Sunday, September 07, 2014

David Gregory - Out - What Took So Long?

David Gregory - journalist putz and former host of "Meet the Press."

One of my pet peeves is when I see a phony continuing in a lucrative and respectable career just because he (or she) is part of the Good Ole Boy Club.  David Gregory was one of those phonies who finally got his comeuppance and was shown the door from his hosting gig at "Meet the Press."

When the previous host of MTP, Tim Russert, died unexpectedly six years ago I thought David Gregory was a good replacement for the renown and well respected Tim Russert.  Oh how wrong I was.

My first clue as to Gregory's lightweight and not serious "qualifications" was when I saw him as a backup dancer to the odious Karl Rove.  I could never take Gregory as a serious journalist after this little display of hubris.  What that embarrassing display of Good Ole Boy Humor showed me was that they're all in it together.  I just couldn't imagine a serious journalist like Tim Russert debasing himself like Gregory did seven years ago at this White House Correspondents dinner.

I've watched MTP for more years than I care to remember.  I used to watch MTP when Lawrence Spivak was the host.  Imagine Lawrence Spivak doing a back up dancer to anyone let alone such an evil presence as Karl Rove.  

Lawrence Spivak - a real journalist and host of "Meet the Press"

I tried to watch MTP with Gregory as the host.  I really did.  But every time I heard him ask one of his asinine questions, it sounded to me like he was just going through the routine.  He really didn't care about the answers he got unless it generated publicity for David Gregory.  

All my life I've felt like the little boy who witnesses the king parading before his suck up subjects naked.  The king's s subjects praise him to high Heaven, even when the king so bored with his many outfits he parades around naked.  "Oh look at the king!  Isn't he glorious in his new outfit?" Then there is me, the Little Boy who speaks the Truth.  Uh . . . . "The king has no clothes.  Why is everyone praising the king with no clothes?" 

"Hey! Wait a minute!  The king has no clothes!"

So the Andrea Mitchells and Joe Scarboroughs can praise David Gregory to the high heavens as a "wonderful journalist and amazing humanitarian" but I'll call him for what he really was.  A phony and a charlatan who had a free ride for way too many years just like so many so called "journalists" who are part of the same group.  You know, that Washington In Crowd.  The politicians and journalists who are all in it together.  Even the much praised Andrea Mitchell.  She's married to that 100 year old lizard, former chairman of the Federal Reserve system, Alan Greenspan.  

I was wondering how long the brass at NBC would tolerate last place ratings for the phony David Gregory.  I have to admit I was very surprised when they wised up and ditched his ass.  Don't feel too sorry for the aforementioned Mr. Gregory though, he's leaving by the back door with $4,000,000.  They always take care of their own don't they?

So goodbye David Gregory.  I hope I never see your phony smile again.  Maybe you can have a new career as an impersonator.  God knows you have enough experience impersonating a journalist for the past twenty years.   

It is SOOO  obvious - the next "Dancing With the Stars" contestant - David Gregory!


  1. Ron, you are right on target. David Gregory is such a lightweight that he floats......

    1. Jon,
      I had great hope for Gregory when he was named as Tim Russert's replacement. But after the first year I saw that Gregory was only going through the motions. He had his gig and was going to bask in the glory. Only problem, he has no substance. I would cringe every time he failed to ask a follow-up question or the obvious question. Of course his thinking is "If I offend this pelican he won't come on my show again." Thus we have the specter of the Angry Old Man John McCain setting new records for being the most frequent MTP guest.
      Don't anyone feel sorry for David Gregory though or how he was "mistreated" towards the end. He got his comeuppance and . . . . four mil!


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