Saturday, January 29, 2011


Me and my friend Big Bog's cat, Stormy
As regular readers of this blog know, I like cats.  Unfortunately, my partner doesn't like cats. So, the forty six years we have lived together, a cat has never crossed our threshold.

I used to have my own cat once.  His name was Bobby.  He was a stray cat that I adopted when I was a ten or eleven years old.  My family lived in a second story apartment above the offices of Gindy Manufacturing Corporation in Downingtown, Pennsylvania.  We lived next to the trailer manufacturing plant.  

I don't remember exactly how Bobby came into my life.  I think he was a kitten of a feral cat that just appeared at our doorstep one day.  

I looked forward to seeing Bobby everyday when I came home from elementary school.  He would curl up and lay in my lap while I watched TV.  I would carry him around.  He loved me and I loved him.

Then one day Bobby wasn't there any more.  I asked my Mother if she had seen Bobby.  She said "Oh, Pop took him to the SPCA.  He was peeing on the door so he got rid of him."  

That was my dad. No explanation.  No consideration of my feelings.  None.  Maybe that's why I'm gay.  I was looking for the man who would be kind to me.

How ironic then that I hooked up with Bill, my partner in life for these past forty-six years.  In every way Bill treats me like a prince.  But he doesn't like cats.  In fact he's bragged that as a kid he used to tie tin cans to their tails.  Whenever he tells that story to friends and neighbors, I always get on his case for his thoughtless cruelty.  He just laughs it off.

Over the years I've encountered many cats.  Many belong to my friends.  Whenever I visit my friends who have cats, I take that opportunity to get my Cat Fix by petting and praising them.  The feline creatures seem to understand.  

I love cats.

One day I will rescue a kitty (or two) from the SPCA to make up for Bobby.

Me and Bobby 1953


Mark said...

Do it today! You have your own bedroom/floor. Keep the cat down there. I don't think that Bill will leave you over that. But then again, he is pretty stubborn. He really does remind me of Fred and I don't even know him.
Your Friend, m.

Ron said...

It won't work Mark as long as Bill is here. Believe me, I know. He would be complaining every day. Actually, Bill is very jealous although he would never admit it. He's even jealous of the time I spend on the computer. It's just the way it is Someday, I'll have my feline friend(s) back again. Someday.

Nathan said...

You should send your pics here Ron!

Cubby said...

You could always pull a "Greg". You see, my husband Greg knew there was no way I would let Zebra Finches in the house. I don't like birds. Simple as that. Greg knew this, but one day I came home from work and found a big cage, a bunch of supplies, and 4 birds! I told him to take them back but he refused. What could I do? I had to live with them :-(

Larry, aka The Kid and The Old Goat said...


Are you still with the Black Dog? This was not the most uplifting post.


Ron said...

Thanks Nathan. I'll check that website.

Ron said...

I pulled a "Greg" once on Bill. I bought home a Pomeranian puppy I purchased at a pet store (I know,I know I should never patronize pet stores but there was another whole story here which I will explain in a future blog). It wasn't planned, I did it on the spur of the moment. Bill eventually accepted "Horace" (the name we gave this orange ball of fluff) but I would never do anything like that to him again. Bill is 82 years old now and could never go through that kind of stress again. Bill has always said he would leave me if I got another pet. I know he wouldn't but I don't want to make his remaining years uncomfortable caring for a pet and they possibly losing that pet. He's never gotten over the loss of our other dogs and that was over 12 years ago. Besides, the last "Greg" I pulled on him was when I bought this house and sold our house in Pennsylvania. He still misses that property and goes back whenever he can. I moved down here for the good of both of us but he can't see that. Life is complicated living with another person. I have to think of his feelings too. I've hurt him too much already.

Ron said...

No, the Black Dog left this morning. The sun chased him out.

Ur-spo said...

I love a cat too; I miss mine.
I found it so sad you haven't had one.

Ron said...

I would be a more complete person with a cat to love. I am looking forward to that day.

Rick said...

Love the 1953 picture!

Ron said...

I don't even know that boy in the 1953 picture! That was another whole world. Believe it or not, I can still remember posing with Bobby for that picture in front of our TV set with my absolute favorite shirt on. Something you never forget.

Ron said...


See the scar by my right eye? (left as you're looking at the picture) I was a "forceps baby". That was the first of my nine lives. I didn't want to come out. When the doctor used the forceps to bring me out my head was covered in blood and the doctor thought I lost at least an eye. I was lucky, just missed my eye. I've been lucky ever since.

Kyle said...

The 1953 picture of you two is so cute. When you do decide you can adopt Ron, you'll be making two kitties very happy. We couldn't live without companion animals. Sometimes they cost us a pretty penny, but what they give us back is priceless.

Ron said...

Thank you Kyle for your kind compliment about the geeky kid in the 1953 picture. I was at the crossroads in that picture. I agree with you that companion animals are the best to make a complete life. I wish Bill saw it that way too. Believe me, I am poised to adopt one (or two) if and when I'm ever alone again. No more partners for me. Just me and my animals.