Tuesday, January 25, 2011

How Not to Dine Out

This evening I took my good friends Larry and Lois out for a quiet dinner at the Irish Eyes Restaurant in Lewes, Delaware. I have dined at the new Irish Eyes before and liked the food. Thus this evening I was looking forward to a return visit and an enjoyable dinner with my good friends Larry and Lois. Ah ha, you know how sometimes the best intentions go awry. Tonight that happened.

We were seated ringside to the Irish singing entertainment. Okay, this won't last too long. Oh how wrong I was. I have a difficult time understanding my friend Larry anyway because he is a very shy person and speaks very low lest he bother somebody nearby. Thus, with the entertainment of the evening singing Irish jigs behind me and Larry mumbling in front of me I was constantly shouting asking him to repeat himself. I usually caught the end of his sentences but couldn't make out the beginning of what he was saying. So much for a nice, enjoyable, QUIET dinner out with my friends.
Oh I can't say I blame the singer, he was just doing his job. In fact, towards the end of his two hour (oh yes, he entertained without break for almost two hours), he gave us special recognition for putting up with him "on the front line" the whole evening. We weren't being too polite to him either by talking (and shouting) while he was singing. He was just doing his job. 

My good friend Bob C. will not go to the Purple Parrot in Rehoboth Beach when they have entertainment (usually a reggae band of all things) because you can't hear one another. So here is the choice, either go to a restaurant with the screaming kids (at least THEY weren't there tonight) or "entertainment" like we had tonight. My head is throbing now.

You know what? I think I'm becoming an old fuddy duddy because I just want things quiet, uncomplicated and smooth.

Next time I call ahead.


Cubby said...

Here's an extreme solution: get headsets for your cellphones, and call each other and talk to each other via cell phone. Too extreme?

Ron said...

Cubby, now that's a good idea!I have a better one, I call ahead to make sure there isn't any entertainment. Whatever happened to a quite dinner with friends? One of the restaurants I dined at last summer the extended family (granparents too) brought in the baby basket and put it on the table next to us. You know what happened? Sure. Diaper change. Provincetown didn't have these problems.

Ur-spo said...

I remember as a boy my father vetoing a place to eat because it was too noisy/live music etc.
Now I am 50, I do the same thing! I too want quiet for dinner time.

nitewrit said...


Basically we made two mistakes.

Irish Eyes advertises that every Tuesday night from 5:00 to 8:00 PM they have live Irish music with Danny Fisher. (Lois and I thought he was very good at what he does, by the way.) I had actually looked at their website before we came down and didn't pick that up.

Also, none of us thought to ask the hostess if we could have a table in the back where his singing wouldn't have been intruding on our talking as much.

It looked like this guy had a bit of a following at the bar and probably does since he appears there every week. You should make note of this to tell your guests at the Inn. Some people would like to go for such a thing and others would like to avoid it.

Lois and I like the Irish Eyes, like the friendliness and the food. When we went there again on Wednesday we were seated at the table right next to where we were the night before. This was even a bit closer to the stage.

You should know there was no entertainment; however, on the stage was a TV and some small chairs. The TV was showing children programs and any wee tots eating with their folks could go up on stage to sit and watch. There was a little girl sitting and watching.

We think this is a good idea, but if you had several kids up there and you are seated close I am sure it could get noisy.

Wednesday, though, was a nice quiet evening where we could hear ourselves as we talked.

I don't think I'm that shy anymore, but I know I am a low talker. My dad was too, I think its generic. It doesn't seem like I speak that quietly to me, but when I speak up it sounds to me as if I'm shouting. Maybe it's all part of that little hearing glitch I was born with.

But we thank you for the dinner and the nice time down in Lewes. You could have done a better job with the weather, though. :)


Ron said...


When I dine out with friends, I don't go for entertainment, I go to reconnect with friends and have a pleasant, quiet discussion over diner. If I wanted entertainment I would go to the movies.

Ron said...


I'm glad you enjoyed your visit to LSD. Next time we will have to schedule a dinner at the Irish Eyes when Danny Fisher is off. I'm not one for being entertained by little kids screaming during my dinner or Irish singers belting out "Danny Boy" over a too loud microphone while I'm trying to talk to my friends while I'm eating. You're right, we should have asked for a table in the back. I actually thought of that but I didn't want to disrupt the whole evening. Plus, I didn't think Danny Boy would be singing for two hours straight!
I'll see if I can do something about the weather the next time you and Lois visit.