Wednesday, August 28, 2013

It's Still Here!

Nope, I haven't passed it yet.  This morning I awoke with the usual pain in my right side and the nausea.  These are the symptoms of a stuck kidney stone folks. 

I managed a little breakfast of oatmeal then I had to take my painkillers and lie down in my bed for a half an hour for the pain killers to kick in.  They did.  I got the routine down now.  

I'm still a bit woozy and I am very exhausted but I was able to get some errands done this morning.  Bill drove me to the Milton post office so I could mail off one of my famous personalized calendars to my new BF to the north.  I'm sure some of you have already figured out who this chap is.  I am so transparent. 

Then Bill drove me to Food Lion.  I bought some pomegranate juice which I hear is good for kidney stones.  Anything to alleviate my present condition.  

Then we took a drive to a nearby development to look at lots for a friends who is considering moving to Delaware.  Bill and I took a drive there yesterday evening after our dinner at the Bay Leaf Restaurant
Me at the Bay Leaf restaurant - holding my own
and were very much surprised at how nice it is.  It is just the perfect location near Routes 16, 1 and 5.  The lots are backed by mature woodland yet the lots themselves are open and sunny.  And perhaps one of the most important aspects of buying any land here in coastal Delaware, it is away from the heavy summertime traffic but yet you're not far from everything.  This time the mantra "location, location, location" is absolutely true.  And the lots are reasonably price, probably because they're not right on the beach or near the water although there are several ponds nearby.  

Peace and tranquility near the madness of Rehoboth Beach and Lewes, Delaware

Now folks if you'll excuse me, a little light lunch then to bed again.  I am exhausted.


pat888 said...

Ron - you seem to have adapted to your situation for the while. Certainly not pleasant but seemingly not excruciating as before. I still hope and pray the stone disintegrates some so you can pass it more easily. You've been receiving some great advice from your readers. May I offer: drink mineral water - it's free of sediments - helps reduce concentrations of calcium and uric acid. It will not allow the stone to increase in size. Lemon juices breaks down calcium based kidney stones and prevents further growth.
Man, but you sure keep smiling!!


Anonymous said...

Man, i hope this thing passes soon! And instead of pomegranate juice, have you tried Drano?!

Peace <3

Amanda said...

It would be wonderful if Patrick would move in this area! I loved the video with those amazing houses.
I really feel your pain Ron about that stubborn stone!

Ron said...


I'm calling my doctor tomorrow. This stone isn't moving. We will probably have to blast it.


Ron said...


Drano may just work! I've tried about everything else.


Ron said...


Thank God the pain isn't excruciating. I couldn't take that again. However, I am almost in a constant state of nausea. That could be from the pain killer medication. I am drinking mineral water now. I have given up iced tea. No longer on my diet.


Ur-spo said...

I am sorry to hear you are still ailing. I wish you salubrious thoughts and a stone's passing.

Bob said...

Purty subdivision.

And pass that mother-effing stone!

WARPed said...


Maybe you can start a band, with you as the front man.

Call it, "The Rolling Kidney Stones."

You would be direct competition for other old-boy bands like Earth, Wind and Fiber, Crosby, Stills and Not-So-Young, The Grateful We're Not Dead, etc...



Ron said...


Now there is an idea! We definitely would qualify for "old-boy bands."


Ron said...


That is a beautiful sub-division. I wish I had seen it before before we moved into this one. It is the first location since we've moved down here that is better than ours. Oh well, we're happy where we are now. By the way, I still have the stone and I'm still taking painkillers.


Ron said...

Dr. Spo,

Thank you. I still haven't passed my kidney stone. Waiting to hear from the doctor now for his advice. I'll look up "salubrious" now.