Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Cold Wind In My Face

Cold Ron at the end of his walk

Brrrrr!  A cold winter wind bites into my face. 

I just got back from my daily walk in the development behind me.  It's sunny out today but still cold at 29 degrees with a brisk wind.  Someone told me (one of my blogger buddies) that walking in the cold burns off more calories than walking in the warm.  So I gritted my teeth and as soon as I bounded from Significant Other's Jeep (we had just returned from perusing two local thrift shops - I bought a bowl and saucer that I DID NOT NEED), I told him "I'm taking my walk!"  And off I went, cold wind at my back.  Coming back, I got the cold wind full force in my face.  And here I sit, rosy cheeks (facial) and all.

Since the cold descended on these coastal plains of southern eastern Delaware, I haven't been taking my daily walk.  The seven pounds I lost this fall when I was tromping daily on the boardwalk in Rehoboth? GONE!  My weight is back up to 165 lbs.  Granted, at 6'3" most would probably consider that a good weight but I'm more comfortable in the 155 to 160 range.  I have the proclivity to add the excess poundage right around my waist.  I've already moved up one belt notch and my size 33 waist Eddie Bauer jeans are feeling a bit snug these days.  Not good.  I usually wear size 32 waist (36 length) for the snug fit.  Size 33 is for the loose goosey feel, which is what I am most comfortable with lounging around the house as I do during the winter months.  In the summertime I'm in baggy shorts.  I may look like hell in those shorts with my skinny legs but hey, I'm comfortable and that's what my life is all about now in these, my Golden Years.

So, if I want to finish off that egg nog pie that has my name on it in the refrigerator, I better gear myself up to more walks like I just did today.  That five pound bag of sugar that I'm carrying around my waist?  That will be gone in two weeks. You can mark that on your calendar.


Hanuman Das said...

You Go Girl! ;)

Mark said...

Stop with the bragging already!!!
I weigh more and am 5 inches shorter than you. In height that is. But I like to think that my little stocky body is built to brave the harsh winter winds.
Your Friend, m.

Larry, aka The Kid and The Old Goat said...


Yeah, but don't you feel great after a nice jaunt in the chill. You just can't let old man winter keepyou cooped up. Once I get moving I don't even notice the cold.

Now come the dog days of summer with the high heat, that's another animal altogether.


Ron said...

Yes, I do feel much better after I get my blood flowing after a brisk walk in the cold. I remember those dog days of summer when I walked on the boardwalk early in the morning and was so soaked at the end of my walk that I had to take a shower. I have to walk everyday, it's not only good to keep my weight in check but it's good for my cardiovascular system. A win-win.

Ron said...


You initially threw me off balance when you said that you were 5 inches shorter than me (how does he know?) but I'm glad you made yourself clear. :)
One thing I have notice as I've gotten older, any weight I gain is only around my middle and it feels very uncomfortable. That's what I have to keep in check.

Ron said...

Hanum Das,
The sacrifices I make to keep my boyish figure. :)

Mark in DE said...

I really enjoy walking, but this unseasonably cold weather has really limited my walks too. Can't wait for spring!

Rick said...

165! Now I feel really obese.

Ron said...

I love to walk Mark (DE) but I seem to be a lot more sensitive to cold the older I get. The cold didn't used to bother me as much as it does now, especially walking against the cold wind. I guess I'm turning into a big wuss in my old age.

Ron said...


Both of my younger brothers hover around 300 lbs. I DO NOT WANT TO GO THERE. That's my incentive to keep the weight down. Mark chided me for bragging. I plead guilty. I may not be rich or famous or have accomplished a lot of other things but I have kept my weight the same as I was when I graduated from high school in 1959. Only one "little" problem though, the weight has shifted around a bit (mostly around my waist.) Gravity always wins in the end. This sounds like a good blog subject doesn't it? :)