Friday, January 14, 2011


Well, we did it.

This morning Bill (Significant Other ) and I joined BJ's.

New membership lady
Now for those readers of this blog who are not from the eastern coast of these United States, you would rightly assumed that two gay guys might just join a club called "BJ's".  But, and a BIG BUT......the initials "BJ.s" do not represent what you think they represent.The letters B and J stand for Beverly Jean, a daughter of one of the founders.   To the gay readers of this blog, you will be forgiven if you thought the initials "B J" represented something else which I will not explain here in my family friendly (most of the time anyway) blog.

Bill and I usually shop at either the Georgetown or Milford Walmart.  When we really want to stock up we take the 39 mile one way trip to Dover, Delaware to Sam's Club and spread the wealth around at that discount warehouse.

Living here in LSD (i.e, Lower Slower Delaware) there isn't a whole lot to choose from to feed my addiction for shopping in bulk for the lowest prices. If I wanted to stress myself out in a lot of traffic I could travel a bit farther north in this little state and shop at Costco's in Christiana (which is right outside of Wilmington), which is the primo discount shopper's warehouse around these parts.  But, traveling that distance and fighting that kind of traffic isn't in our DNA these days.  We're two old men just trying to get by in life with minimal stress.  

I've been talking to S. O. (short for Significant Other which is how I will refer to Bill- my life partner- from here on out) for about a year now about taking the plunge and shopping at the new BJ's that had just opened.  S.O. is very reluctant to change as are moist 82 year old stubborn men, gay or straight.  Especially an 82 year old stubborn man who is ALWAYS RIGHT.

S.O. at his favorite peas (it's all he eats - he buys in bulk)
This morning I mentioned that I wanted to get a membership at BJ's ($50.)  S.O. says "Why do you want to waste our money?"  I told him that it is closer and that it was the only place I could get a party size container of Sabra Spinach and Artichoke Hummus.  I LOVE hummus.  The little dinky store around here have hummus but in those small, dainty containers that cost just as much ($5.99) as the party size container at BJ's. My daily lunch is hummus and feta cheese in a Mission flour tortilla wrap.  Yum, yum.
Ron picking up my spinach-artichoke hummus in the Fresh Meats section - how appropriate

I also told him that I wanted to fulfill a Find a Grave request at a cemetery that was just down the road near the new BJ's in Millsboro.  And, for the coup dete I told him that I had to get gas for my car.  Usually S.O. always drives when we go on these shopping excursions....this meant I was driving.  Free ride for S.O.!  He was on.

Needless to say, once I got him into BJ's and we got out membership, he was overwhelmed by the quantity of stuff available and the excellent low prices. We have a winner here folks!  

After loading up our shopping cart and placing a $143.33 charge on my Discover Card,  we were out the door. 

Loaded up and ready to get out
 Next stop, the Millsboro Cemetery.


  1. I was preparing another comment but then you wrote "Millsboro Cemetery" and I totally gasped. Don't say that, that's bad.
    Truth be told, never thought about the B.J. initials until you mentioned it. I guess having children has de-Gayed me. We had a membership but let it expire. But now, after reading our post, maybe we'll go back. I love how S.O is so stubborn. It reminds me of someone in my life.
    Happy Shopping!
    Your Friend, m.

  2. Ron,

    My, my, LSD and "feeding my addiction" in the same sentence! Why its like being back in the 'sixties!


  3. Mark,

    I should have explained why we went to the Millsboro Cemetery. I belong to a website called FAG, which is short for Find a Grave. Occasionally I receive a request to take a picture of a grave site for a family member or friend who is not in this area. FAG is a worldwide organization. We found the cemetery but it was just too cold to spend much time looking for the headstone. We'll have to come back on a warmer day. I'll do a blog post on FAG soon explaining how it works. It's one of my favorite pastimes.

  4. Hey Lar, I hadn't notice the juxtaposition of LSD and "feeding my addiction." I have several addictions but thankfully taking drugs isn't one of them.

  5. I have never heard of BJ's either.
    We have nasty Costco and even worse Sam's Club. But at least no one looks like they are auditioning for People of Walmart !

  6. Spo,
    Our Costco in Wilmington is very fine. That is the only one I have experience with. Sam's Club is also good. I used to go to a Sam's Club in Exton PA and I like that one too. BJ's is an east coast warehouse club. Do you have warehouse clubs in Arizona?

  7. I LOVE BJs!! Oh wait...

    I've never been inside a warehouse club, but would like to 'try before you buy'. I'm not willing to shell out 50 bucks before I've even been in the door.

    I went to BJ's website and their store finder app is not working this morning. I don't recall any BJ's in Dayton though. No Costco's for 30 miles. There is a Sam's Club 6 miles away, but I truly do not want to support the WalMart billionaires.

    Maybe someday I'll have a chance to try.


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