Friday, January 21, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award

Yesterday I received a very pleasant surprise from my blogger friend Cubby of Patently Queer.  He awarded me the coveted "Stylish Blogger Award."  I am indeed honored.  The only thing missing was Ricky Gervaise to rudely introduce me to my appreciative audience.

Seriously though folks, I understand that the Stylish Blogger Award is given by members of the blogging community to other members whose blogs they find interesting, creative and unforgettable.  Well, modesty aside, that would be me.

Cubby further explains the the rules for the Stylish Blogger Award are quite simple:

  • Thank and link back to the person who awarded you this high honor
  • Share 7 things about yourself
  • Award 5 other bloggers and tell them about the award
Of course I immediately thank Cubby for my award.  Thanks Cubby!

Now here are 7 things about myself in no particular order but only as they popped into my head:

  1. I am a virgin (with a woman.)  I tried once; the mind was willing but the body wasn't.
  2. I had my first sexual experience when I was 21 years old with a married man who had three small children who seduced (talked me into it) me. My mind wasn't willing but my body was.
  3. I take a nap every day at approximately 2 pm in the afternoon.  Sometimes the nap is half an hour but lately the naps are getting longer.
  4. Dinah Washington is my all-time favorite singer, male or female. Nobody else comes close.
  5. I almost died when I was 17 years old from a hospital contacted staph infection from which I wasn't expected to survive (something which I found out several years later).  I was in and out of the hospital for six months and several operations until the infection was cured.  I have considered every day of life since then gravy.  
  6. When I was two years old I crawled out of a window on the second floor or a house and rolled down the tin roof of the porch and fell on my head on the cement sidewalk below.  My 13 year old uncle who was babysitting me thought I was dead.  I don't remember but every day since then has been gravy to me.
  7. I don't like any kind of seafood.  I don't like the smell and it looks like something that is left on the beach after the tide goes out.
My six nominees for the Stylish Award for the blogs that are the most creative, original and interesting blogs are:

  • Spo-Reflections - I found Spo's blog on my friend The Cajun's blog roll. I was initially attracted to his blog by his picture which shows a cute, bearded man with sad eyes.  Spo's blog is a slice of life blog by a transplanted northern Midwestern man to the hot, dry climes of Arizona.  "Spo" (not his real name but the name he prefers to be called) is a "therapist" (what we used to call a psychiatrist until that a name disappeared because of political correctness) who writes about his home life with his partner "Someone" (I love that reference) and his recused hound Harper.  Once I read his blog I was hooked. Spo is a sweet, kind, gentle and good soul who writes with an intelligence, honesty and dry wit. When I was looking for Prince Charming Spo would have been him.  I am a Spo Fan.
  • Ramblings of the Bearded One -  I stumbled across this gem of a blog quite by accident. My eye happened to catch the name "Bearded One" in Blogs of Note and I was intrigued since I am attracted to beards.  Alas, Kim Ayres, "The Bearded One" is straight but he is good. In fact, this man, who is a resident of Scotland is probably the male version of Susan Boyle for undiscovered talent.  He writes well, takes excellent photography, is very creative and always original with just the right touch of cynicism that I like.  Kim suffers from CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) so he doesn't always post daily but his posts are well worth waiting for.  Kim writes about his family, his photography, and his battle with CFS.  Kim has a large blog following and I can see why, he is another kind and gentle man of many talents.  And I do not hold it against him that he is straight.  (I'm joking Kim so be gentle with me when you comment.) 
  • Liberty and Independence - This is yet another blog by a straight man about his family and life.  Liberty doesn't post that often but when he does his posts are always stylish, creative and interesting.  This is another straight man who is good with the camera.  Of special interest is Liberty's "Sunday Evening Posts" in which he posts pictures taken with his iPhone during the week.  These weekly photo essays are scenes captured of his and his family's life in Delaware during the past week.  His "Sunday Evening Posts" are always one of my most anticipated weekly events because they always leave me with a smile and a good feeling about life.  Liberty is yet another kind and gentle man.

  • On Transmigration - This is a blog written by a friend of mine who I encouraged to write a blog when he was deep in the doldrums after his long term (31 years) relationship ended in 2006.  The Cajun, as he prefers to be known, is from NOLA and at first resisted (as he always does when I suggest anything) but eventually he gave in and has now become a regular blogger with a loyal following.  Wayne (his real name) writes about his life as an older, single man coming to terms with his new life without a partner.  He writes of his new job, his new apartment,  medical issues and every day frustrations with life as an older, single gay man with a dry and sharp wit that never fails to entertain me.  Sometimes he tends to get a little preachy about Louisiana in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and the BP oil spill, and he is way too involved with The Pet Shop Boys (who I've never heard of), but when he writes first hand of his daily activities he is the best.  I'll probably get a comment about the "preachy" statement but I expect that from my combative and defensive friend.  He's still a sweetheart and I love him in spite of our sometimes fractious relationship.  I just know Prince Charming is going to march down Sussex Avenue someday on a white charger and rescue my friend and provide him with companionship, comfort and security for the rest of his life.

  • Tales of the Sissy - This is a blog I found out quite by accident.  Every Friday night a group of gay men (and sometimes women) meet at a different restaurant in the Rehoboth Beach/Lewes/Milton/Millsboro area of Lower Slower Delaware for a weekly get together.  Mark, the blogger of "Tales of the Sissy" (the name a take off on "Tales of the City") organized this group and sends out weekly e-mails informing us of the next restaurant that will benefit by our presence that week.  A couple of months ago I casually mentioned to Mark that I had a blog.  He told me he had a blog too.  I asked him the name, he told me, I went and I've been going back ever since.  Mark's blog is also a slice of life blog (as you can tell now my favorite kind of blog) about his life as a middle aged gay man with a long term partner who is going through a change of career (he's training to be a real estate agent) and his battles with keeping the pounds off of his and Spouse's body.  Mark occasionally posts a photo essay of his and Spouse's travels.  Mark's blog is an easy and fun read for me to keep up with what is going on in his life (he's been accused of being a "Drag Hag" because he likes to hang around drag queens, something which he vehemently denies) and life in Gayberry, aka Rehoboth Beach area of southern Delaware.  Mark's blog is another one of those blogs I always look forward to reading because it is about our life here in Lower Slower Delaware (you would understand if you lived here).

  • Our Simple Lives..... This is a blog that I discovered through his comment to my blog.  This is another "Mark" who lives in the Harrisburg area of Pennsylvania with his partner Fred and four adopted children.  Mark writes with forthright frankness about his children, Fred and their life with a house full of rambunctious, growing kids.  Mark is another excellent photographer and occasionally posts photo essays of the life of two gay men raising four young children in suburbia. While this is not the life for me (with children), Mark writes and photographs their life with such creativity and interest that sometimes I wish I had children myself.    Then I come back to my senses and read another blog.  I like Mark, he's real.
These six blogs are just some of several blogs that I read and enjoy daily, including my best friend Lar's blog, but I took Cubby's cue and limited my Stylish Blog Awards to just six for the sake of brevity and interest.  I had to recuse my best friend's blog from the competition because that would indicate favoritism. Everything he touches turns into magic and besides, he's already won numerous blogging awards.  Mine would just be one more, right Lar?

These are the bloggers that enrich my life daily and I am proud to call them my friends.


nitewrit said...


Except I count six:
Ramblings of the Bearded One
Liberty and Independence
On Transmigration
Tales of the Sissy
Our Simple lives


Ron said...

Oops! You're right Lar. I'm losing it.

Vương Tử Trực said...

You deserve the award Ron. Since I've found your blog, it's become my favorite one.

Ron said...

Thank you very much Tai. I appreciate generous compliment.

Ur-spo said...

I've been away from blog-land; nasty work keeps me from real things like blogging...
I thank you very much for the award and for the lovely compliments.

I always enjoy reading about 'who you is' - #3 is a very sensible thing, indeed.

Ron said...

You're very welcome Spo. I like you. You're sweet, kind and gentle man and you're cute too. A winning combination in my world. Yes, take a nap every day. It does wonders. I look forward to this special treat. Actually, my nap is more like TM. I just lay on the bed and let my mind wander and the next thing I know I'm waking up refreshed. Nap taking is so beneficial for my health. Now if I could just do something about my aching lower back.

Cubby said...

YVW Ron. You picks some really good bloggers to pass the award on to.

Mark said...

Ron, what a surprise! I just checked my work email and discovered that there was an award for me. I am totally honored to be grouped with these guys. I'm sixth in line so hopefully, you won't cut me. However, I don't mind being the bottom. I'm here to please!
Jason of The Jason Show awarded me the Versatile Blogger Award(very similar) back in the Fall. I think that I gave away all of my secrets then. But give me a couple a days and I can, at least, happily thank you and the Academy for this lovely award.
I'm happy to have found you last Summer. I love your honesty too.
Also, thanks for using a 20 year old picture of me.
Your Friend, m.

Kim Ayres said...

Thank you for thinking of me with this award. Stylish is a word that has never been associated with me. My dress sense has never got beyond "what's more or less clean and easy to reach?"

I hope you'll forgive me if I don't pass it on. I only recently handed out the Rambling Beard Award, and as for the 7 things... well I have a "101 Things About Me" post - even if it is a few years out of date.

However, I do appreciate the thought, Ron. Thank you :)

Ron said...

Thank you Cubby! Actually, everybody on my blog roll is good or else they wouldn't be there. What I did was narrow the award down to the really, unique blogs that I have to go to every day or else I feel like I'm missing something. Unfortunately my longtime friend Lar didn't' make the cut.

Ron said...

Of course I forgive you Kim for not passing on the Stylish Blooger Award. I didn't expect you to but I did want to provide recognition on my blog of your unique talent. My best to you Kim.

Ron said...

You're very welcome Mark. Your blog is one of the best that I read daily. I'm not surprised that you got an award from Jason. I like the honest blogs and yours is right up there with the best. I love your "thank the academy"speech." You missed thanking your third grade teacher for being responsible for where you are today (or was it your kindergarten teacher?)

Mark in DE said...

Thank you, Ron. What an honor!! Thanks for the flattering comments. I'm glad you enjoy my writing.

Ron said...

You're quite welcome Mark (in Delaware.) Where do I send the check?