Friday, December 20, 2013

Duck Dynasty Flap

Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson - Before and after - this is what hate does to your looks - 

Ah folks, where do I start on this one?  Tis the Christmas season and I really didn't want to "go ugly" during the "and a partridge in a pear tree time" but it seems I don't have a choice. 

After the Ayatollah Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson made his ignorant and Christian hate-filled remarks about gays and blacks, my rage is building inside of me and I cannot quell it until after the holidays.  I.HAVE.TO.RESPOND.

Now the question is, how do I respond without sinking to the level of this Christian hater who likes to kill animals for sport?  

And he gets uglier - this is why I tend not to believe in "man-made" Christian religion - this hate-filled man is what is waiting in Heaven for me?  I don't think so…….
Perhaps Josh Barro of the Business Insider said it best:

"Specifically, there's one America where comparing homosexuality to bestiality is considered acceptable, and another where it is rude and offensive."

I personally can attest this THIS America exists.  Just this past week I was talking to a longtime friend (since first grade 1948) who responded to my Christmas card that had a picture of me and Bill's wedding photo. 

Married (finally) on our 49th anniversary 

He casually said "What's next? Marrying your pet?" I couldn't believe what he so said casually said to me. I said to him "Bill?  (yes, he has the same name as my husband), do you realize that you just insulted me?"  He didn't.  He continued on with his conversation just as if he didn't just say he compared my love and my sexual orientation with bestiality.  I pressed him on this point and he responded by saying "Well Ron, you know a LOT of people believe this."  I told him, "Bill, that's not an argument, that doesn't make sense. Just because a LOT of people believe that doesn't make it right." Well folks, I realized it was pointless to argue with him because my friend Bill is like so many on the Right, they will never, ever change their minds or admit they are wrong, no matter what the facts or logic.  They can't, they are unable to do so.  That kind of thinking will only go away when those who think like that die off.

And that brings me back to the Ayatollah Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty.  "Duck Dynasty" is a very popular, so-called reality show about a group of good ole boys who live in rural Louisiana who live to kill animals and denigrate gays and blacks.  

I won't repeat Mr. Robertson's rude and hateful remarks (such a good Christian he is) about gays, you all can look them up on the Internet.  But what gets me some of those on the Far Right are all up in arms that Mr. Robertson's "rights" are infringed upon because of his hateful spew.  Not so.  I agree that Mr. Robertson has the right to say whatever he wants to say, no matter how ignorant or hateful and unChristian.  But I and others also have the right to speak out mind and disagree with Robertson. Also, his employer has the right to suspend or even fire him for his hateful bile.  Of all people one would think that Conservatives should realize that business people have a right to protect their business practice against an employer who could potentially hurt their business.  

So you know what the best remedy to all this ugliness is?  I just heard it tonight on the news:  


Federal judge strikes down Utah’s ban on same-sex marriage

 As Joe Biden so famously said "This is a big f*&cking deal". 

Folks!  This is Utah!  UTAH!  

So you know folks, my (former?) friend can compare my marriage to bestiality.  The Ayatollah of Duck Dynasty Phil Robertson can proclaim I'm going straight to Hell because I chose to love a man but these so called Christian folks are SOOO wrong.  History is not on their side.  Right is not on their side.  

So they can all stew in their hate for everything that is different from them but in my life I would rather see the smiling faces of those who have found true love than the hateful faces of those like Phil Robertson and his ilk.  

Now think about it folks, if there is a Heaven, who do you think you're going to meet up there?  The Sarah Palins of the world or all those happy same sex couples who are getting married right now in Utah as I type this?  I think you know the answer.


Jon said...

I was initially going to write about the Phil Robertson incident on my blog but decided not to taint the holiday season with it. I'm shocked that your friend would compare your marriage to Bill with marrying a pet. These homophobes never give up, do they?

What REALLY pisses me off more than anything, however, is how easily trashy nobodys can instantly become national celebrities on TV.
I can't tolerate any of those so-called "reality" shows (and there are a HELLUVA lot of them). "Duck Dynasty" is only one of many. I'll never understand how these unintelligent scumbags manage to get their own TV shows and earn millions. It's a complete outrage.

Ur-spo said...

I fear/suspect Utah will reverse the decision like in CA or in Australia. Gay rights in utah is just too good to be true.

anne marie in philly said...

new mexico and utah this week, next week perhaps another 2 states, and so on and so on...until all 50 states are on board with equality!

Ron said...


On this subject we agree. I too am mystified at how people like the Robertson family gets their own TV show and earns millions for just being their own, trashy selves. The only thing I can figure out is that most of the people (if not all) are the same type of folks who feel beleaguered with the new, open, diverse society in this country and feel a certain comfort level when viewing shows about people just themselves. And all this talk about free speech. Hey, I'm all for free speech and this Robertson character has the right to believe whatever he wants to, however odious and hurtful to others, but being on a TV show like he is gives his views a certain legitimacy and thus contributes to the feelings of self worthlessness of some vulnerable teenagers who then commit suicide. There will always be trash among us but that trash belongs in the dump, not on national TV where they have a certain amount of influence.

As for my "friend" who so casually compared my marriage to "what's next? Marrying your pet?" I'm still having a hard time coping with that attitude of someone who I thought was a reasonable person and my friend. Funny thing he still considers me a good friend of his but it is obvious he considers me "less than" and that I will not permit. I am reevaluating our friendship now.

Always good to hear from you Jon. I respect your opinions although we may not always agree.


Amanda said...

There is a huge market for "so called" reality shows because the participants (I do not dare call them actors) are at the same intellectual level as the viewers.
You can marry your same sex partner in only 16 states. Little by little, it will change but unfortunately, racism, bigotry… are here to stay.

pat888 said...


It's just a matter of time that legal battles will be won in favour of equality for gays. I wonder, tho, about change in the deepest recesses of collective consciousness.


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