!! LOL!



Anonymous said...

And she is sticking by him (if I read the headlines right - I refuse to read the stories). What a dumbass woman. Both are stupider than a sack of rocks.

Peace <3

Ron said...

I agree with you about the NFL circling the wagons and protecting their money asset. But now that they got caught with their asses hanging out, they make Rice pay. You're right, Godell and the NFL owners are the real cowards because they condone violence against women just to protect their ability to make more money. And I have little sympathy for his wife now that she is defending him, we all know why she's doing it. But I'm glad the video came out to illustrate how horrific violence against women is. His wife should make that the priority in her life, not protecting her dumb ass thug husband who is quick with his fist to settle a disagreement.

Ron said...

Of course she's sticking with him. Most abused women do. Must be the thrill. Maybe in her case it's the money and lifestyle too. Who knows, maybe thug Rice turns her on. But she should be smart enough to realize that this is a moment to do something about violence against women. That she isn't, just shows her selfishness and stupidly.

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