Monday, September 15, 2014

Ready For Winter?

Ron on the Russian Front at home in Delaware last winter

Are you ready for the cold winds of winter to blow down from the north?  I am.  

Spring and summer are great but I've had enough. Enough with the heat and humidity.  Enough with the summertime traffic making Route One a parking lot.  Enough with the crowds.  Enough.

Sometimes I wonder if we didn't make a mistake moving to a resort community. Basically in the summer we have to avoid the main thoroughfare (Route One) to do any of our chores including my ever increasing doctor's appointments.  Basically, we residents are trapped in our own homes until the summertime visitors go away.  

Now the first signs of fall are peeking around the corner.  Some of the leaves have started to fall off our triumvirate of river birch trees in the oval planter outside my bedroom windows.

This morning the temperature was 56 degrees.  Ah yes, fall is coming.

And what is on the agenda this week?  I'm gearing up for my 55th high school class reunion this Saturday at the Downingtown Country Club in (of all places) Downingtown, Pennsylvania.  This reunion is being held in the daytime (12 noon to 3 pm), because we old folk don't/can't drive at night. It seems like only yesterday we were 17 years old, going to live forever, and eager to explode onto the world with our youthful enthusiasm.  Now we're old and decrepit and counting the days until the next doctor's visit. 

The rest of my week will be taking it easy around the house here, catching up on my backlog of e-mails and trying to catch up on my favorite bloggers.  

It's all good folks.  I got out of bed this morning and put both feet on the floor.  Ron gets another day on this earth to tantalize, intrigue, impress and (occasionally) piss off someone with my strong opinions.  As a matter of fact I did piss off Someone yesterday with my strong opinion of a certain phony billionaire who is out to cure world hunger (in India mainly, like India with it's ever prospering economy can't take care of their own and this self-important, smudged glasses, still wearing his hair in bangs billionaire doesn't see the need to help out the hungry in this country but then that's not as sexy as CURING WORLD HUNGER.) 

Bill Gates, the biggest phony on the planet

Currently I am thoroughly enjoying the NFL billionaires flapping about trying to contain the damage done to their image by some of their thug players who beat their wives and children.  Maybe they could start with Roger Goodell, their grossly overpaid NFL commissioner who could donate part of his 42 MILLION DOLLAR SALARY (yes, you read that right) to help women and children who are abused.  Now that's putting your money where your mouth is.  But no, the NFL owners would rather put money into paying media consultants for damage control. But that's another subject for another blog at another time . . . perhaps. 

Enjoy the day folks, while it lasts anyway.

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