Tuesday, September 02, 2014

What I Learned From My Trip To Canada

Toronto Police Bicycle Patrol

Two days after returning from my two week trip to Toronto, Canada I am still recovering from exhaustion.  My road trip back to Buffalo and then the long delayed airplane flight from Buffalo to Philadelphia, left me near collapse.  I fear I am too old to endure such long trips.  

The past two days I've gone to bed early and resumed my daily afternoon naps of a couple of hours.  When I returned from my trip, I was having bouts of double vision.  Thankfully, my regular vision is returning.  However, I think I will make an appointment with my eye doctor next week just to check things out.  This week I have a long scheduled appointment with my cardiologist for a stress test (for my heart).  

I am well aware of folks I know who are in a more severe medical situation than I am at this time.  But I still don't feel right.  I don't know whether it is a combination of the typical late summer 90 degree plus humidity laden Lower Slower weather and my exhaustion, but I still have to get back into my regular routine.

One good thing, Bill was so glad to see me return and frankly, I was glad to see him.  For the past fifty years Bill has been part of my routine and I am glad to resume my routine.

But I was also glad to have taken two weeks to visit Toronto, Canada and spend time with my friend Pat.  

Here are a few things I learned from my two weeks in Canada:

  • It was so refreshing to live two whole weeks without the "Hate Obama" climate that I have to endure in the United States. 

  • Canada is expensive.

  • I love Indian food.

  • Canada is rich.  I was trying to figure this out and came to the conclusion that since Canada doesn't have to spend so much of their national income on defending the world and instead spend their money on themselves.

  • I rediscovered Scrabble.  Now to find a suitable opponent here in Lower Slower (good luck).

  • I learned that human beings of different races, backgrounds, nationalities and ethnicity can live together in harmony and not suspicious fear.

  • Canada is a lot looser on government restrictions like building codes and driving rules.  Up in Canada not every house has to have a dormer mandated by the local home owner's association.  Cars pass on the right and make U-turns.

  • Toronto is a happening city, so much going on.  

  • The Toronto police wear shorts (really short) and patrol on bicycles.  Can you imagine that in a place like say . . . . Ferguson, Missouri?  

  • Toronto police don't shoot first and ask questions later.  They actually protect the public.  What a novel idea, eh?

I'm tired folks.  Maybe I'll think of more interesting things I discovered during my two week sojourn in Toronto, Canada.

And again, many thanks to my wonderful host Pat who had the patience of a saint to put up with me for two weeks.  Now Pat gets his vacation.  

Thank you Pat!

Thank you Toronto!

Thank you Canada!


  1. Ron,
    Give yourself a couple more days and you should hopefully be back to your self, good as new.
    Some things I have found out about vacations. You can have fun, you can experience new things and places and the best part of a vacation is leaving (sadly) and coming back home. The daily grind can become monotonous but it is what keeps us centered and sane (well most of us). I enjoyed every post you made of the trip but definitely felt your pain regarding the trip home. Happened to me the last 2 times I flew home and I vowed to never fly again if I could help it.
    Welcome home,

    1. Jack,
      I thoroughly enjoyed my vacation in Canada. Perhaps the only downside was that I stayed a bit too long at my host's house. More than a week of Ron is enough for anybody, even my good and patient friend Pat. But I did enjoy the new sights and experiences and I couldn't have asked for a better host. All good memories except the excruciating painful and too long plane trip back. Traveling these days is torture, especially when so many travelers insists on bringing their babies and children but I can see why, the babies and kids travel for free. I've said it before and I'll continue saying it, I cannot stand a whiny, fidgety, crying kid. Keep them away from me.

  2. Replies
    1. Anne Marie,
      Those bicycle riding cops were hot, believe me!

  3. Welcome home, Ron! The country made less sense without you. Recuperate --that's an order.

    1. Geo.
      I enjoyed my vacation in Canada but I am also very glad to be back on my home turf.

  4. Wow, the Toronto police are cute - - but I hope they're tougher than they look. If cops ever looked like that here in west Texas, they get beaten up by homophobic rednecks. Vacations always require recuperation time. I hope you get plenty of rest and recover quickly.

    Canada seems like a very interesting and colorful place. I love Indian food. I haven't played Scrabble since I was knee-high. And - - last but not least - - - I'd willingly move to Canada to get away from Obama.

    HOLY CRAP!!! Your readers are throwing tomatoes at me!! Well, it's better than stones..........OUCH!!!

    1. Jon,
      My first sighting of two of Toronto's finest crossing our path in those shorts and bicycles was probably the cause of my eye strain that is causing me double vision now. I can't even imagine police down here in redneck Sussex County in those shorts and riding bicycles. Toronto seems to be free of many of the inhibitions that we have down here in the states.
      You would love Canada Jon and the Indian food . . . . . everywhere you turn there is another interesting Indian restaurant and they're GOOD! And inexpensive. Oh how I wish I had access to some down here in Tourist Trap Overpriced Fish Only And Maybe Some Crabs Too Land.

  5. You have also learned the correct application of the ubiquitous 'eh?' :-)

    1. the dogs' mother,
      I think I have, eh?

  6. Ron,

    We do have Bicycle Police Patrols in Wilmington and they too wear shorts.


  7. I would love to play Scrabble with you! Wanna play?


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