Friday, January 07, 2011

Mom, Bill and Home

While searching through my thousands of pictures this afternoon I came across this picture of Significant Other and walking my Mother back to our old house in Pennsylvania.  This picture was taken shortly before we put our house up for sale in 2006.

I didn't want to sell our beautiful house which we built in 1980 on 6.845 acres of hillside, Pennsylvania woodland we purchased in 1976.  I had no choice.  I could no longer afford the ever increasing school and property taxes.  I had to put our house up for sale and move to Delaware where the taxes are lower and don't go up 15% to 25% every year.  

I had forgotten that I had taken this iconic picture of my longtime partner (we're in our 46th year now) and Mom.  Mom lived on the other side of the woods from our home which worked out well because we both could maintain our privacy but we were never more than a few minutes away from each other.

Mom didn't want us to move. 

We didn't want to move.  

We loved our home.  

We loved Pennsylvania. 

We had no choice.

Mom is gone now.  She died September 16, 2010.

Our old home in Pennsylvania is gone now.  The new owners defaulted on their mortgage and our once beautiful home and property is now a neglected Grey Gardens.   It was sold at a sheriff's sale this past November.  

Only Significant Other and I are left.  We are living in our new home in Delaware.  

I love our new home in Delaware but I do miss the home we lived in Pennsylvania.  Significant Other doesn't like Delaware nor our new home.  He doesn't like the flat, open landscape and lack of trees.  He still pines for our old home in Pennsylvania.  He feels like he lost a loved one when I sold the home.  

Just when I think I'm used to Mom being gone, I come across a picture like this that smacks me right in my face how much I miss her.  

Thank God I still have him.  


  1. Beautiful Post.
    I love that picture. It's classic. I loved that the two of them got along so well.
    We sold our last home too because we didn't want to afford it. We moved two miles down the street(different township) and the taxes are half of what we were paying.
    Once again, lovely story.
    Your Friend, m.

  2. Ron,

    No wonder it slaps you in the face, that is a very emotional photograph. It captures all the feelings you expressed in words, a photo that reminds us all of how life goes. There is a novel in that picture.

    You sound a bit like me near the end playing with puns and double meanings of words: "He doesn't like the flat, open landscape and lack of trees. He still pines..."


  3. Mark,
    Very often the picture that captures an iconic moment are unplanned. When I too this picture I was on my way to my car and I turned around to tell Bill where I was going but I saw them walking away. Bill and my Mom were only four years apart in age. Bill loved my Mom. He couldn't bear to go to her funeral but instead drove his car to the cemetery where she was to be buried that day and sat car waiting to say goodbye to his friend. After Mom was buried and everyone had left, Bill stayed with her until darkness fell. After he was sure she was "safe and secure" in her final resting place, he got in his car and left for our home in Delaware.

  4. Lar,
    You understand. Bill took good care of my Mom while she was alive. He took her to all of her appointments for radiation therapy for cancer treatments. He took her grocery shopping. He called or visited her almost every day. They were good friends. Part of Bill died too when my Mom left us.

  5. What a sad but loving post.

  6. Spo,

    Three things occurrences in my life that time has not completely healed the pain:
    The loss of our Pomeranian "Babydoll"
    The loss of my Mom
    The loss of our property in Pennsylvania

    The hurt never seems to go away. It is always there.

  7. Spo,

    You just gave me an idea for my next blog post:

    "The Pain That Never Goes Away"

    Yep, another sad blog post.


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