Monday, July 04, 2016

Larry Rides My Bike

Larry on his bike (about 1955)

Last week when my old friend Lar was down for his annual birthday lunch, I invited him to ride my new bike.  

Back in the day, when Larry and I were teenagers, we used to bike everywhere in the small town where we live, Downingtown, Pennsylvania. The photo above is of one such trek on the outskirts of Downingtown that we made on one of our "adventures."  At that time in the Fifties you only had to travel a short distance outside of Downingtown and you were in "the country."  Nowadays in Downingtown everything is so developed that you would literally take your life into your hands to travel the congested highways and byways of today.  And bicycle helmets?  That was in the future my friends.  Back in those days the only "protection" we had on our noggins was our worn and sweaty baseball caps.

My brother John and I took one such trip to the "wilds" on Skelp Level Road.  Pictured above is Brother John on his bike, standing next to my trusty bike which I used for my paper route.  Oh how I wish I had taken more pictures of those times.  Too many of my photos of those days were of scenery, which is now of course totally useless. Where was my head?  I should have taken more pictures of people and asked people to take pictures of me but I was too shy back then. Painfully shy. Practically scared of my own shadow but that's a subject for another whole blog posting now isn't it?

Picture of a tree 1955

Above is one of my many "scene" photos that I took with my Kodak camera back in the Fifties.  Hey, I know I'm veering of the subject of "Larry Rides My Bike" but you know how I am when I start my stream of conscientious blog writing.  My (scatter) brain to my fingers and I just let it fly.  But seriously folks, I took so many photos like this back in the Fifties whilst riding around on my bike.  Well, you have to admit that even then I had an eye for composure.  Lot of good it did me though (HA!)  

Back to the subject at hand. Where I started this blog posting.  Is your head spinning now?  

So anyway, when Larry visited me last week I asked him if he wanted to take a ride on my new bike.  Here is a video of that episode of A Day In The Life Of Ron (and Lar).

As you can see from this video things have changed greatly in the ensuing fifty some years since Larry last rode a bicycle. Heck, I even have trouble getting on and off my bicycle now.  Ah for the times when we used to hop on and off our bikes Lar without giving it a second thought.  


Anonymous said...

Bill always being helpful. ��

Larry Meredith said...


I don't know why, but I have lately developed balance problems. I am having enough difficulty walking a straight line and not tipping over, I was not going to chance it on a bike.


Bea said...

-really enjoy the shots from 'yesteryear'.

pat888 said...

Ron - two short comments. I really like the tree composition. If you were a famous photographer that one would cost! And I felt very nervous watching Larry on the bike - glad it ended up okay.


Ron said...

That's the way Bill is (smile).

Ron said...

It was a good thing you didn't take my bike out for a spin. That spin might have turned out to be a splat.

Ron said...

And I enjoy posting them even though occasionally a troll will complain.

Ron said...

I don't have many natural talents but composition is one talent I do have, if I may say so myself. Even back in my formative years I could spot a good picture. I just wish I had taken more photos of people. I was just too shy back then.