Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Good, Bad and Ugly

The snow was swirling around outside just a few minutes ago.  Earlier, when I went out to the mail box to leave a Christmas card that didn't make my mass mailing yesterday, sleet and rain was falling around my ears.  Not a nice day!  

I'm sitting at my computer desk now, trying to catch up on my backlog of 600 or so e-mails in my AOL account.  I can never seem to stay caught up on that AOL account.  I've had it since the beginning of time I got my first computer. I probably should dump it but I'm a creature of habit.  Just this morning I was looking at my almost $200 monthly Verizon bill and doing my Wylie Coyote eye popping maneuver looking at my $59.99 a month for my land line.  I still haven't bitten the bullet on canceling that phone that I obviously don't need.  It's of more use to the multiple charities and tele marketers who use it way more than I ever will use it.  But, as I said earlier I am a creature of habit.  But……$59.99 a month for what?  Maybe this year is the year I take the BIG STEP.

Not a good morning folks.  I just received an e-mail from my sister-in-law informing me that I had hurt her feelings with an old photo that I posted on FB.  It wasn't my intention to hurt her feelings but I did by inadvertently mocking the way she dressed her daughters back then.  That was her business and I had no business making light of the way she dressed them, however unintentional.  I love and respect my sister-in-law a great deal and she has done a lot for our family and I really stepped in it this morning.  I feel awful.  I did apologize but as they say "The damage is done."  
Sometimes I just can't avoid those "damage is done" moments.  That's like the time a few years ago I made a judgement why the male masseur at the hotel didn't want to give me a massage.  I was properly berated by hotel management for posting my judgement on my blog.  Again, even after I apologized I got the "well, the damage was done."  Sorry folks!  Just living here.

You know, you go through life trying to avoid stepping on toes and getting people out of whack but sometimes it seems if you just get out of bed in the morning you're going to offend somebody.  

My morning started off with reading a blog stating that I was a gossip.  GUILTY!  Yes, I am and I do UNDERSTAND gossip.  It's called information.  Now if one wants to make a distinction between malicious gossip (untruthful or hurtful) and just general information - that's called living folks.  No apologies necessary.  I don't live my life in a cave. If you do, that's fine with yourself but don't put that on me.  I'm a different animal.  

So there I have my morning folks.  I'm a gossip who also posts hurtful pictures on Facebook.  There is one FORMER friend who reads this blog regularly (or so I hear but I believe it) who has gotten his big girl panties in a twist because of certain information and photos that I've posted on MY BLOG.  I have no doubt he's smugly nodding his head now and thinking "Uh huh, uh huh."  

And that folks is the way it goes this morning.  Bad Boy Ron misbehaving again.  I'll be back tomorrow, and no doubt offend someone else again by being myself and posting about my life.  You know what folks?  That's me.  The Good, Bad and Ugly.


Roger said...

I cut my parents landliine off in June (70.00 bucks), made sure all my moms contacts were in the cell as well as in her "book" it took two months of fussing but now they appreciate the savings.

anne marie in philly said...

meh. yeah, I would try to make nice with the SIL. but the rest can keep their panties in a wad. keep on being your sweet self!

Jon said...

I like the snowy header photo on your blog. Even though I'm freezing my ass off here in Texas.

Unfortunately, we live in an age when people are HYPER-SENSITIVE, and it isn't pretty. We have to continuously walk on proverbial eggshells in order not to offend - - and I'm thoroughly disgusted with it. It not only happens in our blogs or on Facebook, it occurs in every aspect of our lives. I believe that we have the right to say whatever we want - - and to hell with all the inane sensitivity!

Ron said...

Boy to you ever have THAT right! The "offending" picture was taken in 1979 during Christmas. At that time my sister-in-law dressed her two daughters in floor length dresses with elaborate aprons and ruffles. Hey, everyone to their own tastes. So I post the picture of my niece combing my Mother's hair. Both of my other sisters-in-law are in the photo. I jokingly say "Vickey, what is THAT you're wearing?" considering these days as a mother of seven she doesn't wear floor length dresses. So then I get an e-mail from my sister-in-law, who isn't on Facebook but assures me she knows everything that goes on FB (constantly monitored I am I guess) and that she tried to be a good sister-in-law to the family, et al. God, one would think I offended the family name by an innocent joke. Relax folks! You're right Jon, way too many sensitive people in the world these days. I can just imagine if I went off in a hissy fit every time I was mocked or made fun off. Happens to me almost every day by Bill or one of my co-workers or someone else, even strangers on my blog (I don't post those comments). I guess I'm just a bad person. Imagine living a life without a sense of humor. Hey, if you can't laugh at yourself you're in trouble I say.


Ron said...

It's hard to break a lifelong habit. I think the telephone companies know that a certain percentage of us are brainwashed into believing that we need that "house phone." After I did my post I received another call from "Credit Card Services." I'm paying $59.99 a month for that crap? I'm ready to pull the plug and saving $720.00 a year.


Ron said...

Anne Marie,

I sincerely apologized to my sister-in-law because I did not intend to hurt her feelings but it is frustrating to walk on eggshells.


Jon said...

Ron, it truly does seem like you're being monitered. It's obvious that some people are very eager to pounce on you, no matter what you say. Relatives can often be the very worst (I speak from experience). Ironically, the most critical people never have their own blogs or Facebook pages. Hmmmmmm........
Anyway, keep being yourself, and to hell with the critics.

Ron said...

Oh absolutely I'm being monitored. I've suspected that for quite some time. And you're right, the most critical (and judgmental) are the ones who never have their own Facebook or blogs. I ran into that chainsaw a few years ago when the husband of my co-worker attacked me for posting a tango video that I posted. He was upset because I posted a video of two men dancing. They happened to be brothers and there was no gay intention but he took it that I was promoting "the gay lifestyle" and blasted me. Interesting because I thought my co-workers was attacking me and I was surprised she felt that way. What a sneaky thing for him to do, use his wife's Facebook account to politically correct monitor her Facebook friends. The whole thing caused a big ruckus at work resulting in my having to unfriend all my Facebook friends from work which was just as well in retrospect. Sometimes I feel like I'm living in a police state of "1984" with the monitoring, lest I sway from the straight (pun intended) and narrow. Some of my relatives, who are very religious and of whom I am very tolerant of their extreme religious views, don't always feel as tolerant towards me and my so called "lifestyle."

You're right, I'm going to just continue being me and let the cards fall where they may.


Ur-spo said...

goodness gracious you are having a week, as I read / get caught up here.

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