Sunday, January 30, 2011


Today I am on brain overload.  

Yesterday my new friend Don V. was over for dinner.  After dinner Don, who has been a happy and faithful user of Mac computers for the last twenty years or so, showed me some cool things to do with my recently purchased iPad.  WOW!  To say I am impressed is an understatement.  I am literally blown away!

For too many years I was a user of Windows based computers.  And of course for too many years I went through the usual nerve wracking inevitability of wondering when my computer would crash.  And crash they did, with regular basis.

After my year old Dell computer crashed last year, I gave in and brought an iMac computer with all the bells and whistles. I haven't looked back since.  

I am sitting before my 27 inch screen iMac computer as I happily type this blog post.  I don't worry about my Mac freezing up.  I don't worry about viruses.  I don't worry about registry problems.  I don't worry.

Now that I have a new found comfort level I decided to dip my toes into some of these other Mac products I've been hearing so much about.  A few months ago I purchased an iPad.  I love it!  

I take it to work with me to access my e-mail, blog, Facebook - all functions that I am unable to do on work computer.  Those functions are blocked to prevent a virus or maleware to infect the work computers, which has happened in the past.  So I was quite happy doing these few functions on my handy, little iPad notebook.

Then last night Don opened up my eyes to the whole new world of apps (short for applications) for Mac. Wow!  I'm not a game player or one of those virtual reality guys but he had me driving a car through the city streets of Chicago, my hands gripping the sides of my iMac as a steering wheel.  I was a little kid again!  That was fun! 

So here are just some of the apps: 

  • Beautiful Planet - gorgeous pictures of this planet
  • Weather Channel - yes, just like on TV!
  • Eyewitness Guardian News - current photo coverage of news events around the planet
  • White and Yellow Pages - a must for me who is always looking up this information
  • Ebay - yes!  I am an eBay customer
  • iFishpond - not quite the same as my ponds in PA but close
  • NFS Shift - the aforementioned auto racing - FUN!
  • X-Plane-9 - flying an airplane - more FUN!  I crashed and burned first time up!
  • Pandora - music all kinds all the time - LOVE IT!
  • Angry Birds - need I say more?  Just the most popular game on the planet
  • E*Trade - easy access to my millions
  • - my favorite!  All my financial records at the touch of my fingertips
  • Rehomobeach - an awkward name for all the gay places in the Rehoboth Beach area
  • This Day in History - a must for this information hog
This probably sounds like a promo for Mac products.  Well, maybe it is! 

I showed Bill (my 82 year old stick in the mud partner) and even he was impressed.  He has finally agreed to replace his twelve year old Toshiba Satellite lap top computer (with one gigabyte memory that runs slow as molasses) for the iPad we have now.  I'm going to buy the new iPad that is scheduled to come out this June with a camera so I can use their FaceTime function, which is another great application.

Next up,  I'm placing my order for my first ever iPhone through Verizon.  

Just yesterday I was slipping into the doldrums because of an offhand remark about my sexual identity.  Perhaps I was a little too defensive.  Perhaps I should just let insignificant "things" like that pass me by.  

It seems just when I'm down someone comes along and through their kindness and generosity, they renew my faith in the goodness of most people.

Thank you my new friend Don.  You have made me iHappy!
Don V. - my iPad mentor


Ur-spo said...

Are you another one who has fallen down the rabbit hole of apps and will not be heard of again??? I've lost so many !

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ron. This is Don. Your accounting is flattering. You're an apt and enthusiastic MacStudent. My 27 years of Mac use has been rewarding and magical and I really enjoy showing friends the delights of the Mac world. We've got another exciting journey ahead with your adventure into iPhone! I relish the trip and our growing friendship.
Your MacAficionado, Don V.

Vương Tử Trực said...

Yay Ron!

Ron said...

Yes Spo. Count me among the Lost Boys of the Apps World. There is no looking back now.

Ron said...

Thank you so much Don for introducing me to the fabulous world of Mac! I appreciate your patience and our new friendship.

Ron said...

I've hardly scratched the surface with what I can do with my iPad. This is the first time I've used apps. I'm looking forward to my first iPhone.

Tiger Tsuki said...

An iPad will have to wait until the price comes down! It does look so appealing though!! ;)

Ron said...

Wait until this summer and get the new version of the iPad that comes out with a camera. Also, get the 3G version . I don't think the price will come down anytime soon. It is expensive but so worth it.