Sunday, July 10, 2016


Finally, a break (slight) in the heat and humidity.  Still steaming but bearable.

This morning I went out for my usual daily walk.  I walk the whole length of our development, which is at least a mile (I'll have to measure it someday).  We have thirty-nine homes here in our development but only three of us walk, all old guys.  One guy we call "The Marine" because he has the slow, steady Marine march.  The other neighbor who walks, walks with his dog.  He's always very serious and keeps his dog on a short leash.  Obviously doesn't know now to train his dog because he's been walking him for two years now and he can barely control that dog.  I feel sorry for the dog.

Well folks, now I can coast through the rest of the summer.  The only necessary item on our agenda is renewing our driver's licenses which we will do at the end of summer.  Hopefully before I leave for my annual visit to Toronto and my Canadian Buddy, Pat.  We can renew our licenses for EIGHT YEARS.  That should pretty much take us (me and Bill) out to THE END, since Bill will be 88 years old this year and I will be 75 years old.  We renew on our birthdays.  

I can't get completely away from my doctor's appointments.  Next week I have my six month dermatologist appointment.  In September I have my follow-up to last week's colonoscopy. At this time of my life, my life is scheduled around doctor's appointments.  This is payback for all those years I used to kid my Mother about all her doctors' appointments.  Karma is a bitch (as they say).  

These days my life consists of:

  • Playing online Scrabble through my Facebook account.  
  • Checking my e-mails.  
  • Blogging. 
  • Talking to my good friends Pat and Larry on FaceTime. 
  • Loving a few good men (they know who they are). 
  • Working part-time at the hotel.  
  • Cooking with fresh veggies from the local produce stand.  
  • Eating hummus on pita chips and fresh soup for lunch.
  • Gardening
  • Refreshing my multiple bird baths to keep my backyard population of birds happy
  • Reading.  I LOVE reading.
  • Listening to my Bose radio and my Antiques Beat Radio station
My activités may be boring to some but to me . . . . absolutely fabulous!  Something I've worked my whole life for, to get to this point in my life where I can do exactly what I want to do without recrimination or complaints from anyone. My life folks, my life.

What I'm looking forward to with great anticipation is the Republican Convention next week.  This should be quite a circus with the Master Fraudster/Liar Donald J. Trump.  One thing for sure, it won't be a snooze fest.  I'm getting a great deal of schadenfreude watching the Republican establishment cope with the Frankenstein monster they created by appealing to the base instincts of their constituency. I'll admit I liked Trump shaking things up and he said and continues to say a lot of things I think but Trump as president?  DISASTER.  

Then of course there is the Democratic Convention next month which will probably be a snooze fest.  Hillary Clinton isn't exactly the most exciting candidate but I'm not one of those Hillary Haters.  I don't feel threatened by strong women who employ the same tactics as her male counterparts. Not at all folks.  Never have and never will be.  In fact I like strong women.  

But here I am veering off the subject again.

I'm looking forward to a nice relaxing summer and then just to coast into fall.  No medical issues.  No relationship issues.  No money issues.  All I want is to live a secure and happy life.  Take it while you can folks because that life could disappear in an instant as we witnessed for those poor folks in Baton Rouge, Minnesota and Dallas this past week.  

Evil is out there folks. If you can find a space to live your life in relative comfort and security. . . . . . . DO IT.  

That's what this one grain of sand among the billions of grains of sand of the Beach of Life is doing, living my life and might happy where I am now.  It could all go away tomorrow. But today? I'm living the Good Life folks. 


pat888 said...

Ron - so many many people wish they had what you have. Contentment. You've got the property you've always dreamed of - a football field of yard to do whatever gardening you want - and gardening is such a pleasure for you. Time to read - engage with some of us lesser scrabble players - and a nifty part time job for extra pocket money and a get away from the house. You've done very very well. So looking forward to your visit to the big smoke.

Jon said...

You are certainly living the good life, Ron. And Pat is absolutely right - contentment is the most important thing. In my entire life I've never felt complete contentment, not even now. But I'm pretty close to it.
This has been a RARE sunny weekend, after two weeks of torrential rain. More rain is predicted by tomorrow night.

I've been doing a lot of reading lately, and you certainly know why. Presently I'm reading the book about Sam Goldwyn. I didn't know much about him. Very interesting!

Jimmy said...

Yes, very fortunate indeed(knock on wood). I smiled about the drivers license being the last. When I bought my roadster,I said it was the last car I would buy because of what doctors told me about my health issues. I've had it 20 years!lol Ya just can't believe anyone anymore. That goes for Trump and Hillary as well.

Ron said...

Every day is precious to me now. I take nothing for granted. Every day . . . . a gift.

Ron said...

Contentment is so important to good health. I'm glad you're able to find it in your mountain hideaway. By the way, more books for that library wing are on the way! I just have to pack them up. You're going to be an expert on Hollywood!

Ron said...

Is there any politician you can believe? I can't. But never in a million years would I vote for The Trumpeter. He's a fraud. I loved him calling out his fellow Republicans and shaking up The Establishment but the fun is over now. Time to get serious and elect a person who is an adult and has an attention span. Hillary doesn't bother me like she does some. The current version of the Republicans do though. They're all about taking away my support that I PAID FOR at this time of my life. Social Security and Medicare. If they Republicans had their way my marriage to Bill would be annulled and then when I died, he would have to pay taxes on inheriting our home and we don't have that kind of money. To me it is very simple, I vote Democratic because I want to survive.

Jimmy said...

I absolutely agree. The GOP will not take the gay marriage ban off the platform. I voted for Bernie because of his medical and educational views. But Hillary MUST be our next POTUS. If the GOP wins, I will probably join the Pink Pistols. It will be 'free reign" on gays and I will fight back! I'm not going back into the closet!!

Elle Clancy said...

I live outside Cleveland. I think a lot of people (regardless of party affiliation) were looking forward to the RNC coming to town. A chance to show people outside this region what a really great place Cleveland actually is. Now, it will be a circus. Don't get me wrong, it was always going to be a circus, with that dreadful Trump leading the way, but I think it has become such a flashpoint for people, that no one is looking forward to it. I think everyone and their grandmother is planning on showing up with a gun....I am hoping for peaceful protests and no trouble.

Enjoy your blog, as always! That picture of your mom at the top of your latest post is just lovely.