Wednesday, July 20, 2016

"Lock Her Up!"

Well, it is official now.  Donald J. Trump is the official nominee for president of the United States.

Let the games begin!

As those who have been following my blog know, I am a political junkie.  I am a former Republican (first vote I ever cast was for Barry Goldwater in 1964), turned progressive Democrat.  I changed when I realized that the Bush administration and his Republican allies in Congress were trying to screw me out of my EARNED veterans' benefits during their Reign of Terror.  

I further became estranged from the Republican party when Bush and his Republican allies demonized gays like me to scare voters into voting them in office.  "Bar the door Katie!  The Gays are coming!"

I am a fiscal conservative.  I always have been and always will be.  I believe in what I work for should be mine.  But I could never vote for most of today's version of Republican which view me as a gay person as "less than."  For a party that purports to believe in "getting the government out of our lives" why is it that today's Republicans are so interested in what goes on in my personal life between consenting adults?  Why do they believe that it is their right to tell a woman what to do with her body?  While I don't personally believe in abortion, I think the decision is the woman's, not some political hack.

So what is my take on the Republican Convention?  I have to admit I'm using the mute button a lot.  I have too.  Hey, I got it.  Hillary Clinton is the devil incarnate.  Why even the esteem Dr. Ben Carson last night during his speech compared Hillary to Lucifer.  Nice move Dr. Ben.  I'm sure you'll sway those independent voters who haven't made up their minds yet who they're going to vote for.  

If you listen to those Republicans who are spewing out their unbridled hateful speeches, one would think that Hillary is responsible for everything from the rise of ISIS to the Zika virus.  Oh yeah, IT'S ALL HILLARY'S FAULT.

What was really rich last night was when New Jersey governor Chris Christy gave his speech "making the case for the prosecutor" against Hillary Clinton.  Christy, who is under investigation for "Bridgegate."  Oh you all remember that little episode don't you?  Christy and his minions (of which he claims to have NO KNOWLEDGE) closed down the busiest bridge in the world (the George Washington Bridge) on 9/11 to make a point with a local Democratic mayor who wasn't supporting him.  Yes, THAT Chris Christy who form mentor, David Samson, who he appointed to the cushy Port Authority head job; just pleading guilty to bribery.  Took a plea agreement so his corrupt ass wouldn't end up in jail.  So this Chris Christy is "making the case for the prosecution" of Hillary Clinton (I'm still trying to figure out the dastardly deeds that Hillary did that is worthy of jail time). Chris Christy, the head of a true conspiracy who is trying to bully his way through the mess he got himself in, making the case against Hillary?  GIVE.ME.A.BREAK.

Hey, I'm not big fan of Hillary and especially not her husband, Slick Willie but surely, any reasonable person can see that Trump isn't going to "build a wall and make Mexico pay for it" nor is he going to "ban all Muslims from the country" nor is he "going to deport eleven million undocumented immigrants."  

Looks folks, Donald J. Trump is on the biggest ego trip of his life.  God bless him that he's managed to con so many Republican voters who have real concerns.  

But watching last night, the chants of "Lock her up!" brought back those bad old memories I decided that the Republican party was no longer my party. 

That moment was at the 1992 Republican Convention in Houston Texas.  Pat Buchanan was the speaker.  He gave such a hate filled, homophobic speech that I was stunned.  And what really gave me chills was the mostly white crowd of Republican delegates cheering him on, much like the "Good Germans" at a Nuremberg rally for Hitler or the "good white folks" at a lynching of a black man.  Folks, I got scared straight Democrat after that speech which in effect said "If you're not straight, we don't want you in our party!"  

I was gone folks.  And last night, hearing the "Good Germans" in that Republican delegate crowd chanting "Lock her up!" reminded me again of why I can no longer support the Republican Party.  

It is a party of hate and fear mongering.  


  1. I am proud to say that I am blocked from Florida AG Pam Bondi Twitter acc unt. I'm surprised you didn't have her fat ass photo with an oozie over her shoulder in your last post. I watch Anderson Cooper's dissection of her anti gay ass on youtube every morning with coffee for a giggle. Twice divorced, and living in sin with the third. She is more worried about her bank acc unt in the Cayman Islands than she is about some poor black child eating OR, being adopted in a loving same sex family!

    1. grouchy,
      Today's version of the Re;publicans is not the one I recognize. They are liars, hateful and destructive to the betterment of this country. Sometimes I despair when I try to imagine what this country would be like if they were in total control.

  2. How you can watch this rubbish and not elicit a stroke is remarkable.

    1. Dr. Spo,
      I use my mute button and then listen to the analysis afterwards. I keep the video on just in case something happens. But I know what they're going to say, that Hillary is the mother of Lucifer.


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