Saturday, December 14, 2013


Tonight I saw the movie "Goodfellas" from my Netflix rental.  I'm probably one of the few people who hasn't seen this movie.  I certainly have heard a lot about it.

I like it.  I'm not one for violence and this movie opens up with a particularly violent scene.  Usually when one of my Netflix rentals opens up with a violent scene or an overtly graphic sexual scene I eject the DVD immediately and put it back in its Netflix envelope.  However, I made an exception for this movie and I'm glad I did.

Of course all the actors were great.  Ray Liotta (who I don't particularly like as an actor) was good; the great Joe Pesci and of course Robert Di Niro.  Lorraine Bracco as "Karen" was especially good and sexy and that's saying something coming from me, a gay man.  Samuel L. Jackson was even in it although he didn't speak a word, which is a shame because he is so good as a menacing character (I'm thinking "Pulp Fiction").

Yes folks, on this rainy night in southern Delaware, (thank goodness we're missing the snow storm that is going up the East Coast), this was the perfect movie to settle down in my cozy, comfortable bedroom, in front of my 60 inch Samsung flat screen TV with surround sound (great 70's soundtrack by the way on this film) and watch a GOOD MOVIE.  Oh how I like to watch a good movie in the comfort of my home on a Saturday night.  When I had to take a bathroom break I could put the movie on hold.  Can't do that in any of these multiplex theaters.

I needed something to come out of my funk of the past few days from being let down by a couple of folks who disappointed me.  I can't dwell on them and how they hurt me.  Have to move on folks.


  1. For some strange reason they've played "Goodfellas" on Encore about fifty times in the past month (or so it seemed). I've watch it in bits & pieces several times. Very violent, but what the hell.....Joe Pesci was good, but a far cry from the bumbling burglar in "Home Alone". Robert Di Niro is a one-faceted actor. He is exactly the same in every role he ever played. He's good but extremely routine.
    Okay, if you want the raw, juicy truth, I watched "Goodfellas" because I think Ray Liotta is cute and sexy. So shoot me......

  2. I've seen 'Goodfellas' only the once, and that was when it first came out. But it did leave a disturbing, yet oddly satisfying, impression on me, which lasts even up to now. I suppose Scorsese would rate that reaction as a 'success' for him - which it is.

    Sorry to read that you've recently had yet another 'downer' (or two). Yes, 'Time to move on' is the watchword, even if it idealises something as being easy to achieve when so often it's not.


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