Friday, August 16, 2013

Waiting for Godot

I'm sitting here, patiently waiting for a blogger friend who is traveling down from Toronto Canada to visit me for the next six days.  

Earlier this week he told me he would be leaving early this morning (we're in the same time zone) and his trip would take approximately nine hours.  That would mean he should be arriving soon.  

I tried calling his cell phone several times today but couldn't get hold of him.  I left a message.  I suspect he has his cell phone turned off.  

He will be staying at the hotel (Hotel Blue) across Lewes-Rehoboth Canal in Lewes from the hotel where I work.  We didn't have room in our hotel for the next week for him so I suggested he make reservations at our competition.  He'll like that hotel though because it is a more modern eclectic hotel.  The hotel where I work is "Nantucket" themed.  Talking to my blogger friend on FaceTime I could see in the background that his habitat in Toronto are spartan and minimalist.  Clean lines, lots of light.  Just like my other blogger friend Bob of "I Should Be Laughing" often features in his weekly architecture blogs.  I happen to like that kind of house too but since I'm a packrat accumulator, that's not the type of habit I inhabit.

Since I'm going to be the Entertainer in Chief for the next six days I ventured out this morning to see what we could do.  We're in luck because the tall ship the Kalmar Nyckel is in Lewes for the next week or so.  I LOVE tall ships but I've never been on one.  Bill won't go with me.  Maybe I can talk my blogger friend into taking a two hour "Pirate Cruise" with me next Tuesday.  That is if I ever hear from him.

Kalmar Nyckel in dock this morning in Lewes, Delaware - a beautiful, clear day for sailing!
UPDATE!  I just called the hotel, he's not checking in until tomorrow.  My bad.  


  1. What a fantastic ship! I'd love to go on a pirate cruise!
    If your blogger friend doesn't show up, you can always dress like a pirate, kidnap Bill, and take him on the ship against his will.

    1. Jon,

      My friend showed up tonight! I've always wanted to go on the Kalmar Nyckel, now I have someone to go on it with me We set sail on Tuesday at 9:00 a.m. and return at 11:30 a.m.


  2. Hi Ron - A funny thing happened on my way to Hotel Blue. There was no room at the Inn. But i was semi delirious having made a 9 hour drive into an epic 12 hour version - so it really did seem amusing. Some miscommunication happened and now my first nite in this beautiful section of Lewes by the canal is in the Beacon Motel. Tomorrow I transfer to the very nice Hotel Blue. Thanks Ron - great choice!!
    My apologies for not having my cell on and causing any inconvenience and /or concern. Thanks for showing me around the town tonite and having a bite at the vegetarian restaurant. But mostly thanks for your truly delightful welcoming company which made me feel right at home. Wow - here I am, retired - and in Delaware!

    1. Pat,

      You are very welcome. I am sorry for the hotel mixup, what an awful thing to happen after a long trip. As a long time hotel front desk agent, I can tell you that's about the worst thing that can happen for a guest, to arrive at his destination after a long trip and he doesn't have a room and the hotel is full! I'm glad Hotel Blue could find you another room last night.

      It was a delight to meet you last night and I enjoyed our time together touring downtown Lewes. I will leave shortly now to meet you for breakfast.



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