Saturday, August 17, 2013

Godot Has Arrived

The "Parking Lot Attendent" - my guest from Canada

The phone rings late yesterday afternoon.  It's "Godot", my blogger visitor from Toronto, Canada!

He says "I may have to sleep on the park bench tonight, the hotel doesn't have me checking in until tomorrow night."  WHAT? He said "Don't worry about it, I'll find something."  I tell him "You'll stay here if you can't find a room."  He says "I don't want to put you out."  Hey folks, there is no way I'm letting a visitor to me sleep on a park bench.  Turns out the hotel where he was SUPPOSED to be staying last night screwed up his reservation but they did find him a room around the corner.  That was very lucky because Lewes is full for the weekend.  Unfortunately that hotel is very "beachy" (dumpy) but hey, you take what you can get.

I told him I would be right down.  He said that wasn't necessary, he didn't want to impose.  But you know me, I went down anyway.  Then a funny thing happened when I pulled into the parking lot of the motel (yes, he's staying at a MOTEL, the horror).  I see this guy standing where the open parking slots are.  Lewes, like Rehoboth makes their money in the summertime by charging parking fees so free parking is at a premium.  I knew this was the hotel parking lot and there is no charge so I'm thinking "What's this guy going to do, tell me I CAN'T park here?"  So I pull into the parking lot and he walks over to my car.  WTF?  I'm ready to do battle.  I get out of my car and he extends his hand to me. It's my guest!  He told me later that he thought I was disappointed by seeing him in person.  Not at all!  In fact I think he's very attractive, even more so in person.  I told him that I thought he was a parking lot attendant who was going to give me grief for parking in the motel parking lot.  Then I gave him a big "Welcome to Lewes" hug.

Pat during his tour of Lewes
To make a long story short (I'm meeting him for breakfast shortly this morning) I took him on a tour of Lewes.  We had a light dinner at a local tapas restaurant (he's a veggie).   He was very impressed with the town and I was impressed with him.  Yet another friend I've met through blogging.  

Roasted beet salad at Cafe Azafran in Lewes

You know it's interesting, about twenty-five years ago I went through the whole mish mash of answering personal ads in a Philadelphia gay newspaper.  Met several guys. All had "issues."  Then about ten years later I went through the same thing, answering Internet ads and subsequent meet-ups.  All were disasters.  Either the guys lied about their age and/or appearance or they just weird.  So far, everyone without exception I've met through blogging has been wonderful.  Just nice people.  I am happy to say I've made a new friend and his name is Pat.

Me and Pat at Cafe Azafran


anne marie in philly said...

oooooooooooooh, another cute canadian (along with buddybear)! have a great time showing him around!

Raybeard said...

He looks a lovely chap - despite that very mannered pose in the first pic. (Looks like he's about to have a wee!)
I certainly wouldn't be in the least disappointed to meet a guy looking like that. Quite the reverse, in fact.
Glad that you've both 'clicked'. Looking forward to reading more in due course.

nitewrit said...


It was very nice meeting your friend, Pat, via Facetime this morning. Tell him I enjoyed the chat and hope he enjoys our little state. Tell him we're a little different uphere toward the semi-circle of the north, we got hills!


Randy in NEB. said...

Ron, Is Pat going to come to bloggerpalooza next year? From your short post he seem like a nice guy. I hope to meet up with all of you at Lewes. Randy.

Amanda said...

Have a wonderful time with Patrick! He does have a friendly smile!

Jon said...

I'm glad that you're having a pleasant visit with your new friend Pat. I've met a few bloggers in the past and was never disappointed. Many of my blogger friends have been more caring than my own realtives.

Anonymous said...

That's really great, Ron! Another blogger meet up goes well! I think that has to do a lot with the fact that by the time we meet each other, we KNOW each other from our blogs. I know at the blogger-pa-looza, I felt right at home. Looks are one thing, personalities are another. Have a great weekend.

Peace <3

Ron said...


You're right! When we bloggers meet we already pretty well know each other. Pat said he's coming to our Bloggerpalooza next year so you'll have a chance to meet him.


Ron said...


It is very interesting the fact that I have yet to be disappointed when meeting any of my blogger friends in person. Maybe it's like Jay said, he already know a lot about them before we meet them in person. I hope you can come to our Bloggerpalooza next year. I think it will be an experience for you (and us) that you would never forget. A positive experience.


Ron said...


Pat is a lovely guy. A real sweetheart. I'm trying to talk him into blogging. He's almost there.


Ron said...


Believe it or not I was already talking about you to Pat. I'm going to try and play matchmaker at next year's Bloggerpalooza. I've already told Pat I know this really nice guy from Nebraska. :) Pat said he is coming to the Bloggerpalooza next year so you'll have a chance to meet him.


Ron said...


Very enjoyable chat with you yesterday morning on FaceTime. Pat liked you. I like you. What's not to like? :) We get the old time photos taken this morning.


Ron said...


Pat is indeed a "lovely chap." A real sweetheart. We're having a lovely time. We have "clicked."


Ron said...

Anne Marie,

Yes, you have a new boyfriend. I told Pat all about you. You'll get a chance to meet him at next year's Bloggerpalooza, he coming.