Sunday, July 31, 2016

Captain Kahn

Folks, I am really trying to stay away from politics on this blog because I know I'm not going to change anyone's mind who they're going to vote for. But I feel compelled to share this video from the Democratic National Convention. I was fortunate enough to see this speech live and was taken aback by the genuine plea of the parents of a dead soldier who died in Afghanistan, who just happened to be Muslim.  The father makes a powerful statement and asks the Republican nominee for the presidency of the United State a powerful question:  

"Donald Trump, have you ever read the Constitution of the United States?"


pat888 said...

Ron - He is a very good speaker. Very moving. I'm guessing he and his family are doing well in America. That speech was very direct, balanced with points and emotion - and there were no notes. Good man.


John Gray said...

I was moved beyond words

mistress maddie said...

I too was very moved. And he rises a very good point to Trump. Way before Trump was involved in these politics, I couldn't stand this pompous ass. I swear, he thinks he is perfect. I have never had such distain for a worthless human in all my life. I have met Ivana she was married to him so long...I'll never know.

Ron said...

It is rare that we see such genuine emotion. It is refreshing.

Ron said...

This family has suffered the ultimate sacrifice. I have all the respect in the world for them and all families who have lost family members while on duty protecting our freedoms.

Ron said...

misstress maddie,
I used to like Trump. I found him entertaining. But now that I have learned more about him I realize he is a soulless human being devoid of any empathy for other human beings. In Donald Trump's world, no one matters except Donald Trump.

oldgoldtop said...

I lost a brrotherin Vietnam so understand the pain of losing a loved one and witnessing my parents sufferng...but Mr. Kahn is connected to the Clinton Foundation and was used by DNC to attack Trump. I can appreciate Trumps defending himself. I question the motivation of the Khans getting in the middle of a nasty election. If you get up and use your dead son as a poilical weapon you should expect to get it too.