Thursday, July 28, 2016

Delaware DMV - Day Two

We just got back from the Delaware DMV.  This is our second try to renew our driver's license.

Today we had success.  Well, half success. I had no trouble renewing my license, for eight years.  Gawd, can you believe that it's been renewed until 2024? I have a feeling I won't around by that year. I'm quickly creeping up on lapping myself, having being born in 1941.  Hey, I hope I can renew my license when I'm one hundred years but we have to be realistic here folks. 

The bad news today was that Bill failed his eye test.  He's very upset.  I called the VA this morning and arranged to get him in the Choice program so he can choose a local optometrist for an eye examination.  Normally he would have to make the 90 mile trip to the VA Medical Center in Wilmington, Delaware for his eye examination.  But the VA has this new program in effect that if a vet if more than forty miles away from his nearest doctor, he can go to a local doctor. All we need now is approval from his VA doctor to visit a local optometrist. Otherwise we will have to go through the grinder of arranging a ride to the Wilmington VAMC through the American Legion. That takes up the best part of the day. Very onerous.

This is good that I'm checking this "Choice" option for Bill's health care.  Fortunately for us Bill's health has been good.  I've been the one with all the medical issues the past four years.  But at 88 years old I have to face that it is more likely than not that Bill will have medical issues going forward.  But who knows?  

Every day is an adventure folks.  Tomorrow I visit my doctor for the results of the biopsy of my five polyps that were found during my colonoscopy a few weeks ago. 

I have to tell you folks, sometimes I just get so tired. But we have to keep going on.  I know I'm way past my "sell by date" but I'll take every day. 
I'm greedy that way.


  1. You will Make it For a Long time to come

  2. We have a system here where you lean into a machine to make the test run. Is yours similar? Anyway I had the worst time keeping the test going. I hate to say the dmv employee felt sorry for me but I did pass. I think you can be legally blind in Ohio.

  3. Roger6:30 PM

    your at least 15 years away from your "sell by date" Ron.

  4. I'm sorry to hear that Bill failed the eye test. The same thing happened to my mother, during her final years (in Texas). To make matters worse, she had a migraine headache that day which didn't help matters. And the woman who worked at the DMV was a real unsympathetic BITCH. My Mom finally opted not to renew her license.
    I certainly hope Bill will be able to renew his.

  5. You fellers need to hire some hot, young driver!

    Someone about 50 or!



  6. Sorry to hear about Mr. William.
    No one want to lose driving privileges.


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