Monday, January 31, 2011

Soo Ready for Spring

Ron bundled up for the cold

I just returned from a very abbreviated walk.  The temperature here is now hovering around 23 degrees.  I was all right with my walk until I started to walk against the wind.  I just can't take that painful cold wind on my face.  

The picture above is how I bundle up before I go out for my walk.  Yes, I know.  I'm turning into a big wimp.  When I was younger, the cold didn't bother me near as much as it bothers me now.  

Every year when January and February rolls around, those are my "just get through it" months.  

This is the last day of January.  Now for February, one more "just get through it" month.  

Then, THEN the beginning of glorious spring when everything comes to life after a long winter's hibernation.  

The daffodils will bloom again.  Colorful tulips with burst through the frozen earth.  Scouting Purple Martins will return from South America to check out their summer house in my back yard.  

And most of all, the people will come alive.  They will stream out of their houses into the bright, clear sunshine of springtime.  The garden departments of Home Depot and Loew's will again be crowded with erstwhile gardeners.

Loew's Garden Center, Lewes, DE

Bill with a load of mulch from Lowe's, Lewes, DE

I am soooo ready for Spring


  1. Ron,

    Yeah, you and me both. It is getting chillier out there. I think because the ground is covered with snow that won't leave. I went out into the woods again this morning. First time in a bit. The trail wasn't plowed, of course, so it was rough.

    There were a couple downed trees from the weight of snow across the trail I had to duck under. Coming back there were park workers at the spot and I had to wait while they attempted to saw through these obstructions.

    The paved paths outside the woods were plowed, but there were long stretches of black ice to be crossed here and there.

    I went about four miles over all, but I sure would like to be warmer and not layered up to the point of paralysis.


  2. And don't forget all of the tourists who take up the parking spaces at the beach. Yes, I'm talking about us.
    But I hear you loud and clear. I could use a little Spring myself.
    Your Friend, m.

  3. Lar,

    Good point, "not layered up to the point of paralysis".

    Even if I do force myself to walk in the cold, it hurts my lungs to breath in that cold air. I'm turning into one big puss.

  4. I'm waiting for your spring flower pics :)

  5. Oh you will see plenty of my springtime flower pictures Tai!

  6. Yes Mark, those tourists pouring money in our local economy by feeding the parking meters. Works for me!

  7. Anonymous2:54 PM

    I'm with you Ron about anticipating the arrival of Spring! The garden catalogs are arriving & are a breath of fresh air on this cold, foggy day. I hope I'm not speaking too soon about us dodging a bullet as far as the snow. My poor husband is at an Ag show in Buffalo, NY this week. He's not going to be so lucky. I believe they are expecting at least 16 inches.

    My dr. told me this morning I have to get more exercise as my stationary bike is not doing the job. Since I went on insulin in Oct. I've gained 5 pounds. I don't have a safe place to walk as we live on a busy road so I think I'll take up yoga. Sounds good doesn't it?!!? Now, I just need to do

    Stay warm,

  8. Fran,

    I understand all too well about not getting the right kind of exercise inside. Bill and I try walking around (in circles)in the basement but it's not the same quality exercise as walking outside. I braved the cold this morning and walked in the development behind me. Not only does the exercise keep the pounds off, it make one feel so much better when we get the blood flowing from all that walking.
    I hope we have seen the last of the snow. Cold gray days like this aren't too encouraging but I do believe spring is just around the corner. Only a little over a month!

    I hope you husband doesn't get stuck in Buffalo in the snow. I hear a HUGE snowstorm is headed east. I hope we dodge that one too!

    I'm staying warm Fran. You too!


  9. You put me to shame; I won't walk Harper this week as it is - below 40 !

  10. I'm sure Harper wouldn't mind the 40 degree weather. :)


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