Monday, January 17, 2011

Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks

Don teaching Ron iMac functions

You know what they say about teaching an old dog new tricks......well this old dog (that would be me) was taught a lot of new tricks this morning by my friend Don.  In fact, we're both old dogs.  Don is 70 and I'm 69.  Now that is old.  In fact, I'm living on borrowed time.  I thought I would never make it past 60 but hey, here I am.  And I'm making the most of everyday I have on this planet earth. Every day counts!

I was informed by another friend Bob C. that his friend Don V. knows all here is to know about Mac computers.  Don has been using Mac computers for over 20 years. Now this is a man I want to know!

So Don graciously accepted my invitation to come over to my domicile this morning and show me some pointers and cool things about iMac. 

Where do I start?  For one thing, I totally love the FaceTime function on my iMac.  A function which I didn't know existed.  FaceTime is way better than Skype for connecting face to face with fellow iMac and iPhone users.  Really, really cool.  By the way, I'm going to be saying "really cool" a lot when referring to different iMac functions.  

Seeing how cool that the FaceTime function has persuaded me to get my very own iPhone when the new Verizon version comes out next month.  I guess I was just looking for an excuse.  The iPhone has a camera in the front and the back of the iPhone.  Also, I can load all of my contacts and memos on my iPhone instead of carrying around 100 plus sheets of paper of the print out of my former Palm Pilot function, which I cannot use on my iMac.

Don also showed me how cool (there that word is again) the iPhoto upgrade is so I downloaded that function.  I have over 42,000 photos that are badly in need of organization.  Here I go!  

Don and I were working together on my iMac for about four hours (from 9 am to 1:30 pm) until we both started to wear down.  After all, we're no spring chickies with brains unencumbered with all the debris that only 69 and 70 year old brains contain.  We both were winding down.  

I thanked Don profusely and released him.  I had so many more questions to ask.  I was like a man in the desert for a week without water.  Don was provided much needed sustenance for my iMac function   ignorant brain.  Now to absorb all this information. But I could no longer detain my friend.  

After Don left I had lunch then took a much needed nap to rest my brain overload.  My head was literally throbbing.  I think I exceeded my brain cell capacity.  I was like an old mule pulling a load too heavy for its old body.

After my nap, I was right back on my computer and I couldn't resist trying out my new FaceTime app.  I called Don.  After six rings he answered.  I looked at his face which was now displayed on my 27inch wide iMac screen.  He looked a little disheveled.  Well I guess so......I woke him up from his nap!

Thank you Don!  I'm ready to fly.

Now, to talk my friend Lar into setting up his FaceTime function so we can talk.  Lar is my age.  How about it Lar, you old dog?  Ready to learn some new tricks?

Me and my friend Lar back in 1962 when our brains were young and unencumbered with debris.


  1. Damn, look at those big feet in the white socks. Not my best angle. S.O. took the picture while I wasn't looking.

  2. so long as you are learning and loving it too you are not old in my opinion.

  3. Spo,

    I am learning and loving. I kid about my age but in my mind I don't consider myself an "old man" in the usual sense. Sure, the body may be older and I may be slower to learn but I am as curious as any 20 year old. I love every day I'm on this earth and able to learn something new.

  4. Oh, Brave New World... :)

  5. Hanuman,

    The older I get the harder it is to process. Oh joy.

  6. I may be in my 40s but my brain is at least 95. I don't do well with new technology and I stay away from most of it. Fred is my computer guy.
    Congratulations and I'm impressed with that monitor.
    Your Friend, m.

  7. Mark,

    When my friend Lar suggested I get a 27 inch monitor I thought that was too big. He told me "No, I wish I got one." Well, I'm here to say that a 27 inch monitor was exactly right. Once you go big it's hard to go back to small.

  8. Fran,
    My Mother and I always used to guess who would win and who would come in runner-up. We never got into the Miss Congeniality aspect. We always figured that as a consolation prize which it was.

  9. I think it's funny that you are a little self-conscious about your feet in the pic. I am oblivious to such things.

    I am happy for you that you are learning to make the most of your iMac. I'd like to see one in operation some day, so I know why folks are so bananas over Apple.


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