Saturday, August 10, 2013

Emergency Room Visit!

Leaving the Emergency Room tonight

You're not going to believe this but I just got back from the emergency room at Beebe Hospital.

What are the odds after just posting my emergency room visit back in 1959?  

Here's what happened folks.  When I got up from my two hour nap this afternoon at around 5:30 my left side was hurting.  I was nauseous. Very nauseous.  Uh oh, I've been here before.  About four years ago I had the same experience when I passed a kidney stone although I didn't know it at the time that what was happening.

I got up and tried to convince myself I was extra tired because of my prostate seeds or that I just had gas.  These seed implants have wrecked havoc with my bowel movements.  Either I'm constipated or "loose."  Didn't work. I was getting sicker and sicker.  Then when I started to projectile vomit (barley made it to the toilet and did get some on the wall and floor or which I DID NOT TAKE pictures), I suspected the worst, I was passing a kidney stone.  I knew there was one left because the last time I passed a kidney stone which was I believe about four years ago I was told there was one "waiting."  

I decided to call 911 for an ambulance to take me to the Beebe Emergency ward.  Bill was very upset.  Very upset.  

While I waited for the ambulance, I sat in the kitchen chair, getting sicker and sicker.  That's the problem with passing kidney stones, until you pass it there is no alleviation.  On a pain scale of 1 to 10, 9 is "good."  I was a 9.  The last time I passed a kidney stone the pain was a 10.  Yes, I wanted to die.  This one was bad but not as bad as the last time.

By the way, my pain medication is starting to wear off.  I hope I don't regret going to Walgreen's tonight to pick up the pain medication the emergency room doctor prescribed.

My neighbor Bob who sat with me in the emergency room and just called Bill to tell him I would be alright
This time I rode in the Brink's Truck style ambulance.  No, I didn't take photos.  Even though it took only about five minutes to get to the Beebe Hospital Emergency Room, the ride seemed SOOOOO LONG.  I felt every bump in the road.  However, the EMR guy could not have been better.  Very comforting while he monitored my blood pressure which had shot up to 180.  My normal blood pressure is 120.  

Type of ambulance I rode in this evening - very different from my 1959 ambulance 

I arrive at the emergency room. They transfer me from the contraption I was on in the ambulance to a gurney and proceed to take me on a tour route to where they will examine me to find out what I was sick.  Then I felt a need to projectile vomit again.  Yes folks, I did it again.  However, this time I got it all in the Barf Bag, last time I was in this situation I got part of my vomit on the nurse and the rest on the floor.  I'm learning.

The emergency room doctor comes in and asks me a series of questions.  "Where is the pain?" My left side which they called "quadrant" (whatever).  The last time I had the pain on my ride side (quadrant).  I asked "What side is my kidney on?"  That's when they told me "You have kidneys on both sides."  Really?   Shows you how much I know.  Maybe I'm thinking of my appendix, which I still have....and I'm still not sure which side that is on.

Not my favorite place, on a gurney in the emergency room earlier this evening - what's that in my lap?  My charger for my iPhone.  I didn't know how long I would be in the hospital (my iPhone is in my pocket - never go any where without your iPhone.)

He asks me a few more questions then says they're going to do a CAT-SCAN.  I ask "Will that wipe out my iPhone?"  You KNOW I bought my iPhone with me even though I wasn't in the picture taking mood.  They said "No."  Thank God.  

The admissions clerk comes in and completes the admissions form.  I ask "Do I get pain killer?"  The PA, Gavin, said "Yes, someone will be in shortly"  and she was.  Thank God. 

The pain killer (thank God)

A short while later they wheeled me into the room with the CAT-SCAN.  Been here, done that before.  Practice makes perfect.  "Breath in...hold it."  

CAT-SCAN over and they wheel me out.  By now my neighbor Bob M. comes in.  Thank God. Where was Bill?  I found out later that Bob asked him to stay home.  Bill gets way too upset when these things happen.  This worked out real good with my neighbor Bob sitting with me.  He was so comforting.  I am SO LUCKY TO HAVE A GOOD NEIGHBOR LIKE BOB!!!!!!!!

Bob and I talk while waiting for the doctor to come back with the results of my CAT-SCAN.  My pain killer is kicking in and I feel almost like a functioning human being again.  Bob even got me to laughing.  One of the emergency room personnel looked around the curtain at me and said "Feeling pretty comfortable now?"  I said "YES!"

The doctor comes in with the results of my CAT-SCAN.  He tells me that I did have blood in my urine (I forgot to tell you, I also had to give a urine sample).  Blood in urine is a symptom of passing a kidney stone.  Then he told me I WAS PASSING A KIDNEY STONE!  Wow.  Again.  By the way, he said I was pretty well "seeded up."  He was referring to all the radio-active seeds I had implanted for my prostate brachytherapy last May 2nd.

He said "It traveled quite a distance. You could pass it in the next two hours or the next several days.  It's hard to tell."  Then he gave me The Kit which was a strainer to capture the kidney stone so I can give it to my urologist.  He also gave me a prescription for pain killer.  He also gave me a printed list of other instructions which is standard boilerplate for emergency room visits like this.  Then he told me I could go home.  YIPEE!

My "going home" kit.  

I gathered my clothing, put them back on (and out of that backless hospital gown) and headed out looking for Bob who went to get a cup of coffee.

I went to the emergency room waiting room, he wasn't there.  It was dark outside.  What happened to the time?  I arrived at the emergency room at around 6 pm and now it was dark?  I checked the time on my iPhone....8:30 pm!  Wow, time flies when you're having fun.

I called Bob on his cell phone.  He was right around the corner.  We went out to the parking lot where his truck was parked.  I turned around and took a picture of the Emergency Room entrance.  Now I'm in a picture taking mood.

We take the short ride home.  Bill is waiting for me.  Bob says "I want you to give Bill a big hug!"  I did.  Bill sure does get messed up when I'm sick.

I thanked Bob. I give Bob a hug too.  I'm in a hugging mood tonight.  What a wonderful neighbor to do this for me. I cannot tell you how good that makes me feel.  I told Bob "Anytime you need anything, any help, anytime day or night DO NOT hesitate to call."  Bob said "Don't worry about it" and gave me a wave goodbye.

I went back in the house with Bill.  Bill said he wanted to go to the hospital and see me but Bob told him not to go, that he would take care of it.  As it turned out this was excellent advice because Bill is a mess when I'm sick.  Yes, I know I've already said this but it is fact.

I tell Bill what happened then I had to pee real bad.  I take my strainer in the bathroom and pee into it.  Guess what?  I captured the kidney stone!
The doctor was right. He said it would look like a "grain of sand."  See that "grain of sand" in the photo below?  That my kidney stone.  The doctor told me "it's amazing how something so small can cause so much pain and discomfort."  Tell be about it.

"Captured kidney stone."  So little, so much pain.

I'm just so glad I passed it without any complications.  A kidney stone could become lodged in my urethra canal.  Thank God that didn't happen.  I could still have that kidney stone in me and suffering the paid, which folks is almost indescribable.  It is painful as any of you know who have had kidneys stones.  

I am just so happy that I passed it without any further complications.  I decided not to go to Walgreen's tonight to get my pain medication.  I might regret that later but I really like to keep my pain killers at a minimum.  

I think this is my last kidney stone.  I HOPE it is my last kidney stone.  

I am exhausted.  Going to bed now.  


anne marie in philly said...

the 5 of us at cubby's place gasped and held our breath as we learned of your plight. THANK DOG you are on the road to recovery! and YAYZ for neighbor bob!

David Jeffreys said...

Ron, when you go to your urologist with the stone, ask him to do a KUB x-ray to see if you have any more stones. They usually show up in the kidney or base of the kidney. If the CAT scan included both right and left kidneys, ask for the report because it would also tell if you have any more stones. Your urologist will probably want to get the stone analyzed. Depending on the composition, he can tell you what foods to avoid. In my case, it was tea (iced black tea). I drink green tea with no problems.

I'm glad that you passed the stone so quickly in record time to get pain free! Also glad it was quick for Bill's sake. You indeed do have a wonderful neighbor!

Ron said...

Anne Marie,

Passing a kidney stone is about the most painful experience I've ever had. I'm exhausted now but at least I feel like a human being again. Before, I had the feeling that I was going down and not coming back. An awful feeling. Just terrible.


Ron said...

By the way, check my blog again, I posted a picture of the kidney stone.


Ron said...

Good advice David! The last time I passed a kidney stone they told me there was another one "waiting." I'm just glad I didn't pass it at an inconvenient place like during our vacation south last April. The last time I began to pass one I was at a garage getting the headlight fixed on my car. I threw up behind the garage and barely made it home before I threw up again. I thought I was dying for sure, I had no idea what was happening to me. This time I knew. Still wasn't any easier though.

I call my urologist Monday. By the way, check my blog posting again, I posted a picture of the culprit.


Jack said...


That our lives parallel sometimes to me seems uncanny. I had hernia surgery about 10 years ago which I apparently was born with. The surgery was done laproscoptically (sp), thank God but when the surgeon went in he found that I was blessed with 2, not 1 hernia. It was still painful but I suffered no ill effects after. The problem that the hernia caused (pressing on my femerol nerves in my right leg) never did work, the nerve was pressed for too long and permanently damaged. Oh Well. Now kidney stones, oh can I feel your pain. Just like you I went through the nausea, no projectile vomiting, nothing to vomit but dry heaves. My stone was stuck in the urethra and didn't pass for 3 weeks. When it did pass I passed half on one day, half on the next day. I took so many pain medication that I thought I was going to have to go to rehab just to clean up. After the second half passed, no pain at all and no recurrence. I took the stone to the urologist but never heard back as to what caused it. By the way, my stones were smaller than yours, amazing the pain they can cause. Also, this all happened on the Friday of Memorial Day weekend, couldn't see the doctor until Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness!! I'm glad your ok! My partner, Daniel, had a kidney stone a couple of years ago and it was awful!!! He done the same as you, threw up from the pain. He could barely get to his feet.
Hope all is well tomorrow for you. Maybe we can finally get back on track with the cute guy thing!!! Hugs to you and Bill,
Your friend, James

wcs said...

Glad to hear it's not more serious, although the pain makes it sound very serious. At least it's over!

Geo. said...

Glad you're ok, Ron. What an awful experience!

Jon said...

It's so ironic that this happened right after your blog post about the 1959 hospital experience. What a frightening situation - - but I'm relieved that it was nothing more serious.
And I'm sure you're relieved at passing the stone!

I was hospitalized for kidney stones when I was in my early 40's (I think) and it was one of the most painfully horrible experiences of my life (and believe me, I've had plenty). The stone ripped one of my kidneys.

Anyway, rest up & take it easy.

pat888 said...

Good grief, Ron, your body sure has had to put up with a lot. They must of made them extra strong that year. But of course, depends a lot on the driver. Hope it's smooth sailing for you now. And, terrific, wonderful photo at the top of your blog!


Ron said...

I hope so too Pat! I've had more than my fair share of health drama this year. And to think after I had my hernia operation and subsequent staph infection, I didn't have any major health problems except the one time I dislocated my knee in the Army, until I retired early at age of 60.

The photo at the top of my blog is of me and my Aunt Jeanette and my cousin Randy Reynolds. We were visiting her at Simpson Meadows where she resided for about seven years. She had dementia. She died last year. Randy died unexpectedly a few months later in his sleep. He wasn't even sick. His wife told me after his death that he always said he wanted to die in his sleep and not linger on like his mother for years in a nursing home. But she said "It was still too soon." Randy was only 64 years old and in good health. He just died in his sleep. You never know Pat, you just don't know when you're time is up.


Ron said...

Tell me about it Jon! I felt all the symptoms of a kidney stone passing but I didn't want to believe it. I had myself convinced it was gas from my brachytherapy surgery. However, when I started to throw up I knew there was a problem. I am SO RELIEVED that I was able to pass the stone, which was big by the way, without any obstruction. This is my third time with a kidney stone passing. It doesn't get any easier Jon. Hearing of your kidney stone passing I am doubly appreciative that I didn't have more serious complications. I am so lucky.

By the way, this morning on our way to Walgreens to get fulfill my pain medication we were behind a car with Texas license plates. WTF? Seriously though, this is the first time I've seen a Texas license plate in the state of Delaware. They must be seriously lost because we have way too much greenery here.

Thanks for the good wishes Jon. Right after I reply to my comments here, I'm going to have lunch then a good nap this afternoon.


Ron said...


I'm okay now albeit exhausted and still woozy. I am so thankful there weren't any complications to me passing this kidney stone. It was bad enough passing it, you feel like dying. I hope I never have to go through it again in my lifetime.


Ron said...


You understand! It is awful passing a kidney stone. This is my third time around. The first time was in 200. I thought my appendix had burst. I was in the hospital for two days. They never did find out why I went down but when I passed my second kidney stone in 2007 I realized what had happened the first time. The second time I passed my kidney stone I begged them to give me pain killer (which they did) or just kill me. Seriously, that's what I said because the pain was so great. This time was pretty bad too but either I'm getting used to it or it wasn't as serious because the kidney stone I passed was more rounded and didn't do as much damage. The second time it was jagged like a meteor.

I almost had myself convinced yesterday that I wasn't passing a kidney stone until I started to throw up. I did it in my bathroom and then when I was in the emergency room. At least this time I had a barf bag. The last time I threw up on the nurse. I was so apologetic. She said "Oh don't worry about it, this happens all the time. I work in an emergency room." I was real careful not to throw up on anybody this time. By the way, the two ER guys who took me to the hospital in the ambulance were pretty hunky. That helped.


Ron said...


I was very lucky I was able to pass my kidney stone (.4 millimeters) without complications other than the horrendous pain. So lucky. I hope this is the last kidney stone I pass.


Ron said...


We do lead parallel medical histories don't we? I almost had myself convinced that I wasn't passing a kidney stone yesterday until I started to throw up And yes, I also had the dry heaves which is awful, so undignified. It must have been awful for you having your stone stuck in your urethra. That was my biggest fear because the last time I passed a kidney stone in 2007 they told me I had another one "waiting." So I knew sooner or later I was going to go through Hell again passing a kidney stone. I don't think I could manage the pain for three weeks. I hate taking pain killers because of the side effects but sometimes the pain is so great you just don't have a choice. They gave me a good mix yesterday. Today I filled my prescription for a generic for Vicadin but I doubt if I'll take any but I have them on hand just in case. I'm still feeling a bit woozy and sore on my left side by nothing like yesterday when I felt like I was going down and not coming back.

I have my .4 millimeter kidney stone in a container now, to give to my urologist on Monday. By the way, one never wants to have an emergency on a holiday weekend. My Uncle George was mowing his grass on Fourth of July weekend and got stung in the mouth by a bee or yellow jacket. They took him to the emergency room but he died. Our whole family suspects he could have been saved if the regular staff was on duty. It was bad enough me having my emergency on a Saturday night but I'm glad I didn't have it when we were on our annual trip south this past April. That would have been a disaster because I would have ended up in on of those southern hospital (North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee or Georgia) and you just know they wouldn't accept Bill as my husband. I was lucky!


Anonymous said...

Thank God I've never dealt with a kidney stone, but you are about the 3rd or 4th person I've known who has, and your collective renditions of the experiences are nearly identical! I am so glad you are better now. WHEW!!!

Peace <3

Jon said...

I received your photo of the Texas plate. That is strange to see in Delaware. Perhaps they are fed up with TX and looking for a new place to live!

Ron said...


Believe me, this is one experience you don't want. It's the only time in my life that I didn't care if I died, just to stop the pain. It is awful. Thank God it's over.


Ron said...


Just for a half a second I thought that was you in the "Texas" car!


Randy in NEB said...

Ron, OMG!! I guess when it rains it pours as they say. I'm glad to hear you're doing better. From the symtoms you discribed, that little kidney stone should be more like a 1/4 inch sandburr shaped thing. I had my appendex out when I was 21yrs, I wouldn't recommend it,hurt like hell too before and after. And thank you for no pictures of the vomit. ;-)

Ron said...


I still have my appendix and gall bladder. I do hope I'm done with all my medical drama this year. And you're quite welcome for no pictures of the vomit. Tomato soup vomit doesn't look pretty. Looks like blood.


Chet said...